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Updated by Riya Kohar on Oct 07, 2019
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Top 6 Restaurant Promotion Ideas That Actually Work

Promotions create happiness: They make your customers feel special and happy. Ultimately giving them that last nudge to order something from you.

Time-sensitivity creates an urgency: Promotions usually come with time-sensitivity. This increases the value of the offer in front of the customers’ eye and gets you quick orders.


Discounts: Time-Based, Percentage-Based, or Flat-Off

Direct discounts work in different forms. They can be seasonal or on-going, for new customers or for old customers, etc. Time-based discounts could mean x% off from 4-6 pm. Percentage-based includes an x% of sum off on your total order amount. Whereas, an example of a flat discount will be $20 dollars off on your total bill.
Further promoting these discounts with SMS or email campaigns leads up to higher adoption i.e more sales.

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Events: Chef’s specials, theme-based seasonal events

Specials are great for restaurants to experiment and present dishes for which they ultimately are known for. While consumers get to enjoy seasonal dishes or chef’s special items. Think about what your restaurant can do differently in the market and build on that. Involve your chefs closely in this process.


Loyalty programs: a win-win for customers and restaurants

Loyalty programs: a win-win for customers and restaurants

Loyalty programs have existed since 1982, but it is recently that they have caught large interest. Fast-paced restaurants are already using their loyalty programs for restaurant promotions. They give customers a sense of recognition and achievement. Your loyal customers are more likely to convert on an offer rather than new customers.


Deals: BOGO, Happy hours and free desserts

Whether it’s “buy one get one”, or offering a free dessert – deals are an important part of the restaurant promotion strategy. In fact, this study shows that options like happy hours increase sales by over 50% at restaurants.

#Tip: Use the data collected in your POS to strategize which deals work better, and what you can improve on. Both from a business perspective and a customer perspective.



From traditional restaurants like Berco’s to QSR’s like Burger King or Taco Bell – the food industry is constantly experimenting with bundles. These work the best when you offer complete value for money and in a very pocket-friendly manner.

Next time you think of curating a meal section for your menu, think of which dishes will complement each other the best and group them together.


One plus one offers

According to the Wharton School of Business, Lifetime Value for new referral customers is 16% higher than non-referrals. When people come to your restaurant upon recommendations made, they’re more likely to trust and like your brand. You can integrate a referral program in your loyalty program or use social media to promote it.