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Updated by Leveraged Breakdowns on Apr 13, 2021
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Leveraged Breakdowns

Beginning as an analyst and moving upward in the org chart, your ability to construct a reliable, accurate real estate private equity model is critical. There are a host of real estate private equity skills that you will need in order to be successful in the REPE business.

Questions Preparing For a Real Estate Private Equity Interview

Questions Preparing For a Real Estate Private Equity Interview Student shows the interaction between leveraged breakdown and the students. Leveraged Breakdowns offers the best real estate private equity course. We are mega fund insiders who know a thing or two about the investments process. For more details contact us.

REPE Third Party Diligence: Property Condition Reports

When you buy a property, you need to go through a lot of standard third-party diligence reports. There are plenty of websites that go into great detail on the contents of these reports. What I’m going to try to do is give you the points most relevant when discussing real estate private equity for beginners.

Leveraged Breakdowns Will Teach You How You Impress Your REPE Interviewers

Real estate private equity interview questions can seem tough to the untrained outsider. There are so many resources online that teach real estate, how should you prepare? There are countless model walkthroughs, textbook references, the quantity of information can be overwhelming.

Top Four Real Estate Private Equity Technical Skills to Get Hired

Real estate private equity firms are looking to hire the top talent. One way they decide who is best is to challenge your technical skills. Although other factors determine whether you get hired, such as interpersonal skills, market knowledge, and such, technical skills are certainly a major factor in hiring decisions.

Interviewing is a Holistic Process

Interviewing is a holistic process. A lot of my audience are students, but this advice applies even to junior professionals. Most of our lives up until we cross the professional threshold center on exams and quizzes. This means you prepare your understanding of a circumscribed subset of knowledge, then you go and get tested on it. Interviews are somewhat like this exam process we’re used to from grade school and college.

Comparing Cap Rates and Yield on Cost

An REPE case study where your interviewer asks you to compare the cap rates versus the yield on cost. Why are they asking this question? And how should you respond? This post will unpack the meaning behind the two metrics and how comparing the two can give you insight on a project’s projected success. If you have an upcoming interview and need to study as quickly as possible, check out the REPE career development course starter kit at Leveraged Breakdowns.