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5 Steps to Conducting a Successful Hair Consultation

Part of a cosmetologist's job is giving a hair consultation. This is where a cosmetologist understands what a client needs and wants done during their appointment. Those who are good at giving consultations can build up a client base.


1. Listen to what they say.

1. Listen to what they say.

Try to give the client what they want. Ask questions like what do you like and what do you not like about your hair? Are they looking for a total change or just a trim? Sometimes the answer to their problems are in the products they use, but many times a great cut and some different styling techniques can be what they need. Do they want something with less hassle? A shorter look might do the trick. Are they wanting a look that creates a statement? Consider adding lots of layers and coloring. Make sure you are listening to what they want, not what you think would be best.


2. Learn about their hair.

Notice what type of hair they have. Conduct an initial assessment such as what type of hair they have- is it curly, straight, or kinky? Is it dry, oily, or have cowlicks? While these are great questions to ask, not all clients will know about their hair. If you’re going to give a great consultation and hair cut, you will have to observe, not just ask.


3. Take the time to educate.

3. Take the time to educate.

Once you have learned about their hair, you are ready to start educating. How often do they wash their hair? Do they get regular haircuts? Are they using heat on their hair regularly? People notice confidence and expertise. Poising yourself as the expert for hair is a great way to gain a client’s trust. Be careful not to be condescending though. Notice the face shape. The best way to create a stunning look is to cater the cut to the shape of your client’s face.


4. Ask what colors and styles appeal to them

As a hair stylist or barber, you will find that most clients come in with a specific picture in their mind of how they want their hair to look. Many will even bring in a picture, but usually without a similar face shape. Rather than making your client feel like the look is unattainable, suggest small changes to get a similar look that is more flattering to their face.


5. Listen to what they don’t say.

5. Listen to what they don’t say.

Pay attention to their personality. If they seem nervous, take the time to put them at ease.Not everyone is able to say what they mean or communicate what they want, so pay attention to their body language and tones. Help your client by talking to them.


Learn the Skills

If you are interested in becoming a cosmetologist, attend a school with a comprehensive education. A cosmetologist with a great education and the ability to understand clients will have a long and successful career.