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Updated by Greenhouse Hunt on Oct 06, 2019
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5 Must-Have Greenhouse Accessories for True Gardening Success

If you want to grow an abundance of fresh vegetables, there are some tools and accessories that you can't live without! When you have a greenhouse is installed and you’ve decided on what you want to grow, it’s time to take it to the next level. These are the greenhouse accessories you can't live without as a gardener. They will make your life easier and increase the odds of a successful harvest! Let's check them out.



Greenhouse thermometer and hydrometer

To monitor your greenhouse temperature and humidity, you will need a greenhouse thermometer and hygrometer.


Greenhouse shelving

To optimize the use of your greenhouse space, it’s wise to think about how you will install your greenhouse shelves beforehand.


Bubble wrap for winter protection from cold

Insulating your greenhouse will help you keep the heat inside longer and prevent your temperature from dropping below freezing.


Shade cloths for summer insulation

Covering your greenhouse with shade cloths during summer will prevent your greenhouse from overheating and it will protect your plants against dehydration.


Greenhouse heaters

If you want to use your greenhouse during winter, you will probably need to invest in greenhouse heating.


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