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Quantum Physics and Quantum Computing

Read Quantum Physics and Quantum computing articles.

Insight to Quantum computing and Qubits

Quantum computing is the computing process which is based completely upon quantum laws and is carried out by quantum phenomena. Despite our lack of complete control over the quantum phenomena, this thing has created a great fuss in modern community.

Quantum World and The Weird Reality That Lies Within

Everything is made up of fundamental entities. The most fundamental entity of a physical interaction or quantity is called a quantum. Every interaction that exists in nature has its own name for its respective quantum.

For instance, let us consider light. Light is composed of particles or small packets of energy analogous to matter, composed of packets of particles – atoms (though atom is not fundamental). This packet of energy is called a quantum of energy and coined a name, photon. Also, quanta is the plural of quantum. Quanta of energy refers to a group of photons.

Likewise, quantum of strong interaction is called gluon and quantum of weak interaction are called W and Z bosons. However, the understanding of these interaction is beyond the scope of this explanation.

Can Quantum Computers Replace Modern Computers?

Quantum Computers works on the basis of quantum computing and can solve some particular problems that a modern supercomputer takes days or months in some hours or minutes. This idea provokes a question – can quantum computers replace modern computers?

What is Quantum Entanglement? What astounding things can it make possible?

Quantum is a luscious word for physicists; it alludes the smallest quantity of a quantifiable thing. Whenever a phrase with the word quantum comes, it becomes a prime interest for any physics geek.

Quantum entanglement, the topic under discussion here, is the correlation between the particles called ‘entangled particles’, which cannot be explained by classical theory.

A pair of entangled particles, in theory, remains strongly correlated throughout any distance so that the change produced in one instantaneously (in no time) produces a change in the other and hence defying special theory of relativity, according to which no effect can propagate faster than light.

Quantum Teleportation - Is Teleportation Possible?

Quantum teleportation is the communication between distant quantum particles, it is instantaneous information sharing between two quantum particles as if they have some sort of connection. This connection is called quantum entanglement.

Quantum Research News | What Is Quantum Superposition?

For the first time ever, physicists tested the phenomenon of quantum superposition using molecules. That's a big deal.

Giant Molecules Exist in Two Places at Once in Unprecedented Quantum Experiment - Scientific American

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

Inverse Daily: This new material is a "game-changer" for quantum computing | Inverse

Quantum computing has gotten a lot of hype in recent years but has nevertheless remained far from a reality thanks to physical limitations of the technologies. But, according to new research from scientists at Johns Hopkins University, a discovery they’ve made about a superconducting material may help pave the way t...

Quantum USA Vs. Quantum China: The World's Most Important Technology Race

Analyst in-residence Paul Smith-Goodson takes a look at the quantum race between the United States and China.

New approach for the simulation of quantum chemistry—modelling the molecular architecture

Searching for new substances and developing new techniques in the chemical industry: tasks that are often accelerated using computer simulations of molecules or reactions. But even supercomputers quickly reach their limits. ...

Researchers discover material that could someday power quantum computer

Quantum computers with the ability to perform complex calculations, encrypt data more securely and more quickly predict the spread of viruses, may be within closer reach thanks to a new discovery by Johns Hopkins researchers.

Shaping nanoparticles for improved quantum information technology

Particles that are mere nanometers in size are at the forefront of scientific research today. They come in many different shapes: rods, spheres, cubes, vesicles, S-shaped worms and even donut-like rings. What makes them worthy ...

It’s only a matter of time before quantum computers start solving real-world problems |

Google’s Sycamore 53-qubit quantum machine has opened the doors to a new era of computing.

Why I Coined the Term ‘Quantum Supremacy’ | WIRED

Researchers at Google finally seem to have a quantum computer that can outperform a classical computer. Here's what that really means.

Quantum Leap? How mind bending physics are about to change our world, starting in Vancouver | The Star

The new Quantum Algorithms Institute in Metro Vancouver might make B.C. the Silicon Valley of quantum computing. But what are quantum computers?

5 reasons why you should add quantum computing to your resume | Popular Science

5 reasons why you should add quantum computing to your resume. You can now get an extra 75 percent off beginner-friendly training.

The Advent of Quantum: reshaping classic technologies for a new era

The post-quantum era will offer amazing advancements for many different fields, but the risks are significant as well. Even though the history of quantum technologies development has a deep history…

Quantum Information and AI - Towards Data Science

Since there is so much talk of quantum computing I thought it would be appropriate to explore a term I came across, namely quantum neural networks. However to do this I must contend with the term…

Did Google Just Achieve “Quantum Supremacy”? - The Startup - Medium

All the theoretical advantages they promise over classical computers, like speeding up drug development, helping to manufacture room-temperature superconductors and cracking encryption remain just…

5 Real Life Application of Quantum Science That You are Unaware Of

5 Real Life Application of Quantum Science That You are Unaware Of

10 Amazing Physics Facts That Might Shock You - Unfold Answers - Medium

Physics delivers the facts, facts that are logical and can be explained with pure mathematical logic, unbiased and without being agitated by our personal prejudice. Some of these facts are so amazing…

The Double Slit Experiment – Central Mystery of Quantum Mechanics

"The act of observation affects the observed." It can be well explained in this scenario of double slit experiment.