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3 Best Call Center Services Practices That Can Shape the Image of Your Brand

Outsourcing call center services provides a great way to access the skills and expertise of agents well-versed with best call center practices.


3 Best Call Center Services Practices That Can Shape the Image of Your Brand

3 Best Call Center Services Practices That Can Shape the Image of Your Brand

One of the biggest reasons for the sale of a product is its image in the eyes of customers. The image is created by generating goodwill over a period of time, but the hard fact is that it can be destroyed in a matter of minutes. Call center services, despite all their advantages, are nothing less than landmines waiting to explode. One wrong step and everything comes crashing down. A well-drilled call center team is required for careful and successful delivery of call center services.

Hire Call Center Outsourcing Services That Follow These Practices

There are several call center parameters that need to be adhered to for the rightful communication of call center services. In-house teams need to be trained very well for achieving the desired results. But, the task of training can be very straining for an in-house operation and does not always guarantees a positive outcome. Therefore, a better option is to employ call center outsourcing services provided by a seasoned veteran in the field. However, always keep in mind that they follow the best practices, at least the following 3 to stay clear of the landmines and promote a positive image:
1. Refrain from using get-out-of-jail phrases – Even the most experienced call center agents sometimes resort to cheap tactics to get out of tough situations. They often use phrases that they perceive as harmless, but actually they can have a major impact on the image of a company. Citing company policies at every juncture without even trying to explain the situation logically to the customer is a big ‘no’. Also, phrases like ‘calm down’ or ‘I don’t know’ impact customers’ psyche in the worst possible way. Therefore, it is essential that such phrases are eliminated and better alternatives are chosen.
2. Minimize hold and mute – Hold and mute are standard features on a VoIP phone, which are meant to be used in certain specific situations. Hold works best when you have to transfer the call or take help from a colleague/TL/manager. However, agents use it often to take a break from a call or simply dozing off. Likewise mute is provided on the VoIP phone to mute the call when suddenly there is a need for it e.g. when you have an uncontrollable cough or burp or someone else interrupts you suddenly. But, it is often used to cut customer audio when he is venting out his frustration.
3. Positive and genuine greetings – While there are standard scripts to welcome customers on the phone, it is a better practice to personalize the welcome message. Especially for experienced agents who have a gift of gab, the times to use standard greetings that feel machine like are passé. By using cutting-edge CRMs, like the ones provided by call center veterans like Vcare and Convergys, it is possible to access customer information just at the moment a call arrives and shape the welcome message accordingly. Even the newbies in a call center operation should be given the liberty to form a welcome message that resonates with customer preferences, while communicating pertinent brand information.
Outsourcing call center services provides a great way to access the skills and expertise of agents well-versed with best call center practices. For those seeking call center outsourcing companies, it is necessary to understand the work culture of their future partner and ensure that they follow the best practices. Correct use of hold/mute, personalized welcome messages and elimination of get-out-of-jail phrases from the customer discourse can change the way customers view your brand.

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If you are planning to outsource your call center than you can either use domestic call center services or outsource to an international vendor. Both have their advantages and disadvantages:

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Outsourcing a call center can be a challenging proposition. For US and other English-speaking nations, there is a need to find call center executives who are very good at conversations. They should be able to talk in a way that is easier to understand for the customers. But of late, companies are trying to drive the price down by outsourcing contact center to countries like Philippines and China where natives have a completely different accent.

Improve Customer Trust and Interest with Call Center Outsourcing India

There are many call center services company India that have in-house call center software development departments.

The development of a business operation is a matter of concern for entrepreneurs. As we step into the third decade of the 21st century, the technological progress is taking place at a blistering pace.

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When a job is handled by an expert, the results are often great. It is because of the knowledge and information that an existing workforce has. In this age of competition, every company needs to perform at the peak of its power. It means, there has to be excellence shown in every department.

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Vcare is a call center and email support outsourcing provider that always stays abreast of the technology innovation.

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Vcare is one of the finest call centers India that implements cisco technology to make the best impact. It also utilizes cutting-edge call center software for call management, and makes customer care a whole lot better.

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Exploit Call Center Business Outsourcing with Pro Tips

Many top-vendors such as Vcare Call Center build their own call center software such as CRM, IVR, ACD etc. Because of their expertise, they are in a better situation to provide you with custom software solutions that meet your immediate requirements.

Call Center Outsourcing Services: Achieve Customer Objectives without Headache

Achieving customer-centric objectives, in most cases, is the hardest challenge for business owners. It is not because the challenge is hard in itself, but because companies simply lack the focus needed to execute customer-centric strategies.

Improve Brand Image in Months with Call Center Outsourcing Services

Call center outsourcing services are really important for a business to grow. They eliminate capital expense and also lower the operational expense.

Vcare is a multi-specialty outsourcing vendor with experience in general customer care and niche-oriented processes such as call center for doctors offices and financial domain. If lowering customer service costs is one of your objectives for 2016, get in touch with us today. One of our Customer Care Specialists will connect with you for a free consultation on how you can deliver a great customer experience more efficiently.

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In today’s time, the world is suffering due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The situation is tough for companies that are unable to serve their employees to the best of their abilities.

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The most important thing that your business has is customers, because without customers you would not have a business. Customer service is vitally important when it comes to keeping your customers happy, satisfied, and coming back for more.

A retail call center must perform multiple functions at the same time. Here are some important aspects of a retail call center:

An interaction with a good customer support representative can completely change a client’s attitude.

Let’s face it, most people only call customer support when something is going wrong with their product or service, which means that they are already primed to be in a bad mood. If customer service is not handled delicately and efficiently, a tenuous call can lead to disastrous results.