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Seiko RFID

SEIKO RFID Technology Co., Ltd was found in 2008 with 10 production lines, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HRH CO.,LIMITED who is top 5 investment enterprise in China. SEIKO RFID has became a one of largest-scale rfid tags manufacturer in China by expansion and renovation. We are forcing on the design, develop, manufacture for RFID wristband, RFID key fob, RFID Card, RFID Label, RFID Tag, RFID Reader and EAS with more than 10 years industry experience.

What Is The Use Of The RFID Metal Tag And The Key Fob

The tags are the important ones for identification purposes. The many varieties are available in our company. One of such tags is that rfid metal tag. This is the best one for the identification of the assets. This is used in various fields such as the military, commercial and other places. It is completely available in fewer prices and also you can find the quality of the materials at a high standard. Since our agency is having the experienced people and also the advanced equipment we are ready to insert the chip in the metal tag. The two types of RFID tags are available one is the active and the other one is passive.

Advantages Of Choosing RFID Wristbands

Nowadays this RFID silicone wristband is used in many industries plus this can nevermore hurt the user at every time. It is a necessary thing for the approved entrance plus there remains no person will misuse it at any time. This can never be the elective thing to any industries because it is the…

Purchase Well Quality And Best RFID Metal Tag And Ear Tag

Today all are like to start the business so it is essential for use metal tag. All the industries must need this RFID metal tags to improve their business. Various manufacturers are available to design your favorite metal tag. There is a wide range of metal tag types are available. That’s why this is considered as the ideal choice for all kind of industries. Mostly these tags are manufactured by customer needs and requirements.

RFID On Metal Tag

The antenna form of anti-metal tags and the special design of packaging are all aimed at the application of anti-metal tags on the metal level. Why do we need anti-metal tags? Because tags are propagated by electromagnetic waves, they can shield electromagnetic waves in metal and liquid environments.

Heat Resistant RFID Metal Tag

High temperature resistant and metal resistant tag is a kind of ultra-high frequency electronic tag specially designed for use in harsh environment. It can be installed on the surface of metal material with 3M glue or screw. It can endure high temperature of 200 degrees for a long time (280, 50 minutes, 250, 150 minutes). It has strong resistance to metal and is sensitive to multi-tag identification. It is suitable for production tracking management in high temperature environment.

Use RFID Tags To Reduce Human Error

Do you want to enhance the security level in the hospital? Are you looking to reduce labor charge? Well, RFID tag is the best choice. Radiofrequency identification is an automatic ID system that offers an excellent identification code. It is simple to read by scanning devices that enhance process efficiency. This system can enhance productivity as low monitoring is required and information, as well as products, are handled in an effective manner…..

Find Out The Quality Of Rfid Tags From Manufacturers

Nowadays, metal tags are designed with perfect raw materials. The rfid tags perform on certain functions when it connected with any metal objects. It is considered an essential item for warehouses, factories, industrial settings, etc. The rfid key fob is manufactured by using the quality of raw materials. Our manufacturers are offering products that suit to industry. We are experienced and skilled in the sector to deliver perfect tracking tools. You might find the ultra-high frequency and high-frequency items. You can acquire metal surface items and access on best applications….

Understand the Benefits of Utilizing RFID Devices - Seiko Rfid

Radio frequency identification is used for different purposes today. It is suitable for business and personal use. There are different ranges of devices design under this technology. This one often comes as a small wireless device. It is a great source to find out person very quickly. RFID silicone wristband is better for streamlining operations. It is a great way to access complete control and patron management. It gives massive benefits to organizers as well as patrons. This technology allows scanners or readers to access data by using the perfect tag. It is easy for transmitting data to back end system….

Enquiry about rfid ear tag from clients

Enquiry about rfid ear tag from clients

IT asset tracking tag SRUD13

IT asset tracking tag SRUD13 is a UHF RFID C1G2 tag solution for tracking various assets from returnable transit items to industrial assets…

RFID Ear Tags for Animal Tracking

The ear tag comes with a plastic material used for domestic livestock. RFID stands for Radio-frequency identification devices. This is a device comes under advanced technologies and you can use this based on the electronic RFID ear tag. This ear tag comes under easily removal formation, so you can use these tags based on your needs...

RFID Metal Tag

The rfid metal tag is the famous one among the people and this is much useful in applications like returnable products, asset management, and many other purposes. This is just the identification and so up to the limited distance and the wavelength capacity you can able to track the items easily. This is much simple as this metal tag consists of the battery, chip and other things. It comes with less weight and also gives the perfect identification…

  • SEIKO RFID Technology Co., Ltd was found in 2008 with 10 production lines, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HRH CO.,LIMITED who is top 5 investment enterprise in China. SEIKO RFID has became a one of largest-scale rfid tags manufacturer in China by expansion and renovation.

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