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Headline for Six unique things to do in Maldives – Where Luxury and adventure await you!
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Six unique things to do in Maldives – Where Luxury and adventure await you!

The Maldives is indeed a paradise on earth with over 1,200 islands dotted along with the warm climates of the Indian Ocean. Maldives resorts cater to one's every need, and if luxury and adventure is what you are looking for this island destination will not disappoint you.


Experience Marine life

Get up close and personal with a variety of fish, turtles, corals, whale sharks and perhaps even small sharks that are harmless to humans. Snorkelling is usually done in shallow waters, so anyone with little to no experience in snorkelling can experience Maldivian marine life. Many resorts will organise snorkelling excursions as they are located around reefs. The experienced diver will require a PADI certification which is offered by many Maldives resorts the likes of Kandolhu Maldives where experienced divers are there to provide the necessary training and certification.


Travel to other Islands

Resorts can arrange trips to other populated islands to witness how tiny indigenous populations live keeping the traditions of their forefathers alive without any modern technology. You may even get a chance to experience their unique culture and rituals and sample their traditional food as some communities are known to be most hospitable to travellers.


Ride a Dhoni

A dhoni is the traditional method of transport in the Maldives, and a ride can be a thrilling and can give you an authentic glimpse of what a Maldivian’s daily commute looks like. Most resorts may have their dhoni, if not several and will organise a journey for you.


Visit Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve

This is the seventh-largest coral reef in the world. The Reserve has over 250 types of corals and home to over 1,200 species of fish. You are likely to witness a range of marine life such as butterflyfish, angelfish, clownfish, moray eels, dolphins and even endangered species such as hawksbill turtles, green turtles, and tawny nurse sharks. Furthermore, there is thriving biodiversity in the Reserve, the above water flora and fauna, mangroves, and the animals that make this habitat their home, lizards, herons, fruit bats and many more. This location is a true paradise for nature lovers and deserves a visit when in the Maldives.


Water Sports

Though the waters surrounding the Maldives is generally calmer, water sports such as windsurfing, kite surfing, and wave surfing will not be out of place. The waves surrounding the Maldivian islands are not as dramatic as in other surfing destinations, and this might make the Maldives the perfect destination for the novice to practice water sports in a less intimidating environment.


Experience unique attractions in resorts

Maldivian resorts cater to luxury in unique ways. Some resorts have underwater restaurants, where fine dining can be experienced at the bottom of the sea and bedroom suites built underwater, even bars and gyms built underwater! So before making arrangements explore what attractions interest you in the resorts and indulge in luxury only the Maldives can offer.

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