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Electronic medical records for Doctors

75health lay out an Electronic medical records for Doctors, to make them user friendly documentation of medical/Health records


EMR Software, Electronic Medical Records Software | 75health

EMR Software - 75Health Web based Electronic Medical Records Software. Innovative and Reliable ways to connect with Patients Layup Medical Records.

EHR, Electronic Health Records, EMR Software | 75health

75Health provides cloud-based Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software for doctors, clinics, and hospitals.

EHR Providers, EMR Providers, Electronic Medical Record Providers | 75health

EHR Providers - The Most Efficient 75health EHR and EMR providers, assisting Medical Practices. Offering a Multitude Service to enhance the Medical Care.

EMR Software for Doctors: Tips for Success With EMR Software In Your Clinics -75health

75health featured the online based Electronic Medical Records records (EMR)software.patient can maintain their health and medical information in electronic format. Patient can store their previous medical history such as allergy, symptoms, chronic ailments, surgery details, test results & reports and medications. During emergency hours, the health records has been accessed from anywhere at any time by the patient or his doctor.

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Electronic Medical Records
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EHR and EMR Providers

Did You Want to Combine Your EMR software With Medical Billing – 75health – 75Health EMR Software

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software has been used in the medical industry for years. Now, with the progress in medical information technology and the increased demand for accuracy and safety from individuals and healthcare providers, integration of technologies give rise to innovative and more efficient medical information systems. The latest one in this list is…


Advanced EMR software system

Advanced EMR software system

Advanced key features of Electronic Medical Records software has been featured to make the better healthcare enhancement.


EMR software for doctors

EMR software for doctors

Doctors! Transform your healthcare digitized by stepping into a new technology.Electronic Medical Records software system make a change over in medical documentation process.


Electronic medical records software

Electronic medical records software

75healthEMR- Electronic medical records software embezzling users heart .Simple and smart access from anywhere.we offers EMR for doctors,small practitioners and Hospitals.

EMR- Trendy Technology | Minds


Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is a set of records about a patient’s medical history, presented in a…


Doctors! Effortless documentation of medical records

Doctors! Effortless documentation of medical records

Easy way to document your patient's medical records with EMR .It reduce your cost and time.


EMR software system for Doctors

EMR software system for Doctors

How EMR benefits to Doctors and its necessity are described in this infographics. To know how EMR software supports doctors in clinics & Hospitals


Doctors! Sign Up & Save UP!

Doctors! Sign Up & Save UP!

Doctors! Sign UP! save your medical records electronically, it will Save your Time. To know more info...
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EMR- Medical Documentation Service for Hospitals?

The state-of-the-art EMR Software ensures that hospitals and clinicians are enabled to maintain patient medical records in the most reliable and precise manner.


World Diabetes Day -#75Health

World Diabetes Day -#75Health

World #Diabetes Day
#75Health raise an awareness about #Diabetes.
Eat Healthy Cure Diabetes Forever
Be Aware of these Symptoms
1. Frequent urination
2. Excessive Thirst
3. Increased Hunger
4. Tiredness
5. Weight Loss
6. Tingling Sensation and numbness in hands/foots


How can EMR help me in my Clinic?

How can EMR help me in my Clinic?

Electronic medical records software helps both patient and doctors effectively .EMR make ease the documentation process


Doctors! Update your healthcare with New EMR technology-75health

Doctors! Update your healthcare with New EMR technology-75health

EMR technology helps to improve quality of care, patient safety, and patient outcomes through improved information management, reduced medication errors, and improved communication. Furthermore, doctors, when they update their practice with the innovative EMR Software, can avoid unnecessary or duplicate investigations while achieving better interaction with other providers and specialists.


what you can store in EMR system?

what you can store in EMR system?

EMR software system helps to maintain patient's medical history like Allergy, symptoms, Diagnosis, prescriptions, Health records, lab results and reports, medications.


Electronic medical records and its importance

Electronic medical records and its importance

The state-of-the-art cloud-based Electronic Medical Records Software from 75Health ensures increasing practice efficiency and improving care quality

How EMR Technology Connects Doctors With Patients? – 75Health EMR Software

EMR software- The way medical records are maintained has changed drastically with the advent of technology in the health care industry and its progress. The unprecedented breakthroughs in data acquisition, data analysis, and research tools have enabled healthcare providers and medical facilities to interact better with patients, and treat their patients most optimally. Thanks to the modern…

Doctors! Simple and smart platform for you – 75Health EMR Software

The simple and smart user interface is easy for anyone to experience a hassles free EMR software with intuitive UX. To get more details...

Productivity Analysis of EMR in the Medical Industry – 75Health EMR Software

Most of the medical facilities and healthcare providers across the globe are going in for the modern Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software. The success of achieving the intended results depends on first analyzing and documenting the unique processes involved in the medical practice and ensuring that their needs are appropriately met by using the software.…

Does Electronic Medical Record Work For Single Doctor Practices? – 75Health EMR Software

Does Electronic Medical Records Work For Single Doctor Practices? The number of small practices and solo practitioners adopting Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has been found to increase steadily. Primary driving force behind higher adoption of EMR among solo practices is the numerous solutions offered by EMR that fits practice requirements, size, and their budget! Read…

Survey of EMR: Doctors and Clinicians Satisfaction With EMR – 75Health EMR Software

It is commonly known that Electronic Medical Records Software is being extensively used by clinicians and medical facilities across the globe. While several users are praising EMR Software, there is a group that demands a few improvements in it.  Running a survey helps gauge the satisfaction level among EMR users across the globe.  Facts…