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Staff Rostering Software

RosterElf was created by business owners, for business owners.
Our beautiful cloud software handles all your staff management tasks with ease.

RosterElf takes care of everything from staff availability, rostering, shift swaps, clock-in-out and full payroll integration.

Reclaim an extra 8 hours a week, and save up to 4% on labour whilst better engaging your employees.

Simple Availability | We have Technology.

Tired of calling, emailing and chasing staff to see when they are available to work? Sick of going through countless emails, text messages and Facebook posts to gather the information and group it in one place? Do you have Excel sheet after Excel sheet open, trying to make one roster suit everyone's needs. You’ve spent hour after hour trying to perfectly craft a precise roster and you can never seem to get it right, with availability constantly changing. Even reading this now is probably making you a little frustrated. We can help!

Shift Swaps Made Simple | Online Rostering Software

Is seeing a messy roster riddled with cross-outs and liquid paper corrections, taped to the wall an all-too-familiar sight at your business? You spend valuable time each week carefully crafting the perfect roster to suit all your staff and workload needs, only to have schedule conflicts arise almost immediately.

Work Visas Demystified | Online Staff Rostering System

RosterElf is a Magically Simple online staff rostering system that can take control of your clutter. No more emails, no more phone calls, no more chasing. Online rostering has never been so clever.

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Top 5 Benefits of a Fun Work Place

Are your employees happy? No. Is it a fun environment to work in? No. Are you getting the most out of your staff? No. So what’s the point? Here's what do to!


8 Tips for Interviewing Potential Staff

8 Tips for Interviewing Potential Staff

The Interview process for possible employees to fit into your designated role can be unexpectedly daunting. Asking the right questions can tell you a lot about someone. Their tone and body language can give you a great insight into their personality. How can you tell if their previous experience is a good fit for your company's needs?

Some business owners and managers will have a lot of experience in this process and others, not so much. That’s why the Elf has come up with some easy to understand points to keep in mind and guide you through.

Know what you can and can’t say

Make this become second nature to you. It is so important for your protecting business. You have to be careful as some questions are illegal! You cannot ask an interviewee about their religion, age, marital status or if they are planning to have a child.

Outline what you will say about your business

Tell them about the upside of working for/with you. Why it’s exciting and the benefits for them of being there. This is especially important if they have other opportunities elsewhere.

Tone Be firm but friendly. Have a smile and exude confidence. Remember, this is a professional conversation, so exude professionalism and don't be too severe. Remember, you may be working together soon

Plan what you are going to ask to write questions down on a piece of paper. These questions should be designed to get the answers about what you want to know about the person, which brings us to our fifth point…

Ask open-ended questions

Stay away from questions that can be answered with a simple yes and no. You want to find out about this person, how they think, what makes them tick, how will they fit in with your team. Try asking questions that start with who, what, when, where, why or how.

Tell them what to expect

At the outset, give them a rough idea of the structure of the interview, this will help manage your and their expectations. Also, give them a recap of the job description they are applying for so you are both on the same page.

ListenThey should be doing the majority of the talking, not you.

And the best thing you can do?

Turn the Question and Answer session into more of a conversation. It will make both you and the interviewee more relaxed. Pause for a couple of seconds at the end of their answer. If you resist the temptation to respond, the interviewee will either expand on what they’ve just said or go off in a different direction and perhaps provide a fuller example or highlight different strengths. Either way, with a longer response, you will get a more detailed view of who the person is beyond their Resume.

5 Steps To Motivating Your Employees

Motivation isn’t clear cut and nor will it ever be. So how are you supposed to motivate every staff member on your pay roll? You pay them for a job, and you want that job done quickly and efficiently.

Is Your Feedback Making a Difference?

However, if executed poorly, it can rebound on the employee and create apprehension and unease. They can feel belittled and feel insignificant to the bigger picture and consequently, less motivated.

Are You Forgetting Essential Tasks?

In fact, we got so frustrated that we developed a solution of Automatic Reminders within our rostering software, RosterElf, so you can simplify your life and focus on more important tasks.

Are Your Hires Right?

Hiring employees is considered the one of the most important steps in any business, if not the most important step you have direct control over. The less people you hire, the more crucial it becomes. FORCES All Staff to Take 2 Weeks Break?!

TED have shut down operations for two weeks from mid July to August. No working allowed, not even from home! The main reason for this break is that the company believes that this short mid-year break actually enhances the overall productivity of the company! Hire highly motivated people help of Employee Rostering System, who push themselves and make sure you look after them and force them to recharge.

And the Winner Is ...

Find out which company has won the award for "Best Employer in The World" award for 2014 and how what you can learn about improving your own business.

Why 50% of Staff Promotions Fail?

50% of employees promoted fail in their new role. Why? Because the same research also reveals that only 10% of employees promoted are adequately trained and groomed for the new responsibility.So how do your create a business where internal promotions are successful?

Why I Started RosterElf - Simon Ingleson

Personal story of why CEO and Founder Simon Ingleson started RosterElf based on his own rostering pain.

So What Is Coaching Exactly?!

What is the difference between training and coaching? Learn how to effectively coach your employees to optimise performance in your business.

Why Employees Leave...The Facts

“People leave managers not companies.” Understand as a business owner why you should care about employee turnover and what to do about it.

5 Tips For Effective Employee Incentives

Whilst it is true money isn't the main motivator for staff, a strong employee incentive plan will motivate your employees and focus them on the KPI's that really matter to the business. 5 great tips to creating the perfect employee incentive plan.

Are You A Big BAD Boss?

A boss that has read all the Richard Branson management books, completed all the courses and thinks they are a fantastic leader who is liked and respected by their employees.

Give Your Employees More Power!

Learn why empowering your employees at work is vital for business success.

Employee Personal Problems Can Ruin Your Business

Tips for business owners on how to handle an employee with personal issues that are impacting work. Learn how to help them to get their performance back on track.

Should You Become Friends With Your Employees?

Can a boss really be friends with his or her employee? Ask most HR experts and they would all say a big NO. And I agree. Find out why.

Don't Fear Confrontation With Employees!

Your human. Confrontation isn't nice. Telling someone you don’t like their behaviour is hard to do.

Anyone manager who tells you they have no problems confronting employees is either: A. Lying...or B. A Psychopath who actually enjoys hurting others.

But its one of those jobs that has to be done to drive a business and effectively manager others. So why is it so hard for most of us managers to do? Why do we put it off and what can we do to make this job a little easier in our minds? GOOD EMPLOYEES WANT IT.

81% of Job Candidates are Lying to You!

Did you know that 81% of people have lied about themselves in interviews. Find out how you can pick them.

How to Manage Gen Y!

By 2025, many predict that Generation Y workers will make up 75% of the workforce. Learn how you need to manage them.

10 Things Your Staff Want (Not Money!)

In fact, there are a range of things employees value much more.

Offer these 10 things to your staff in the workplace and they will be more productive and happier. They will even stay with you despite offers of higher pay elsewhere.

How to Pick Future Leaders

Learn how you can constantly identify and coach emerging leaders to creating a constant pipeline of management talent in the waiting.