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Clothia Jean Roussell Enterprise

Clothia Jean Roussell Enterprise bka CJR Enterprise was established on March 25, 2015 based on Biblical principles to empower, motivate and encourage mankind in a practical sense as we inspire, impact, and innovate around the globe.

What Your Mind Can Conceive, Your Body Can Achieve

Your mind is very powerful. The very thoughts within you dictate your feeling and behavior. You might think that an inherently optimistic person gets it easy, but when you think you have not the disposition to look at yourself and the people around you with a silver lining, don’t worry. Like everyone, you can nourish your mindset with thoughts that will benefit you in the long run.

Do What You Love and Work Hard for It

Some people, over time, gradually have come to love their job. But is loving your job a guarantee that you’re exempted from feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or getting a little tired? While it’s perfectly normal to feel such things, it doesn’t mean that you’re in the wrong line of work.

How to Inspire Kids to Dream Big

When you are a kid, you dream that you can be anything. You have so much faith to believe in your dreams. An astronaut for a week, ballerina for a day, and Sherlock Holmes’ assistant detective by night – why not? Then, suddenly, everything seems impossible. You grow into adulthood to see that the tables have turned. The free spirit is left when you exit childhood. This is the same thing happening to the children of this age. Imagine a world where we all can dream like little kids again, and instead of forgetting our inner child, we embrace our passions. How better will it get?

Your Mistakes Don’t Define Who You Are

Everything seems perfectly fine for some time, but before you can get a big head about yourself, a series of terrible events happen. You make a mistake after another until all these add up and you’re once again reminded how imperfect you are. Sounds familiar? Given a short amount of time, screwing up unintentionally seems easier than doing it right.

Common Traits of Successful People

Success can be defined in many ways depending on how a person perceives it to be. It can be when they’re happy, wealthy, respected, famous, or all the above. However, no matter your definition of success, there are some qualities, actions, or traits common among successful people.

Helpful Tips to Be More Productive

Slowly but surely, you can cultivate your work habits – good or bad. Remember to be kind to yourself because change happens progressive gradually. Small adjustments can lead to more lasting changes, yet they may take some time and discipline.

How Reading Books Can Benefit Our Well-Being

We cannot deny the fact that not all adults love to read books, especially way back in their student years. Maybe it’s because we have not found our ideal book yet or of other reasons, but no matter how much you hate reading books, you cannot argue that they are useful in our daily lives. They give us a positive effect on our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects.