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7 Amazing Facts about Rainforests - Seven Fascinating Aspects of Rainforests

As one of the most valuable resources on earth, rainforests are crucial to the survival of all of the planet's inhabitants. Here are seven fascinating facts regarding rainforests.


It is a host to many cures

Rainforests are home to some of the world's rarest medicinal plants and the U.S. National Cancer Institute believed that the rainforests contain more than 70% of the plants that have cancer-curing properties. Nearly 25% of the medicines in the western medical field are made using plants from rainforests and this includes plants used to treat cancer, diabetes, inflammation, malaria, arthritis, muscle tension, glaucoma among many others.


Carbon sinks are a part of the function of rainforests

The planet's carbon cycle is directly related to rainforests and a whopping 230 billion tons of the toxic air are stored in tropical rainforest vegetation. Absorbing the carbon emissions of the world and clearing the air is part of the function of rainforests and why they are identified as the "lungs" which clarify the air of toxins and maintain the oxygen supply.


It impacts global rainfall

The water cycle of the planet is also connected to the rainforests and the lack of rains in recent years has been directly linked to cutting down this valuable natural resource. The large "out breath" of rainforests create water vapours in large quantities, which create rain when released into the atmosphere. This environmental process is identified as transpiration and the water released as vapours are in fact excesses that are expelled by the tree after it is absorbed into the trunk and branches.


They are a big part of the world's food supply

Most food items that are considered staples in many cultures and diets were originally sourced from rainforests. This includes oranges, avocadoes, bananas, potatoes, pineapples and tomatoes while coconuts, mangoes, grapefruit and yams were also first uncovered in the rainforests. This makes rainforests a great contributor to the culinary wonders the world enjoys today.


They help regulate the temperature

When it comes to regulating global temperatures, rainforests play a crucial role in stabilizing the weather and changing the temperature. Rainforests change the temperature by absorbing the carbon dioxide that's present in the atmosphere and by creating rain. The impact of transpiration also helps cool the air while the process of photosynthesis releases oxygen into the atmosphere. All these functions are related to the temperature we feel as human beings on a daily basis.


Rainforests are destroyed due to the fashion Industry

Rainforests are rapidly disappearing from the face of the earth and are used to set up acacia and eucalyptus plantations which are used to manufacture clothing. A whopping 2.4 million acres of the rainforests in Indonesia are cut down each year to cater to pulpwood needs. This pulp is the base material from which fabrics the likes of viscose and rayon are produced. T-shirts and other apparel are made from these popular fabrics.


Directly influences climate change

Climate change is a hot topic in today's world due to the extreme weather conditions, droughts, floods and similar natural phenomena that have rocked the world in recent years. The dwindling rainforests are the main cause for climate change and experts expect things to worsen if rainforests are not preserved and protected. Tourists can contribute to conservation efforts by holidaying in hotels near Sinharaja Rainforest whether it's the Rainforest EcoLodge or similar properties that adhere to eco-tourism practices.