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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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Reasons to Visit Maldives- Why the Maldives vacation is so ‘extra’!

Your favourite adventures and couple of weeks of indulgence with some magic sprinkled on top is what you deserve every now and then after all the hard work that you put in to make your life. Here are our top reasons as to why we think this much-needed vacation destination should be the Maldives.


The unique water sports

When we say watersports, we don’t mean the typical kayaking, snorkelling and jetskiing lot. Of course, you may very well try your hand at that too, but the Maldivians rev up their game a little harder with the next level experience of Seabobbing! It’s an absolutely fun sport, for those who are willing to go under, where a personal submarine-turned-waterproof scooter lets you glide underneath the surface as gracefully as the water creatures that we so admire. It is such a thrill giving you full control at all times and allows you some surreal views of the underwater life. For the more adventurous sport, X-Jet Blades might be another intriguing option. Most of the luxury Maldives resorts packages facilitate these games and hence is brilliant for a new adventure.


Remarkable sunsets

Although typically a sunrise and sunset are ordinary events on a regular day, the sunsets in Maldives are an extraordinary event. Period. The hues of the day are nothing but vibrant yet the night dusk colours across the Maldivian skies just paint a picture that is out of bounds of earth. The sensation of calm that the veiling brings upon the islands are perfect for a sandy beach date with your significant other or if you are feeling a little quirky, maybe even a dolphin-watching sunset cruise.


The secluded and intimate ambience

To all those who are seeking a destination getaway with a bit of seclusion and infinite romance, look no more as there is no better place to be in than the Maldives! Long known for its most romantic and intimate ambience, the Maldives is evolving faster than ever to become a most sought-after destination for couples travelling together in celebration of life’s milestones, for the most part. Resorts like Niyama Private Islands Maldives pride themselves on providing their visitors with a slice of their own private heaven with seclusion, breathtaking views and fascinating amenities to keep rekindle the spark of any relationship.


Fresh food fiesta!

If there is one thing that you need not bother about when in the Maldives is food! The turquoise oceans stretching far beyond your eye’s reach is the largest and most selfless provider of food to the population of surrounding islands. Fresh fish here are so good and scrumptious that they should be illegal! The goodness of the fresh catch combined with the boundless talents of their handlers make up for some of the most ridiculously good dishes you will ever have tried in life.


The Spa Experience

This is bound to be like no other you have had before; imagine how wonderful it could be when the treatment rooms are of transparent floor panels looking deep into the spectacular ocean right underneath? Not only will you be experiencing the heaven-like bliss of relaxation delivered by the tender hands of a trained masseuse, let your eyes wander and explore the beauty of the beautiful corals and the vibrantly coloured fish parading across the ocean floor.

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