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Top Cuisines To Try in Salalah, Oman

The best dishes offered. Oman has plenty to offer to its travellers. Apart from its attractions and historic sites this place also has some amazing traditional dishes you must try.



Majboos, also known as Kabsa around the Middle Eastern countries and some Asian countries is a local favourite. This is a dish that includes mixed rice and was originally founded in Saudi Arabia. This flavourful dish is made with basmati rice that has some kind of meat, usually chicken, with an addition of vegetables and an array of spices that ultimately gives the flavour. Accompanying the main rice dish would be side dishes that involve a green salad or yoghurt and sometimes even bread. Ready-made packets of this dish can be found in supermarkets all around the city of Oman but if you want the authentic flavour that would completely capture your taste buds you definitely must try the dish that is made from scratch. If you are staying at Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara, for instance, you could try this dish there as it is home to one of the popular Oman restaurants.



Yet another famous dish in Oman, the direct translation of this name means grilled meat in Arabic. This dish won't be found being made throughout the year unless the hotel has it on its menu. Being a special festival kind of meal, this is made during Eid usually. This could also be because cooking this dish is a huge process that takes a lot of time and effort. Finding a restaurant that serves this dish during the other parts of the year will be hard, therefore, if you want to try this dish plan your vacation around the festival. The preparation of this dish begins with the meat being prepared a day or 2 before the day it is meant to be consumed. The meat is marinated with traditional spices and wrapped up in banana leaves. This wrapped up meat is buried in the sand oven underground and cooks for the next day or 2. Sounds like a huge process doesn't it? This will all definitely be worth it because the taste is that spectacular.



You might wonder why you are advised to try bread in Oman when you can basically get it in any part of the world. You will find various kinds of bread here. It is a huge part of the local cuisine as bread is served with all kinds of main meals usually.



Everybody in the world knows that dates play a huge part when it comes to fasting in the Middle Eastern countries. Similarly, the dates in this part of the world come in various colours, sizes, and texture. These mouth-watering sweet fruits are a must-have when you are in the Middle East.



This is basically coffee. Like most parts of Asia Middle East also has a lot of coffee playing a part in the meals and throughout the day. You definitely must try the Arabic coffee when you are in Oman. This coffee is made with cardamom while it is being heated and is definitely one of the spiciest coffees you will ever have. This coffee is usually served with dates or some sort of an Indian sweet to add a touch of sweetness to the otherwise strong taste.