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Rock Climbing Tips for Everyone

Ascend with ease. Nizwa is known for its major rock climbing opportunities for both its locals and travellers. Here are a few tips for you if you are planning on rock climbing.



Being adorned with proper shoes is the key to having a successful rock climbing adventure. If your shoes require you to wear socks go for the thinner, softer ones and not the thick socks. When rock climbing, one other major gear to carry around is a chalk bag and then, you can head out. If you are a professional rock climber who is planning on attempting more thrilling climbs then you might also need a harness, a chalk bag and a few other devices. Since rock climbing is one of the most popular things to do in Nizwa, you will be able to rent these things at any local sports centre. You could ask the hotel of your stay, Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort, for instance, directions to the nearest place that rents out rock climbing gear as stated above.


Learn the basics of rock climbing

Rock climbing, however safe it is, asks that the climbers need to be certified before they hit the rocks on their own. No matter how much research you do and reading you do on rock climbing before your trip, theoretical experience does not count for much when it comes to this activity. A crash course on rock climbing is definitely needed so you can master the basics before you venture out on this adventure. In a basic rock climbing class, you will learn how to tie a fisherman's knot to secure the rope. You will also be taught on how to use the various muscle groups of your body when climbing the rock.


Choose your level in rock climbing

There are various levels when it comes to rock climbing and these are usually marked in a difficulty level map that covers all the rocks and their routes to be climbed in the area. The places labelled as 5.6 and lower are for the beginners and the places marked 5.12 and above are only for the professionals as they are harder to climb.


Engage your core

When you look at somebody climbing a rock you would usually assume that the upper body strength is tremendous but in actual rock climbing, the most important strength you must focus on is your core strength. If you are somebody who has active experience in yoga or gymnastics, this would help you as a beginner in this adventure.


Keep your arms straight

Imagine yourself lifting a heavy object off the ground. How do you keep your arms? Keeping them straight when you left a bag of groceries is definitely less painful than bending your arms, isn't it? Do the same when you are climbing the rock. Keep your knees bent and push yourself up with your lower body while your arms are straight up above you.


Watch out for the insects

When you begin climbing up the rock, be careful as to not disturb the many wasp nests on the face of the rock as they get angry soon and will attack you relentlessly. Wear clothing that covers all parts of your body to be safer during an attack. Staying quiet is also a good way to not annoy the wasps. On that note, make sure you wear some sort of mosquito repellent too.