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Top 14 Must-Try Dishes in Hong Kong - Fourteen Irresistible Dishes to Sample in Hong Kong

As one of Asia's culinary powerhouses, Hong Kong offers foodies a truly unforgettable gastronomical experience. Here are 14 of the best dishes to dig into on a Hong Kong holiday.



Also known as Chāo Shǒu, Wontons are not only a snack in Hong Kong but served in a clear broth and considered a complete meal. The deep-fried wontons add texture and flavour to this beloved soup which hails from the Chengdu region.


Steamed Shrimp Dumplings

Dubbed Har Gow in the local tongue, this is one of the best-loved dim sum offerings in Hong Kong's restaurant menus. Although a bit pricey, the succulent dim sums are well worth the hefty tag.


Shrimp and Chicken Balls

Also called 'dragon and phoenix balls,' this traditional Chinese dish is served with a salad sauce which adds a sweet and sour flavour to the otherwise spicy dish fried with a coating of bread crumbs.


Egg Tarts

Perhaps the most sought after pastry in the entire country, this Portuguese cuisine influenced dish is the best snack to compliment a cup of afternoon tea and is primarily sold in Macau.


Sago Mix

As a conventional dessert, Sago is topped with a number of seasonal fruits after being boiled in condensed milk and rose water.


Hong Kong-style Milk Tea

Adding milk to tea may seem an odd combination for new tea aficionados but the flavour of black tea and milk go hand in hand in this sweet and delicious cup which is enjoyed every afternoon in local homes. Those based at The Murray Hong Kong or similar hotels will find that most restaurants in Central Hong Kong also serve tea this way.


Fish Balls

This traditional snack which was conceived in the 1950s is delectable and sold in food stalls across Hong Kong. The cooked and uncooked versions are both popular and equally delicious.


Pineapple Bread

Although there's no pineapple in it, this bread which resembles a pineapple in shape is soft and crispy and widely available in most Hong Kong bakeries.


Fake Shark Fin Soup

This unique soup replaces the banned shark meat with vermicelli and includes wholesome ingredients the likes of black fungus, mushrooms and pork. Seasoned with Zhejiang vinegar, sesame oil and pepper this soup is delicious and a staple in hawker stalls.


Wind Sand Chicken

A dish with its origins in Guangdong, the chicken is baked till the skin turns dark and seasoned with garlic to create this dish which exudes a garlic-y aroma.


Clay Pot Rice

Steamed rice, smoked meat items and a unique sauce are all tossed into a clay pot and cooked over a charcoal powered stove to create this mega meal revered by locals and tourists.


Hong-Kong-Style Custard

Also identified as a steam milk pudding, this milky dessert is a dairy fan's dream come true. Healthy and irresistible, the dessert is a big hit with children and the elderly.


Rickshaw Noodles

Considered a form of fast food, this cheap and fresh noodle dish is created with a plethora of leftover ingredients including fish balls, carrots, sirloin and hog skin.


Snake Soup

While it's not for the faint of heart, snake soup is an ancient dish with a 2000-year-old history.