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Headline for 05 Less Famous Spots to Visit in Galle, Sri Lanka - Charming Secrets of an old Colonial City that Await to be Discovered
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05 Less Famous Spots to Visit in Galle, Sri Lanka - Charming Secrets of an old Colonial City that Await to be Discovered

The beautiful city of Galle has a myriad of beautiful appeals that will fill your heart with wonder. The article below gives details about a few secret spots that you can consider visiting in the city.


Historical Mansion Museum

The beautiful Historical Mansion Museum is a place that effortlessly enthrals those who are interested in the Dutch colonial heritage of the city. There are beautiful displays here which will capture your heart in an instant. Old typewriters, lamps and other knickknacks which are on display here will evoke fond nostalgia for sure.

You will even get the chance to buy some of the items which are on sale here, so bring some cash! The site will give you the chance to witness how locals do embroidery as well. Even the cutting and polishing of precious gems is done here in the presence of enchanted tourists.


St. Joseph’s Chapel

The charming city of Galle has a wonderful colonial heritage. It was controlled for a long period of time by Portuguese, Dutch and British invaders. There are lots of old monuments, such as the world-famous Dutch Fort, which portray the charm of these olden days.

The quiet little St. Joseph’s Chapel is one of the best places to visit in the city if you are interested in colonial architecture. There is nothing pretentious about this holy site. It is simple and sweet! You will love the experience of spending some quiet time inside this beautiful old church. It showcases the charm of the olden days in a wonderful way for sure.


Mahamodara Sea Turtle Hatchery Centre

A visit to a turtle hatchery is mandatory when travelling in the southern and southwestern coast of Sri Lanka! The experience will remain etched in your mind for long years. The Mahamodara Sea Turtle Hatchery Centre is a quiet place which lets you learn about these beautiful endangered species. You will be able to visit the site with ease if you stay at centrally located Galle hotels. Places such as Fortress Resort and Spa are great options to consider here.


Old Slave Quarters

The Old Slave Quarters should not be missed when you are travelling in the city. It is one of the lesser-known gems in the city. You will be able to explore it to your heart’s content without hassle since many tourists visit it. It is located near the Star Bastion. The canons which are found here were used during the times of war back in the day. Entrance is free to the Old Slave Quarters so you will be able to include this place in your travel plans even if you are travelling on a tight budget.


Bonavista Beach

Your tour in the city of Galle will truly be incomplete if you don’t spend some time in its beautiful beaches! There are plenty of great places that you can visit here if you want to indulge in some fun in the sea. Those who are yearning to escape the large crowds should certainly explore the magnificent Bonavista Beach. You can even surf here, which is yet another reason to visit it!