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Certified translation in Dubai

Trusted Translation Services You Can Count On: Translation in Dubai Has Just Become Faster

certified translation services

Transhome, a respected interpretation and translation company, considers translation an art not just a certified language service whether the professional translation project is for translation in Dubai and global language projects. Our translators consider translation an art not just translation services. Certified expert translation for more than 120 languages. Save time and money on translation services . Our language services agency offers affordable translation services in Dubai.

Translation services

It is easier than ever to call and find out what your translation project will cost. The quality translation you will receive on-time has been reviewed and proofread at least 4 times by different professionals. 

Legal Translation in Dubai

TransHome, a top language services provider, started as a client-focused Legal translation agency and continues to offer the service for more than 120 languages, including native Arabic, English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin.

Certified translator in Dubai

There will always be a need for certified translation services in common and rare languages whether you are a continuing college student, applying for jobs abroad, starting a business in a diverse market or expanding your current business efforts.

Translation Company in Dubai

Business professionals across industries can rely on Transhome for quality and affordability when requesting various translation services from our translation company in Dubai. We have separate departments for each language service and responsive expert teams. Have a language project in mind? Just ask us. 

Localization services in Dubai

An experienced project manager will help you plan your localization project from start to finish while working with you every step of the way. Our large team of language professionals are not only native or proficient in the target language but come to us from different business backgrounds.

Interpretation services in Dubai

One of the advantages you get by choosing us is being matched with a language expert who has subject matter knowledge. This is a greater guarantee that your chosen audiences will find your verbal communication beneficial and/or usable. Hiring a specialist interpreter will ensure that all field-specific terms and expressions are communicated correctly in the new language through correct pronunciation or syntactical expression.

DTP services in Dubai

Popular businesses like Otlob, Airbnb, UberEats, and others are publishing digital menus, brochures, flyers, newsletters, and other informative and interactive materials using desktop publishing services. 

Content creation services in Dubai

The first thing you see on any business website is written or visual content making content creation service an in-demand art for websites, applications, print materials, and more.


One of the most popular media language services is voiceover acting and that’s exactly why Transhome, a top translation and localization company, started providing the service more than a decade ago. If you are marketing or spreading awareness for a cause using video or audio, our professionals are ready to lend their voices to you affordably. We work with organizations and offer multimedia language services in several subjects.

Transcription services in Dubai

Transhome offers prompt transcription services for brief or lengthy videos and audios to help professionals work more efficiently, get more done, and reach more people.

Dubbing services in Dubai

In some industries, marketing efforts account for up to 65% of routine work tasks., a top resource for language industry information, predicts that the multimedia service will continue being in demand for 2019 and on. Audiences across the globe will continue to enjoy foreign films and appreciate marketing videos they can understand.

Subtitling Services

Subtitling video services makes foreign films enjoyable, memorable, understandable, and is just one of the many translation services we offer. The media language service is an essential addition to all videos and is becoming basic to publishing videos in global markets. Find out how you are missing out by not including translated captions on various media.


Surprising Facts About the Irish Language

Surprising Facts About the Irish Language


A country’s language and dialects help make our world varied and the Irish are well-known for its history and current popularity. Irish, like French and Italian, is proving its ability to stand strong through the years. Read on for some interesting facts about the language, read more


Most Useful Languages

Most Useful Languages

Common Languages You Should Know Today for Tomorrow’s Jobs
Our world is becoming more connected and language ability is becoming a basic job requirement in today’s professional world making it crucial to know the most useful languages to learn more than one language besides your native tongue to succeed in the modern job market.


What are the Easiest languages to learn?

What are the Easiest languages to learn?

Start Learning it Today, Use it Tomorrow!
Choosing the easiest languages to learn might be difficult but TransHome has some inside information that will help. First, you need to ask yourself some questions about why you are starting on this journey to master a new language, you will find a link to language courses from the Foreign Service Institute that specializes in training their US diplomats to master world languages for global career success! Read on.


South Africa’s Official Languages

South Africa’s Official Languages

South Africa languages and cultures
South Africa is known for its rich languages and fascinating cultural traditions that date back to ancient history. Colonization and European influence greatly affected the languages used in South Africa. This information helps business executives, especially those in the customer service, sales, and marketing departments attract and retain South African customers who are making a greater mark in the trade industry every day.


International Greetings

International Greetings

Saying Hello in Different Languages!!
When you meet new people, the way you greet them can set the stage for the rest of the encounter. This conversation starter is a great way to initiate a friendly talk, discussion, long speech or even a brief question. It is a polite way to make your presence known in-person, on the phone or on digital communication channels.

Stretching the greeting with a smile is an internationally expected way of starting a respectful conversation at work while traveling when you approach someone or are approached by someone. You can make your presence known and start positive encounters with foreigners by doing one simple thing: learning how to say “Hello” in their native language.


How Many Languages are Spoken in India?

How Many Languages are Spoken in India?

India is a gorgeous country with sights and sounds galore, this amazing land is a rich melting pot that combines people from different faiths, spiritual practices, cultures, and traditions.
Business professionals are among those hard-working individuals who need to relax and travel for pleasure once in a while.

Transhome highly recommends a trip to the Land of Wonderment where you will hear 22 official languages spoken across the country.
Amazingly, the 22 official languages in the country are just a few compared to the more than 720 dialects spoken. There are 13 different ways to write the official languages that rely on where a certain dialect is used the most often. Other unofficial languages that may vary in dialect, include Odia, Maithili, and Tulu. Read on for more facts about the languages spoken in India.


The five hardest languages to learn

The five hardest languages to learn

The five hardest languages to learn
Are you up to the Challenge? Try Learning One of the Hardest Languages in the World… That May Not Be Hard at All
Let’s first look at some language facts that may convince you to start learning a new “hard” language. Remember: being fluent in a difficult language that few are prepared to tackle will give you an edge in the job market, read more


Dead Languages?

Dead Languages?

Dead Languages?… Maybe Because We Helped Killed Them

You have heard the phrase “dead languages”, but what killed them and are they now indeed nonexistent? Let’s find out.
Dead languages are dialects that we no longer used. They are associated with religion, history, and ancient cultures. Many people can tell you about a language that was once a part of their ancestors’ daily life but is now nonexistent. The once familiar and frequently-heard language is that is now considered a small part of their heritage and might be given a small reference in a history book.

Those languages are dead because of social, economic or political circumstances, all human causes, which is why we helped kill these languages. Let’s take a look at how the crime took place. Read on.


5 Easiest ways to learn a new language

5 Easiest ways to learn a new language

5 Easiest ways to learn a new language
1. Just start reading, as a list of Neurologists found the brain as an awesome vocabulary-learning machine.
While you are reading and listening, your brain absorbs words naturally, analyses the kind of expectations you have about which words usually come together.
Read more