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SN Films

SN Films Performing Arts (snfpa) is an Film Institute under Production House SN Films in Kolkata.


Valentine's day special offer on admissions

Valentine's day special offer on admissions


Valentine's day OFFER

Discount on admission fees for all SNFPA courses - flat 70% off on couple admissions and 40% off on single admission. Offer valid till 16th Feb'20.
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Romantic Sunset - Valentine's Day Special Offer ♥️

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Benefits that you can Enjoy through Creative Courses with Professional Production Houses

In this perspective, it is important to mention that few topnotch production houses of the country have fine arts academies affiliated with them. These are the places where you can get enrolled for a large number of benefits.

Select a Reputed Film institute with all Modern Amenities

SN Films One of the best ways to do is get enrolled in few good film institute in Kolkata or in your city, where you can get first-hand training from the people who are considered to be the best in this field.

Popularity of Bengali Movies is Increasing with Time Both in Theaters and Web

Bengali movies have millions of followers around the world. People not just speak Bengali or follow the Bengali culture but they are ardent fan of Bengali movies too. Popular Bengali production houses are producing traditional and web-based movies in parallel.

Reputed Acting Institute of Hooghly helps you Build a Successful Career in the World of Cinema

SN Films is a well-reputed acting institute of Hooghly where a great number of aspiring actors learn the acting technicalities and skills. The SN Film is an institute that provides quality guidance and training to aspiring candidates of the field to make successful careers into the domains of editing, film making, stage, and cinematic acting along with overall personality development classes.

Distinguished Features of a Top-quality Production House

One of the biggest proofs of a good movie production house is the kind of work that it has done in the past. The quality of the work that the house has executed will be an indication of whether the house can be trusted or not. This also give a hint to newcomers that whether they must associate with the house or not.

Join Spoken English Classes in Hooghly to Master the Global Language

People who face a massive problem in terms of communicating in English can opt for spoken English classes in Hooghly. Here, they get professional support that helps them master English spoken ability.

Benefits of Joining a Good Acting School - SN Films

If you want to become a good actor you should join a popular acting school. There are some popular acting schools in Chadannagar that perfectly trained the aspiring actors.

Leading Production House of Kolkata while Aspiring for Career in Films

SN Films is a notable production house that has attempted different projects like short films, telefilm, television serials, music videos and more. As a newbie looks for a production house who attempts diverse creative projects. This is how a large host of talent can get options for creativity in your career.

Join Singing Class at Reputed Institute in Hooghly to get Trained From Professionals

Joining a singing class in Hooghly and getting all relevant guidance from an experienced master or “guru” has multiple benefits.

How does a Quality Production House benefit a Project

A good production house often has experience of making different types of projects such as serials, short films, feature films, Bengali web series and so on.

Why are acting schools imperative for a successful acting career?

Acting is one of the finest forms of art. If you want to take it as your career you should consider the best acting school like SN Films where you will learn great many techniques of acting from the pioneers of the industry.

Acting School in Chandannagar Trained you to be a Top Quality Actor

You have to choose the right institute or acting school in Kolkata or Chandannagar where you will get systematic training and enough scope to practice. In an acting school of Chandannagar or Kolkata with good track record, you will get enough scope to interact with the masters of this field.

Enjoy Awesome Bengali Web Series with Nice and Engaging Stories

With the increasing use of the internet and web-based entertainment, millions of people now watch Bengali web series daily. In fact, web series has become the best replacement of Television-based daily soaps. There are many reasons behind the increasing popularity of web series.

Yaad Sataye Dina Raina | Debasmita Chatterjee | SN FILMS | 2019

Watch my new Bengali music song Yaad Sataye Dina Raina by Debasmita Chatterjee. Debasmita Chatterjee one of the best bengali singer in kolkata.

You can get web series in various languages. Just as popular Hindi and English web series are available for global population, you can also see popular Bengali web series and web series in other vernacular languages. Whether you watch the Bengali web series or web series in other languages the contents of these series are rather contemporary and anything but cliche.

Competition is really tough and production houses are looking for flawless actors. In this situation, you need to be trained from a reputed and established acting institute in Hooghly, Kolkata.

Reply of Sayani to Mridul's emotional love letter. Watch this romantic love letter poem by Sanjib Nath. SN Films presented bengali music, bengali movie, Hindi music, bengali recitation video's and more.

Join the Best Acting School in Kolkata to become a Skilled and Flawless Actor

If you want to become an actor or singer whom the audience will want to see and listen frequently, you want to join top-class acting or singing school in Hooghly. Learn the tidbits of acting or singing from the best singing and acting school SN Films in Kolkata.

মৃদুলের চিঠি (Letter from Mridul) | An emotional love letter | Sanjib Nath - SN Films

An #emotional #love #letter depicting compassionate love from a boyfriend to his lover Sayani. Presented by SN FILMS.

Acting Schools Offer more than mere Training to the Newbie of the Industry

People often feel that some of the best institutes of acting like the noted acting schools Chandannagar are places that are reserved for the elite. With expert guidance, your career in acting can stand on strong foundation.

Importance of a Great Production House for Great Music Videos

A good production house can act as a strong backbone for any kind of project and a music video happens to be no different certainly. If you are planning a music video and want to show your talent to the world, you need the expert guidance of skilled people who have years of knowledge in a similar field. Making a music video is a tedious job but an experienced production house can ease the same job.

মৃদুলের ভয় (Fear of Mridul) | An undelivered letter to Sayani | Sanjib Nath - SN Films

Concerned, love, letter of Mridul to his girlfriend Sayani after not able to contact her calling several times over phone. Presented by SN FILMS: মৃদুলের ভয় (Fear of Mridul).

Select a Quality Production House in Kolkata for a Top-Class Bengali Web Series

A production house in Kolkata or any other city of the country is the source from where finance flows into the project. Apart from films even for television serials and the Bengali web series, it is important that the creative content is provided with the proper platform so that it can reach a maximum number of audiences is also very important.