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Updated by Joanna James on Oct 01, 2019
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10 unusual things you should always pack when travelling - Unusual but useful!

Travelling is always fun, planning though, not so much. If you are having a hard time packing for your upcoming trip, why don't you look at the list here, which will make it easy for you?


A power strip

Right, getting to the hotel, with your charge drained from your phone, to find that they only have one kind of outlet, is the worst thing that could happen. Therefore, the first thing on this list is the power strip. Take it with you wherever you go!


Portable power banks

But the charge can run out when you're exploring during the day right? What you do then? Find a socket in restaurants? No. The portable power bank is the way to go. This is a very good investment that'll help in all your travels. Besides, if you find yourself travelling around Langkawi, and looking for a chalet Langkawi resort in Langkawi, you can choose accommodation at properties like Berjaya Langkawi Resort.


An empty bottle

Why would anyone suggest an empty bottle? What possible and good can come out of? Well turns out there are a few. Remember, airports do not let you carry liquid. Having said that, there are no rules on empty bottles. Fill them up after you clear security. Airport water bottles are priced so high.



Travelling makes you feel icky at times. You want to be able to sanitise your face, hands, and devices at all times. This is where the towelettes come in handy. So, carry a few with you.


Dry towel

How about dry travels? Well, they can come in handy too. What if you got wet in the rain? Or find out your accommodation does not provide any towels, or it doesn’t look clean enough? Having a dry towel always helps.



Travelling does make one carry lots of items. To haul it around, backpacks are the best. You can pretty much store in everything you want. And that's exactly what you need.


Plastic bags

Take some plastic bags with you. They do come in use. If you want to separate your used clothes, from the clean ones, you can easily pack them up in plastic bags and secure in your luggage, until it's time for laundry. You don't want the dirty ones to get mixed up with those clean ones.


Lip balm

Depending on the climate of the place you're travelling to, you might be about to face some dry weather due to the winter season. This means you will need lip balm in order to keep your lips moisturised. Chapped lips are the worst!


Dryer sheets

On your vacation, you will find yourself walking a lot in your shoes. Once you get back to your hotel, and you remove them, there is a pungent smell. For this, you can place dryer sheets into the shoes, to help aerate the shoes and mask that smell.


Travel router

Well, one thing that can spoil your vacation is if you don't access to the Internet. And the Internet is not something that is guaranteed during your travel. If you feel like you can't do without the Internet, then purchase a travel router.