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Mantikore Cranes is one of the leading Australian crane’s company to purchase cranes at an affordable price. We provide cranes for the construction sector and skilled workers available for short- or long-term assignments.

Mantikore cranes presentation

Mantikore Cranes is one of the leading Australian crane’s company to purchase cranes at an affordable price. We provide cranes for the construction sector and …


Hire tower cranes from professionals for constructing taller structures efficiently.

Hire tower cranes from professionals for constructing taller structures efficiently.

Tower crane hire has become a prominent need for large construction projects that involve building and construction of taller structures. These cranes are highly suitable to streamline the construction process as you can use them to save time, cost, and energy to lift the heavy-weight material and construction machinery to any height you want. With the help of professional tower crane companies Sydney you can get a crane on rent and can use it until the completion of the project. However, these cranes are also available for sale, so if you have a long-run need for this crane, then you can also consider buying such machinery from a reliable supplier.

• As mentioned above, that tower cranes are incredibly useful in use for the construction of taller buildings because these cranes are equipped with a solid metal surface that is always vertical towards its base and can lift massive amounts of construction material efficiently. The tower cranes are available with different specifications related to the lifting capacity, jib length, and weight so you can choose as per your specific needs to manage the development process professionally and can make the difficult procedure of building construction fast, smooth, and efficient.

• Tower cranes are ideal for providing economical and efficient solutions to lift the heavy-weight concrete, steel, and other material. As an owner of a construction company, you can easily surpass the cost parameters related to construction projects with the vast benefits and savings that you can gain from the use of these lifting equipment. You can get the faster speed of construction, get a substantial reduction in the human resources that can cut labour charges to a significant extent and can also minimise the wastage of concrete while lifting or transporting it to the height by using the manual procedures.

• The professional Sydney tower crane companies are offering several solutions to the construction engineers and owners by providing a broad range of tower cranes having small to large lifting capacity. You can find a reputed company or contractor by verifying the license, experience, and reputation of the company and can consider tower crane rental to fulfil your requirements. Tower cranes are durable machines that can serve you with continues operation from day to night to lift and move large numbers of material to the target location. The work efficiency of these cranes can be configured in the different sizes from 30 to 75 meters that will fit suitably to the requirement of the any-sized construction plan.

• Tower cranes are self-erection machines that can automatically control the level of raising the material to the desired height and can transport the material powerfully to the great height. The use of stable, sturdy, convenient, and self-erecting hoisting machines can increase the work capacity of workers significantly as they can get the required stuff very quickly to construct the building. With optimum productivity and efficient time management, you can efficiently accomplish the projects and can serve your clients with 100 per cent guaranteed satisfaction.


What is the importance of tower crane rentals for tall building construction projects?

What is the importance of tower crane rentals for tall building construction projects?

Working as a construction engineer if you are engaging in building a tall structure and want it to complete with no hassle and much labor cost then you should go with Sydney tower crane hire service. A tower crane is a tall lifting machine that can hoist the construction material to any height without any damage or difficulty. It is a fixed crane that can be mounted on the construction site and have a horizontal boom that can move to a 360-degree angle for lifting the heavyweight building material to help you reach the goal with sure success.

It helps to lower the construction project cost:

When it comes to building a major structure that has immense height and width, you need huge numbers of labor workers to transport the material from one place to another and from bottom to the top of the site. However, you have to invest a huge capital for arranging the labor to carry the heavyweight material but if you opt for a tower crane rental service, then you can save considerably on the labor charges as the crane can lift the equipment quickly to any height that can reduce the cost of labor and time significantly.

No need to worry about maintenance cost and operating license:

Operating a tower crane requires specialized skills as it works to lift the construction apparatus from bottom to the top. Although it is expensive machinery too that require exceptional service and maintenance as well. So, as a construction site manager or owner, it is beneficial for you to choose Sydney tower crane hire from a professional rental company in order to get convenience to use the lifting source for the construction project. By hiring the crane, you do not need to worry about obtaining the operating license and also need not worry about its huge maintenance costs.

Top-notch loading and lifting capacity:

A tower crane is the best tool that many big construction companies prefer to use for huge construction and development projects. It is due to the reason of high loading and lifting capacity of the tower cranes in the world as compared to other cranes because a tower crane can lift the construction material up to the height of approximately 270 meters and has the power to lift 19.8 tons weight in a single time operation. So, you can imagine the benefit that you can reap for a giant construction task by employing this crane.

Improves productivity:

For the completion of large construction work, having full work productivity is vital. If the productivity of workers is low then it can lead to unnecessary delays in completion of the project that can also break your reputation as a construction engineer. So, the implementing and establishment of a tower crane on the construction site can help you to alleviate the risk of delay in the project due to low productivity as it can lift and transport material faster than the humans that can speed-up the process of erection.


Why mobile cranes are preferred for most of the construction sites?

Why mobile cranes are preferred for most of the construction sites?

Building and construction is the primary industry that is giving its significant contribution to infrastructural development and modernization. You can see around the creation of solid sky mounting residential and commercial buildings, roads, and streets. The construction of a building or infrastructure requires heave lifting of materials such as concrete, steel, bricks, and iron, etc. that construction engineers or project managers fulfil with the use of mobile cranes which are a preferable choice for many small to large-sized development projects. The use of lifting machines is undoubtedly useful in these plans as manual labor can only lift small objects since workers are restricted to lift and transport hefty objects so many construction managers consider mobile cranes for hire in order to make the process fast, smooth, and result-oriented by using these powerful machines.

The construction industry is striving to deliver the best possible results, and the mobile cranes are offering considerable benefits to this trade. So if you are related to this industry and are engaged in a construction plan, then you must take a look at the impressive benefits of hiring the truck-mounted mobile lifting machines.

Suitable for heavy lifting:
However, the size of these cranes is smaller than traditional cranes, but these machines are ideal for heavy lifting. These cranes are well equipped with the power-oriented tools to lift the material to any height and can suit your needs regardless of the size of the construction project. These cranes run on the hydraulic power and are highly efficient to move and lift material from one location to another which will reduce the need for manual labor and save your valuable time, cost of operation, and will also help you to complete the project within the projected timeframe.

These cranes require little space:
Previously, the big construction sites have large space and setting-up big cranes was not an issue but these days there are limited construction areas especially in big cities that require flexible machines that can serve for lifting and transporting of material with ease. So the idea of mobile cranes for hire is suitable to fit for the need for a restricted construction space as these machines require less space than bigger cranes for smooth and fault-free operation. These are the truck-mounted cranes that can quickly enter into the construction sites and can transfer construction equipment from one place to another and can lift it to the specific height.

Not consume much time while setting-up:
A mobile crane can serve you in emergencies when you find an urgent need to lift or move the material inside or outside the construction site. It does not require much time for set-up, unlike traditional cranes and can serve your needs with the quick operation. By using these cranes you can get a huge amount of time to do the actual work on the construction site which will enable you to monitor each process and you can check the quality of the work to provide with expected returns to the building owner with timely and excellent construction.


How the tower crane rental is beneficial for construction sites?

If you are engaged in construction work, then you will probably require a crane to ensure smooth construction work of a building. As a construction site manager in Sydney or owner of the building if you are working for constructing a tall structure, then you should consider tower crane rental service. Hiring a tower crane can be an excellent choice to ensure smooth and fast work as it is a crane that can fix to the foundation of a construction site and can be used to lift the material like steel, concrete, generators, and much more. You can reap several benefits by using such lifting crane and can hire it easily from a professional service provider.

• With a tower crane rental, you can quickly get the speed that you need to complete the project within the projected time. You can consult with a reliable company that offers rental cranes for different construction sites. You can choose the tower crane as it is easy to transport to the construction site and also comes with a vast capacity to lift the construction material. These lifts have approximate 19.8 tons of lifting capacity, so to make the construction task speedy and smooth, you can use these cranes to lift and drop the material at the required point of the site.

• Height is another important feature of the tower cranes as the maximum height capacity of these cranes is 265 feet so you can use them for trouble-free construction of a tall building. Whether you are working to build a residential complex or want to stand a commercial complex, you can make the installation easy with the Sydney tower crane hire. It will not only enable you to lift the heavy material to the extent height but will also reduce the cost of labor as you do not need to employ a vast workforce to lift the construction material.

• The tower cranes generally have large capacity than other cranes so they can save you valuable time and investment to a significant level. With the Sydney tower crane hire services, you can cut the overall cost of construction as it will not require you to hire the personnel to lift heavy material that can save the expense. You can use the capital for other essential construction tasks and can also save time because the tower crane can complete the task of lifting extensive material in a fraction of minutes.

• Tower cranes are too expensive, so buying them can be a costly affair, but if you consider them for hiring, then it is affordable and beneficial. You can rent them for a specific time period and can get a trained operator by the rental company to operate the crane. By hiring the crane, you only need to pay the amount for rent and can park it on the construction site without any worries as the adverse weather conditions cannot affect the working of the tower crane. You can use the crane until the completion of construction without any uncertainty.


Important Steps to Consider For Safe Crane Hire In Sydney.

Important Steps to Consider For Safe Crane Hire In Sydney.

Services of crane hire in Sydney proved to be an extremely advantageous choice to the various Construction Company as well as heavy equipment processing industries. So through this guide, we have outlined the tips that you must consider while choosing the best crane hire Services Company that stays ahead of the crowd. However various safety issues require to be maintained while working a crane, as a company owner it is your accountability to double-check everything with your hiring service.
Let’s have a look……

Choose the Right Company

Selecting the right crane hire service is very significant. The points to be noted down are as follows:

• The excellence of maintenance
• The standard of training
• The execution of most up-to-date lifting equipment
• Is he/she self-assured to answer your every query connected to the machinery?

The cranes are sophisticated heavy machinery, and only the professionals might appropriately manoeuvre them. Therefore, a service provider that maintains a large group of machinery and logistics and which has the knowledge of the industry should be hired.

Test out the Cranes

It is essential to recognise the whole thing concerning cranes when you are planning to hire them. There are a lot of different kinds of cranes available in the industry such as side-lift cranes, rough terrain cranes and crawler cranes. You could talk about your necessities with the crane hire in Sydney so that they could prepare you with the best tips:

• Your finances
• The frequency of manoeuvre
• The quantity of weight to be carried away
• The altitude requirement
• The details of the materials to be lifted
• The functioning environment
• The convenience to the worksite
• The kind of working terrain

Perform a comprehensive Safety examination:

The newly purchased cranes (either new or used) should be registered and verified for safety reasons. You must find out with the crane hire services, whether essential repair works or adjustments were completed at regular intervals. Make sure that the cranes are directed during the period of their actions.

Have an understanding of the Environment

To drive the cranes in hazardous conditions is tremendously unsafe, and hence, even when you have a clear suggestion of your unique obligation, a comprehensive awareness of the working environment is crucial. For instance, high winds considerably boost the risks for the cranes that have elevated heavy materials throughout a considerable height.

Look over the Safety Mechanisms

It is a smart initiative to hire a crane with an air conditioner for the period of warm weather circumstances. It guarantees the soothe and safety of the machinist. Ask your service provider whether they provide field training to all the employees who would require working in the locality of the crane.

With anticipation, if you take care of the above-discussed tips, you could save, and sound opts for crane hire in Sydney. This in order will assist you in hiring the crane services within your budget.


Importance of buying small tower and mobile cranes for construction sites.

Importance of buying small tower and mobile cranes for construction sites.

Every construction business needs equipment and machinery throughout the construction process since without appropriate resources no construction can be completed within the projected period. As a builder, you may find it difficult to leave the construction task in-between due to the non-availability of cranes to lift and transport the vehicle so it is good for you to make an investment to purchase a mobile crane to keep the construction process going-on without any trouble. This machine can make your job easier and provides you with several advantages over manual construction. Mobile cranes are available for large and small construction projects so if you are engaged with a small building construction project then you can search online for small mobile cranes for sale to get one for your construction business.

• A small mobile crane comes with the capacity to lift the construction material from 50 to 120 tons and can ensure you with the flexibility to move the equipments and machinery from one place to another in the constricted construction areas. These cranes are smaller in size than average cranes and can be easily used for the small areas where bigger cranes cannot work. You can consider small mobile cranes for sale if you are continuously engaged with residential or commercial construction works as the sturdy nature and quick movable features of these cranes can make the task easy and speedy.

• Small mobile cranes are versatile to use for the construction of different sites as these cranes need not fix on a construction site and can move easily from one place to another. These cranes can also save the cost of construction as you do not need to hire different cranes to accomplish the small construction project because a mobile crane can lift, transport, and move the material to different working sites without any fail. You can consult with a professional company to buy a crane and can ensure the best quality and sturdiness of the machine before using it for the construction site.

• The professional crane companies also have the availability of small tower cranes for sale to use for the construction sites with restricted space. These cranes are also known as self erecting tower cranes and are ideally suited for light frame structure. You can obtain a small tower crane to use for the construction work and can gain several benefits like low sitting costs, easy to movable, exact delivery of material where needed, material transporting and lifting on the site without any additional cost, and many more.

• Buying the self erecting tower crane can also benefit the construction site as you can use this machine to lift up to 10 tons of weight without any fail. These cranes are small in height than large tower cranes but are featured to workable on tight boundary construction sites where many other material lifting machines cannot enter and work. These cranes can work from the on-site electricity and generator supply to complete the construction project on time with safety.


Some beneficial tips to buy a tower crane for construction business.

Some beneficial tips to buy a tower crane for construction business.

Tower cranes are popular equipments that you can usually see at every construction site. These cranes are widely used by the construction engineers for civil infrastructure and development of rural and urban areas. Tower cranes are capable to lift heavy construction material to the massive height and are solid enough to erect the extreme weight. You can use them for the construction of tall residential and commercial buildings and can grow your construction business significantly. As an owner of a construction company, it is beneficial for you to buy a crane instead of hiring as it will become a great asset for your company. You can look for the tower crane for sale locally by a professional dealer and can choose from the machines with different weight and height capacity.

• Buying a tower crane requires proper knowledge and information as it will help you in choosing the best machine that suits perfectly to your construction business. Typically, you should choose the crane by considering the construction technology such as precast, traditional, or slip formwork, etc. For instance, if you choose the slip formwork construction work then you need the crane that not only has the higher capacity to lift the material but can also operate at speed to complete the construction task on time.

• One of the important tips you need to keep in mind while buying a crane is that you must consider the future requirements of the machine to be used for fulfilling the needs of your clients. You should look at tower crane for sale that can also help you to execute the upcoming construction projects without any fail and can work without adding an additional expenditure to the construction business. You should also consider safety as an important aspect when buying a tower crane as a well-engineered crane have the best potential to keep the workflow with the utmost protection of the workers. Even a small accident on a crane can become life-threatening so you need to ensure that the crane you are buying is up to the mark for safety standards.

• In addition to this, it is also important for you to make sure that the supplier you are choosing to buy a crane is certified and reliable. You should search online tower crane for sale Australia to list down the professional dealers and can visit their official sites to view the testimonials of past clients. If possible, you should visit the supplier personally to review the condition of the fleet. Buying a tower crane is a significant investment that you need to spend with care so that you will not have to regret your decisions.

• Owning a tower crane will benefit you considerably for using at the construction sites as it will cut the heavy labor cost and it takes less time for raising the material to the height. There are different types of tower crane for sale in Australia with a diverse range of weight capacity so you can choose as per your needs.


Tips When Hiring Mobile Crane Hire Services in Sydney.

Tips When Hiring Mobile Crane Hire Services in Sydney.

Every house renovation and construction projects have needed the services of crane—from the landscaping to removal of big trees, roofing to the second floor. However, these specific tasks will go much smoother by working with crane hire services in Sydney.

By using the right crane rental services, you get the right to apply to specialised construction support. This can take account of specialised cranes like self-erecting cranes and mobile cranes. These kinds of cranes are the ideal equipment for flexible and short interval projects like home renovation and heavy lifting equipment industries.

So if you are ready to begin contacting mobile crane hire in Sydney with your upcoming project, read on our post. This guide will make it more comfortable for you for hiring the best mobile crane hire services company according to your project requirements.

Safety and Experience

Keeping in mind, you are not only hiring the crane but also experienced specialists that are accountable for the functioning of the crane. That’s why experience is necessary when it comes to selecting the best mobile crane hire company. Verify the chosen company’s registration and licensing of mobile cranes to make sure you’re hiring from a trustworthy business with prosperity of experience.

This is very significant as you would not like to be held answerable if inspectors discover any issues, if the machinist is not licensed, or if there’s an accident through the procedure. The right mobile crane hire Sydney’s company for your project requirements will have a discussion with you regarding their service and maintenance program.

Another most important factor to consider is your budget that you have set and how much funds you need to afford the crane as well as specialists for the operation. Remember that you can save your money by hiring the mobile crane for a short term basis if you don’t need a crane for the complete construction project.

Study the contract carefully

While partnering with crane hire contractors to carry out construction work on your home, you’re approving to a binding agreement. The contract must specify all the terms and conditions of the crane hire in proper information. It should make clear exactly what will be completed, the time-frame, payment schedule, and particular crane services.

Always ask questions if you have any apprehension concerning the contract. Also, if any addendums are mandatory, get them in writing. This will uphold both of your interests, particularly yours, as partners in your home renovation or construction project.

Right tools for the task

There are various cranes present in the market for different purposes. Before selecting any crane, you must understand which one is perfect for your project according to your requirements. If you are a beginner in the crane industry, it can be challenging to determine what tools as well as professionals needed for the working of the crane. Therefore it’s highly recommended that get in contact with crane hire expert so that you will get enough understanding of the crane necessary for the job.

Engaging with the best mobile crane hire Sydney companies that deal with complete lift will make you sure that no detail is overlooked while making your final decision.


What are the benefits of buying a crane for your construction business?

What are the benefits of buying a crane for your construction business?

Construction work is the central aspect of infrastructural development of a town or city. Still, as a construction engineer or builder, it is not easy for you to streamline the project alone. Building construction work involves a lot of small and large tasks that need to be accomplished on time. You have to make arrangements to transport the material to be used for building a structure and require equipment to lift the heavy-weight material. So, to make an obstacle-free flow of the work, you should consider renting or buying the cranes from the professional crane companies Sydney. As a builder, you should know the advantages of buying a crane instead of rental so let’s check them below.

Round the clock availability:
When it comes to managing fast construction work for a residential or commercial site, you need the 24x7 availability of a crane to lift and transport the material. If you consider buying a crane instead of renting, then you can run it any time whenever required as you do not need to seek for the rental service provider at the time of strict requirements. There is the possibility that you may have to wait for a day or more for a crane rental service due to unavailability with the service provider. Still, if you have your crane standing at the construction site, then you do not need to wait and can utilize it to complete the construction project on time.

Saving on rental costs:
If you want to cut the cost of crane rental, then you should seek cranes for sale Australia to save your money. Renting a crane can become a costly affair if you use it for an extended period, and it will surely increase the overall cost of construction. You also have to pay the rent if the crane is standing on your construction site without working as the rental contractor will charge on the basis of per day rent. On the other hand, if you own a crane, then you can save on fuel, operator expense, and maintenance of the crane and can use it when you need it to carry heavy construction material from one place to another and need to lift the steel and other equipment to the height.

Freedom to use:
If you own a crane instead of renting, then it will provide you with the great privilege to use the equipment when you need it on the site. You can also send it to another construction site and can use it as long as you want without any worries to pay the rent. It can also become a source of income for you as you can rent it for construction when you don’t need it as rent can cover the cost of maintenance for your crane. However, buying a crane is costly, but when you look at its long-run use, then you find it affordable. You can consult with reliable crane companies in Sydney to buy the best machine as per your needs.


What are the useful tips to hire the best crane rental services?

What are the useful tips to hire the best crane rental services?

You may need to hire a crane rental service in Sydney for loading a cargo shipment, for residential or commercial construction work, or there are plenty of reasons to opt for Sydney crane hire. Cranes are best to use when it comes to lifting heavy equipment that is hard to lift by the personnel or require intensive labor. Undoubtedly, a crane rental service can do your job easy, but the difficult task is to find the best rental company in order to get the desired returns from the investment. You may find plenty of companies that are offering crane rentals in your city but choosing the best you need some tips to keep in mind.

Look for licensed, bonded, and insured rental services:
One of the most important tips you need to follow is to look for a licensed, insured, and bonded company that offers crane rentals. The reputed companies will not hesitate to show the credentials, so you must enquire thoroughly that the service you are choosing to hire a crane is certified and professional. By consulting with a professional Sydney crane hire service provider, you will get assurance for high-quality service and can meet your goals proficiently.

Safety and maintenance:
Before hiring the crane, you need to ensure that the machinery you are hiring is safe to use and has been well-maintained by the owner. You must go through the maintenance records of the fleet and can inspect it personally before finalizing the deal. However, safety is the most important thing to consider when it comes to using a crane because if you rent an improper crane then it may lead to disaster on the worksite.

Choose wisely as per construction needs:
You should choose a suitable crane as per the requirement of the construction project to derive expected results. There are many types of cranes available with the renting companies so you must choose one that is useful for your needs. For example, if you have a narrow construction space or you want a movable crane, then you should look for mobile crane hire services in Sydney to fulfill your needs. A mobile crane is a perfect choice to use for the construction sites where space is little, and you need to move the heavy-weight material from one place to another.

Choose a trained operator:
For utilizing a crane, you also need a skilled operator who is licensed and must know the way to control the machinery well. While renting a crane, you must consider the knowledge and training of the operator and should confirm it from the service provider. A crane can only work well if it is in the hands of a trained operator, so it is an important tip to follow while hiring the crane rental service.

It is best to choose the mobile crane hire services in Sydney that have produced good testimonials for offering quality crane rental services to its clients in the past.


Why hiring a tower crane offers huge benefits to construction industry?

Why hiring a tower crane offers huge benefits to construction industry?

The use of weight lifting and handling equipments is necessary for every type of construction work as these tools can make the task convenient and fast. The construction industry cannot survive without the use of cranes in the modern urbanization as these machines enable the engineers and workers on construction site to get the required material without any delay and also streamline the whole process to complete it within the projected timeframe. In the modern-day construction works, the use of tower cranes is necessary to lift the heavy material and to transport gigantic machinery and equipments from one place to another. So, if you are an owner of a construction company then you must need a tower crane hire to accomplish the project efficiently.

Why tower crane rental is the best solution for construction works?

• A tower crane is an ideal solution for fulfilling the requirements of construction work as it is not only helpful in lifting the material but can also capable to reach any height. Tower cranes are ideal to use for construction of tall buildings and these days major infrastructural sites are building with the help of these cranes. Jibs, mast, and sewing units are the major parts of this machine that plays a pivotal role in completing the construction projects without any obstacle. Construction managers and engineers prefer tower crane hire to make the procedure fast, convenient, and secure.

• Transporting and lifting the heavy-weight material is not a cup of cake as it requires the utilization of intense labor and techniques. As an owner of a construction company, you may find it burdensome to hire a large number of laborers for a construction site to carry the concrete, bricks, cement, and other machinery to different site locations. So, it is better to look for tower crane companies Sydney in order to book a crane for hiring till the completion of the construction projects. With the help of this machine, you can lift the material up to 250 feet and can pick the material up to 20 tons of weight which is a great amount.

• You can install the crane at the construction site and can hire a trained operator to lift the construction material. Professional tower crane companies in Sydney can provide you with the perfect weight lifting and transporting equipment that is engineered with high-quality material and also provide you the operating services. They have licensed and experienced operators to use the machine at construction sites with safety and consistency. The professional companies also sell the tower cranes along with rental services so if you have a requirement for the machine permanently then you can also consider buying it for your business.

• Tower cranes are available for small and large-sized construction projects so you can hire one as per your needs. Choosing the right machinery can help you to save on monthly rental charges and you can accomplish the project without any hassle and can construct buildings to the specific requirements.


Why mobile cranes are ideal choice for building construction work?

Why mobile cranes are ideal choice for building construction work?

Cranes are useful machines for every type of construction work as these machines can be used for lifting and moving heavy objects. These are the essential but straightforward construction equipment that comes with various attachments like wires, ropes, and chains to serve the purpose for the quick and secure lifting of construction material. Among the wide range of cranes, mobile cranes are very popular as these cranes are useful in many ways to make the construction project easy and flexible. For example, you can use it for construction sites that are not easily navigable or has less space. You can consider mobile cranes for hire to gain numerous benefits that are as follow.

Powerful cranes:
The mobile cranes are hydraulic-powered cranes that can easily lift heavy objects without any fail. These are the cable-controlled cranes mounted on the crawlers and are easy to move to any location on the construction sites to carry the heavy-material with the intense load. These machines can be used as multi-tasking cranes as they can lift one or more heavy objects at a single time and can also lift the material to great heights. So mobile crane hire Sydney can be the ideal choice to execute a flawless construction strategy to gain expected results.

Effective to use for less space:
The name of a mobile crane defines its most significant feature itself, which is flexibility to use it for construction when there is less space. These cranes are smaller in size than other cranes but can make a huge difference when it comes to lifting the construction material for quick completion of the construction projects. A mobile crane can easily fit into a smaller construction site where other large cranes cannot work so with Sydney mobile crane hire you can perform the lifting task in a tight place without any hassle. A mobile crane can enter in between two buildings conveniently and can come out without any struggle after completing the task.

Easy to set up and safe:
As a builder, you can consider mobile cranes for hire as these machines are easy to set up and are safe compared to other cranes. As mentioned above, a mobile crane is smaller in size so it can quickly get stabilized in a congested construction area and can lift the material quickly. It is also convenient to move from one corner to another, so by using it, you can also ensure the full safety of workers during the development project.

Serve overall advantage to construction sites:
The mobile cranes are not only safe to use and require less space, but these cranes will also produce less noise and pollution. The high mobility of these cranes has made them the perfect choice for construction in residential areas where space is narrow between the houses as these cranes can move and establish at less space and can derive fruitful results. By using these cranes, you can also lower the cost of construction as these cranes are comparatively affordable to hire than other machines.

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Are you searching for affordable Crane Hire Sydney services? Your search ends here and you are in the right place. Mantikore cranes are offering you the tower, self-erecting, and electric luffing cranes. Tower crane is mostly used as a crane in the world. So Mantikore Cranes are one of the best...

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We specialize in mini tower crane rental in Sydney, providing high-quality equipment and machinery with excellent customer service at an affordable cost. Our Crane is highly being used at construction sites to make the entire work stress-free and increase productivity. Over 20 years of industry experience in the wet and dry hire of tower cranes and providing mobile cranes. We provide all aspects of mobile or tower crane hire services for the construction industry. Our cranes are regularly maintained and serviced, and we take pride in giving our customers a first-class experience. Also providing other crane services like Mobile cranes, self-erecting cranes, Electric Luffing, etc. To know more visit our site and contact us at 1300626845. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday from 7 am to 7 pm.

Understanding the characteristics of demolition or crane contractors Sydney | Mantikore Cranes

The dismantling of any building or a structure is now being done through the demolition projects. This is quite a tedious task that is involved here. A huge amount of attention and an immense amount of expertise is required here. When you are looking ahead to demolish any structure or building pretty successfully then you need to take the help of a professional demolition or crane contractors Sydney who can help you demolish and remove the debris from the demolished grounds.

We need to ensure whether or not they can provide us with the type of service we are looking for before selecting a contractor for your project. You should also understand the kind of service that they are going to provide to their clients.
Types of services offered**

There are usually two types of services that are offered. Emptying the interior of the building with the help of the cranes is one of such services. For remodelling, the buildings for different purposes is where this type of demolition is required here. It is not a tough job here with this kind of service. Since you are not going to want any damages or remodelling the exterior of the building, you need to focus immensely here. In such cases, only a highly-skilled group of contractors will be able to deliver the perfect results and render happiness to their clients.

When it comes to the point of demolishing a building completely from a specified location, the service of demolition contractors is quite different. Large hydraulic equipment, excavators, cranes, and others are required here. It also requires the use of the wrecking ball for the larger buildings. In order to demolish the larger buildings, sometimes the explosives are also used. It requires the contractors to follow every safety rules and instructions strictly due to the high range of risks that are involved.


You need to consult a professional demolition contractor as far as the cost of the demolition is concerned. The total estimation will be provided by them. You can go forward with the project if the estimation meets up with your demand. How much they can save for you and the amount it will be costing can be provided by the highly experienced demolition or crane contractors. To save your time and money, they maintain some strict schedule.
Things to consider**

Before you hire a contractor, there are few other things that need to be considered. Professionals who are highly experienced will be informing them of every progress that they will be making since they work closely with the clients. The motto of almost all the demolition contractors is safety first. There are a huge amount of risks that are involved in the task of demolition. Therefore, to avoid any embarrassing and unwanted situations, they will be taking some precautionary steps here. For making sure that all is being done in accordance with the instructions and the expectations of the clients, they always go with their planning.

It is very important to select the best demolition or crane contractors to deal with your demolition project. You are ready to invest only in places with positive results. You need to research, estimate your budget, take your time, choose a few contractors and consult with them. You can get fruitful results with the best decision you ever make.

Know the best technique to go for franna crane hire Sydney | Mantikore Cranes

Cranes being one of the main, the construction business is also in the requirement for specialized equipment. It is quite easy to buy cranes, for the bigger companies working on larger projects. But purchasing cranes can be quite difficult for the smaller companies which are the reason why going for franna crane hire Sydney is the best option. The need being to identify the one that would be most suited for the particular project; there are several suppliers that can supply cranes for hire.

Machines and equipment usually help companies provide better services to their clients as of now. These machines make the work easier and safer in addition to the rest. Making use of the right type of construction equipment usually allows workers to accomplish their tasks in a proper manner and on time when it comes to the construction industry. However, it is a huge investment in business if you think of owning one. Hiring services are usually provided by several companies. Crane hire service providers can help you if you are planning to use a crane. While choosing such service providers, before hiring, the individuals should be aware of the pitfalls that are included here.

*Not thinking about your purpose

One can easily make use of a crane in several ways. Transporting huge items from one place to the other in a work area is the main purpose that is served by the cranes. For the demolition tasks, the crane can come equipped with a wrecking ball as well as a bucket. It is very important for individuals to determine their purposes in hiring cranes to help them choose the right type that can match their business and project needs due to this.

Not checking the location

It is also important to check the location or the workplace while hiring heavy equipment like the cranes. For reducing and even preventing the unexpected accidents in the workplace, this is quite important. Checking the workplace can also help in making sure that the cranes can be used in a proper manner for making your tasks better and a lot more efficient and this is something that should not be mentioned.

Always ask about the types of cranes they provide

While accomplishing a project, there are some individuals who have lot of tasks at hand. About the types of cranes that a company offers, there are cases when they forget to ask about it. For example, the mobile, loader, floating, and even the tower cranes are among the wide selection of cranes from whom you can choose. These types of cranes can also differ in terms of their load capacities apart from that.

Hire providers who do not offer maintenance services

It is also very important to maintain your crane while using any kind of these machines. Service providers who are also offering the maintenance services for their cranes for helping you to be on schedule and for avoiding the accidents that are caused by these machines is something that you need to make sure.

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Looking for used cranes Australia. We are here to do all the diligent work for you. We are giving the setup of the crane using our versatile crane reducing any pressure or stress related to the underlying setup stage. We provide all aspects of mobile crane services for the construction industry. We are committed to completing all projects safely, efficiently, on budget and on-time. We also provide buyback options once your crane has completed your project. We have more than 29 years of experience working in the Sydney mobile crane hire industries in Australia. We assure you that you will receive the best crane hire services. Our Crane is highly being used at construction sites to make the entire work stress-free and increase productivity. We are providing Tower Cranes, Mobile Cranes, Self-Erecting Cranes, and Electric Luffing Cranes. Our professionals will provide you with effective solutions and reliable services that can help you to solve technical problems that might occur sometimes. Also, get effective solutions for any requirements of your projects for the best price & service, contact us at 1300 626 845 for crane hire and visit our website today.


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Going for rental with mobile cranes for sale in Australia – Cranes

In every shapes and size, you are sure to get the cranes. By eliminating the need to transport special equipment with a separate vehicle, the truck cranes usually are able to travel on highways. The pick and carry jobs in most of the locations, every temperature, and/or climates is made possible by the all-terrain cranes.…

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Mantikore Cranes is a specialist in a mobile crane for sale in Australia. We provide all aspects of mobile crane services for the construction industry. We are committed to completing all projects safely, efficiently, on budget and on-time. We also provide buyback options once your crane has completed your project. We have more than 29 years of experience working in the crane hire industries in Australia. We assure you that you will receive the best crane hire services. Cranes we provide are Tower Crane, Mobile Cranes, Self-Erecting cranes, Electric Luffing cranes etc. We do all the diligent work for you. We are giving the setup of the mobile crane using our versatile crane reducing any pressure or stress related to the underlying setup stage. View our complete range of new and used construction equipment and machinery for sale throughout Australia.


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Things that you should look for in mobile cranes for hire company - Mantikore Cranes

Contractors definitely should be opting for the latest technology if they are after the best products for their project site when it comes to hiring mobile cranes. Wouldn’t you go for the latest model with as many hi-tech features as possible, if you were to go for mobile cranes for hire services?

For looking out for a crane hire company for doing business on a regular or even one-time basis, there are definitely a number of important qualities that one should be looking into.


To allow a business owner to know exactly what he will be spending to hire a crane, a reputable company will be offering fair pricing and will be quite willing to provide a quote in advance. Companies are often too poorly run or poorly organized and may not be a good choice as they will not be able to quote a price or will not be getting an estimate beforehand. After asking some pertinent questions and perhaps looking over a job site if required, a reputable company will be able to give you a quote and all the fee would be explained upfront so that there is no confusion in regards to the cost to set up the crane, transportation costs, and the other costs that might pop up with the normal use of this type of heavy machinery.


You need to look in for the well-maintained cranes, model, and other equipment. The age of the machine that you will be getting and how often it would require the repair work or scheduled maintenance can be understood when you ask about the maintenance records. On the date that is specified, as you ensure that the company has the type of crane that you will require. When your job is slowed down and money is being wasted, if the crane is not ready. To the deadlines and the timetables, a reputable company sticks to it.

Safety and Reputation

There are many builders and others who are willing to either recommend or complain about the companies that they have dealt with to one another as they know one another to some extent. For a company with a good reputation, you need not be afraid to ask around for the recommendations for a preferred crane hire company. Feel free to check with any licensing or inspection services that might be regulating these cranes to be sure that a company has no serious violations or has not been fined or cited for safety or workers violations as you need to ask them about the safety records. A good safety record and a stellar reputation in the construction and building community is what a reputable company should have the workers with.

It is only as effective as the crew who is handling it as excellent as the quality of the equipment you hire is. The mark of a great company offering this is the high standard all around. Reliability and safety should be prioritized by the contractors.

Mobile Cranes For Hire |

Mantikore cranes offers outstanding Mobile Cranes for Hire, servicing Sydney CBD and outer regions such as Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Woollongong

Why opt for mobile crane sales Australia or rent them? | Mantikore Cranes

Since the advent of the state of the art technologies that have made it a mandatory to erect infrastructure to be a part of the ongoing global development, the booming construction industry section should not be a surprise. It is not a common sight to see those who are involved in the construction sector to hire crane rental services or mobile crane sales Australia to cost-effectively complete their projects in such scenarios.

It is going to surely make you sweep you off your feet with the sheer assortment of the benefits that the service provider specializes in furnishing crane on rent. We are going to discuss some of the imperative advantages of chipping in for crane rental services here. a majority of the personnel in mind have the perception that buying a crane is far better than taking a crane on rent or using a used crane as they are involved in the niche industry segment of construction.

Cost consideration

Since the cost of purchasing a crane is far high than taking a crane on rent as this would be a completely wrong notion. After your construction work is finished as the service provider will be taking care of that aspect when you keep in mind that this storage thing can consume more resources than picking a crane on rent as you do not have to purchase, rent, or even arrange a space for this heavy crane. When it comes down to the cost of maintaining them, the mobile cranes and another accessible crane on rent can prove to be a huge headache.


You definitely have to levy the charge that pertains to its maintenance, but on the contrary, if you are looking into crane rental service providers, they will be taking care of the machine while you are purchasing it. You have no place else to go on the contrary if you choose a crane rental service as it is going to ensure that it gets functioning or will straightly replace the crane with the other working one if you are purchasing a mobile crane for some reason or the other one breaks down.


Yet another major facet which should never be overlooked is that these cranes can only be operated through the skilled operators and in case you pick a crane for rent, the service the provider will endow you with an operator and you do not have to search for apt human resource. Instant accessibility is also a key driving force. Crane rental the service provider will surely make you available a crane instantly while you may wait weeks prior to you can buy a hydraulic crane of your own.

How to make the right choice with used mobile crane for sale in Australia? - Mantikore Cranes

Used cranes are usually the least thought of as an option while purchasing a crane would be an expensive option here. Is it cheap? It might though sound like a cheaper option. The following are few of the questions that you will have to consider while going ahead with used mobile crane for sale in Australia:

Are the manufacturers in business?

In the crane industry, there have been several consolidations, bankruptcies, as well as closures. Are the parts for the crane available for you? When it comes to the older cranes, they have a built-in design that will be allowing you to purchase several parts off the shelf due to them meeting the industry standard components since many of them are robust too. For the motors, bearings, contractors, as well as the coupling is where it applies to.

There are several other components that are made specifically for the manufacturer of the crane that does not use the standard components. For making the retro-fit parts fit in the correct manner, you will have to make the necessary modifications. A motor shaft, contactors, electrification systems that might or may not be available is what is required by several crane manufacturers.

What are your liabilities?

When you are buying a crane or making any modifications, you need to understand your liabilities. Once you are modifying the crane, the liability of the manufacturer is completely relieved. There are some type of re-span that would need some major mechanical modifications when it comes to most of the cranes here.

What is the capacity of the crane?

You have to consider the costs of getting a good deal on a higher than required capacity as bigger is always the better in terms of the crane applications. You should also consider the additional costs that are associated with it. The crane will need a larger runway and footings in order to support a dead load of just the crane since they are quite heavy. It will also be larger and more expensive if you are making changes or upgrades to the electrical systems that include the frequency drives for those components there.

Is the crane matching the existing electrical supply?

There are many tales that are associated with the customers buying the older cranes and then finding out the issues with the DC or the wrong voltages. You then step up or step down the transformers by facing expensive motor changes. You should also make sure that the electrical delivery system remains up to date. The electrical of an old crane is quite expensive to repair or to replace.

What is the peace of mind associated with the warranty?

There are no warranties that are carried by the older used cranes. The new ones usually come along with 1-year parts and labour along with the additional year on the parts for every non-wear items for most of the reasons. To make sure that you can order the parts from the manufacturer, you can also get the up to date parts manuals.

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Mantikore Cranes is the best mobile crane hire Sydney Company. We are here to do all the diligent work for you. We are giving the setup of the crane using our versatile crane reducing any pressure or stress related to the underlying setup stage. We provide all aspects of crane hire services for the construction industry. We are committed to completing all projects safely, efficiently, on budget and on-time. We also provide buyback options once your crane has completed your project. We have more than 20 years of experience working in the crane hire industries in Australia. We assure you that you will receive the best crane hire services. Our Crane is highly being used at construction sites to make the entire work stress-free and increase productivity. We are providing Tower Cranes, Mobile Cranes, Self-Erecting Cranes, and Electric Luffing Cranes. Our professionals will provide you with effective solutions and reliable services that can help you to solve technical problems that might occur sometimes. Also, get effective solutions for any requirements of your projects for the best price & service, contact us at 1300 626 845 for crane hire and visit our website today.


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