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Headline for Best Camping Sites in Sri Lanka - The unreal nature experience that should not be missed!
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Best Camping Sites in Sri Lanka - The unreal nature experience that should not be missed!

Fancy hotels are all the rage in the world today. Still, if you are a soul in search of a connection with nature, you best exert yourself tirelessly to resonate with your surroundings. Travel, speak and listen to nature. To help your cause, here is a list of best-camping sites of Sri Lanka.


Yala National Park

The promise of unparalleled thrill and excellent adventurous experience on your camping trip with splendid views to follow along the way are the best things about camping at the Yala National Park. The reserve is a collection of terrains suited for different creatures ranging from dense vegetation to rocky pools, to freshwater lakes and even a winding coastline area. The main highlight of the park is its high-density presence of the Sri Lankan leopard, with one per square kilometre! Of course, other creatures such as the Asian elephant, black bear, crocodiles, grey languor, and even a variety of rare birds freely roaming the grounds certainly makes it an attractive destination for wildlife lovers!


Udawalawe National Park

Spread over approximately 31,000 hectares of land, the Udawalawe National Park is one incredible destination that you need to visit when you travel to Sri Lanka. It is wildly famous for its population of elephants, which amounts to roughly 600-700 and hence, herds of elephants is quite a frequent sight to witness. It also houses a sanctuary for orphaned or injured elephants who need some TLC before they are to be released back into the wilderness again soon. Watch one feeding session for an orphaned baby elephant and your worries would just die away as it is the most adorable thing you have seen in a while! Besides the ‘elephant in the room’, a variety of other creatures inhabit the reserve such as monitor lizards, sambar deer, wild boar, common langurs, jackals, toddy cats and more than 183 different species of birds.


Wilpattu National Park

This is the largest as well as the oldest national park of Sri Lanka and is renowned among crowds for its spectacular collection of endangered creatures such as Sri Lankan leopard, Sri Lankan elephant and most particularly, the fighter sloth bear, of which there is only assumed to be less than 1000 remaining in the whole wide world! On your adventure, not only will you be able to treat yourself to some magnificent views of its beautiful scenery, but also you will have the privilege of documenting your encounters for future reference. Given the collection of some of the most valued and endangered species in this reserve, it is always advisable that you be accompanied by a wildlife expert to make sure not only the needful would be taught to you, but also no harm comes the way of these beautiful creatures. It is always a good idea to seek assistance from service providers such as Nkar Travel House when planning a visit to any national park!


Mahiyanganaya Sorabora Lake

In a switch up from the wildlife sanctuary camping experience, this is a perfect getaway amidst lush greenery, tropical weather and beautiful scenery to keep your eyes full! Camping on the banks of this man-made lake dating back to the periods of royal kingdoms in Sri Lanka, a couple of very famous activities to look forward to are fishing and a boat ride on the lake! Pro-tip; the sunrises at the lake Sorabora are worth all the energy for an early wake-up call!


Veddha Village Camping

Now, this is one opportunity that dare not be missed! To experience the culture and civilization that is Sri Lankan to the full effect, spending time camping at the sites of indigenous crowds will amaze you. The Buddha Village in Mahiyanganaya is a popular spot where inhabitants descend from the ancient tribes and still retain most of their traditions and customs and lead very simplistic lives. Relish their peaceful ambience, their quirky cuisine and explore their history in the process!

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