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Updated by Joanna James on Sep 29, 2019
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Things to Do in Hotels Besides Sleep - Hotel explorations

There are some days on a vacation where you feel like you have nothing to do and you want to just stay inside the hotel. To know what you can do besides sleeping, read on.


Check out the entertainment centre

Luxury hotels in Colombo usually have their own entertainment centres on the inside. If you are done with exploring Colombo, hotel rooms are your natural choice to hang out at, but being confined to just the room while you are staying at properties belonging to brands like Berjaya Hotels and Resorts is simply a waste of time. These kinds of high-end luxury hotels have so much to offer while you are inside it. From swimming pools to gyms and indoor sports areas, they have quite a lot of unexplored parts of the hotel that most guests won't even think to venture into. If you ask the help desk about the entertainments they offer as a part of checking into their hotel and looking around, you will be able to pick and choose whatever that suits your needs.


Utilize The spa

Most hotels obviously have their own in-house spa treatment facilities that you can use for an added cost. There is no better way to end of the vacation by taking a day off, treat yourself to luxury and being pampered by expert therapists. From the Sri Lankan style therapies to the Western and Eastern style therapies, these spas have it all.



Most of the rooms you book come with breakfast that is covered with the room cost. Since holiday timing is different from everyday timing, people tend to wake up late, head out and have their food out rather than make use of the free food offered here. Make up your mind to get up before 10:00 a.m. on one of the days while staying in Colombo and head to the hotel breakfast area to check out what they have.


Enjoy the view

Going to a vacation in a new country or destination is surely about exploring it and being on the move but sometimes it can also be about just relaxing and taking the view in. Your luxury hotel definitely comes with its own share of the views from your room, from the garden, and also from the other parts of the hotel. Take your time to explore the garden and the other areas in the hotel and check out the views from these angles.


Enjoy being treated like royalty

Being on a holiday is time then you are pampered the most in your life. People come in once a day to clean your room after you, to ask if you're OK and offer any services as needed. Utilize this to the maximum so that you do not regret not making use of being pampered once you get back home from your holidays. This does not mean that you should feel no gratitude since they are only doing their job, but you can still enjoy it and thank them with a smile.