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Ways to Entertain Kids in a Hotel Room - Keep them active!

Keeping kids entertained during a vacation can be quite hard especially if you have to do it while confined inside a hotel room.


Let them get creative

Pack some dry erase markers and allow the kids to draw on the mirrors and the sliding glass doors. These drawings can be wiped off pretty easily and also keeps your child entertained for a while. Do make sure you wipe them before you check out or leave the room for the day as some hotels might not be okay with this.


Get some balloons

This might sound like an ice-breaking activity in a new office but this works, especially if you are stuck inside the room for a day, be it because of the rain or some other cause during your vacation. If you are put up at the beach hotels in Colombo you can simply make the kids hang out at the private beach areas right behind your hotel for instance at the Berjaya Hotel Colombo. On the other hand, if you are put up at one of the Colombo hotels that do not have an area for your kids to play at and you have no choice but to hang out inside the room, then blow up the balloons and play volleyball over the gap in between the beds. Another game you can play with the balloons is telling your kids that they cannot let the balloon touch the floor no matter what. Basically, the hotel room version of the floor is lava!


Create an obstacle course

Get creative with the items and furniture you have in your room, and using the tables, chairs, cushions and whatever you can find, create an obstacle course for your kids to get past. Have them race each other by hopping, jumping and crawling underneath and over every obstacle you have created. If you have older kids ask them to create the obstacles themselves and challenge another kid to get through it faster than they can.


Card games

This is an indoor activity that never ceases to amaze people regardless of what age they are. Packing a game of cards like UNO or even a simple deck can keep you all entertained for hours on the end.


Educational games

This might seem like a bummer to your children but there are great ways to sneak in education with exciting board games too. Try to pack a few board games that also provide learning experiences and sneak in some quality education hours during your vacation in Sri Lanka.


Take them to the Swimming pool

Children never seem to get tired of having fun in the water and once they get in they really do not want to get out. If you have a lazy day on your vacation and it is quite sunny and pleasant outside, take the day off to spend it by the swimming pool. Diving, jumping and swimming around will definitely be a fun time for every member of the family.