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Top 10 Cool Facts about the Maldives - Ten Interesting Facts regarding the Maldives

As one of the world's top beach holiday hotspots, the Maldives is a fascinating nation in Asia. Here are ten super interesting facts regarding the paradise archipelago.


Weekend is Different

While the term "weekend" refers to Saturday and Sunday in most countries, Maldivians consider Friday and Saturday the end of the week and thus the weekend. Sunday is the first day of the week in the country's calendar and it is a working day as it is considered a weekday.


High Literacy

One of the most impressive aspects of the Maldivian populace is its high literacy rate. With 98% of Maldivians possessing reading and writing skills, the UNICEF, as well as many other initiatives by the local government, have made educating the inhabitants of more than 200 islands a top priority.


It's the World's Lowest Altitude Nation

With the threat of submersion always looming on the horizon it is no surprise to find out that the Maldives is the lowest placed country in the world. With the ground level height of an island measuring in at less than 2m, the highest point in most islands are about 2.3 meters or 7.7inches.


Alcohol is Restricted to the Resorts

As an Islamic nation, the consumption of alcohol and pork are prohibited in the country but visitors can enjoy their favourite wines and spirits at the resort bar. The resort islands are the only establishments licensed to sell alcohol so don't expect to go bar hopping during a Maldivian holiday.


Safe Holiday Destination

The Maldives is also renowned as one of the safest holiday hubs in Asia and the world at large. Whether it's within the resort islands the likes of The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort or in the capital Male, tourists can travel freely without fear of altercations or any unsavoury incidents.


It's the Globe's Tiniest Islamic Nation

The archipelago is not only the tiniest nation in all of Asia but the smallest country in the world. Its Islamic identity is so ingrained that the constitution declares that all Maldivian citizens must be of the Islamic faith while the population is forbidden from adopting other religions.


Whale and Dolphin Watching Capital

With thousands of marine creatures occupying its waters, the Maldives remains one of the best destinations for engaging in whale watching and dolphin watching excursions. Available during all months of the year, there are a whopping dozen species of whales and dolphins that call the Maldives home. Some of the most frequently spotted species include killer whales, bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales and striped dolphins.


Underwater Cabinet Meeting

It was in 2009 that then Maldivian president Mohamed Nasheed held the world's first underwater cabinet meeting. The entire retinue of politicians donned scuba diving gear and conducted a meeting with desks and other office furniture which were submerged beforehand to raise awareness on the environmental threats faced by the country.


It's Not Just Beaches

Contrary to popular sentiments, the Maldives is not only a beach haven for the masses. The capital Male is home to countless cultural attractions and landmarks including Republic Square, Sultan Park and the Grand Friday Mosque.


Island Hopping Hub

The Maldives is the best place to sign up for an island hopping tour as the geography of the country is tailor-made for this activity.

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