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Updated by Joanna James on Sep 29, 2019
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Top Overnight Trip Packing List Items and What Not to Bring - Keep it light

Planning a quick getaway even if it is just for an overnight trip still requires some packing. To know what you must pack and what you must leave behind, read on.


Choose your luggage

Since you are going to be away just on an overnight trip pick your luggage wisely. Lugging about a suitcase won't be a great idea unless it is a one-stop trip. A duffel bag or a backpack would do its job. Regardless of whether your overnight trip is for the business or for visiting family and friends, this friendly and portable bag will fit the bill.


Personal items

Even if your trip is short it is always better to have your own supply of toiletries and personal items. You can’t always count on your hotel to have good toothpaste or provide toothbrushes for you. Unless you are staying at a better-suited hotel room in Praslin ­and booking your stay at a Praslin resort in Seychelles the likes of Berjaya Praslin Resort, it's best to carry your own toiletries.


Packing clothing

Instead of packing four or five different outfits you can pack a few tops and bottoms that somehow match with each other even if you choose to mix, match, and wear them. This way, you will reduce the number of clothing items you bring and will also end up looking like you have packed way more outfits than you actually did. Depending on what kind of trip it is, pack for the occasion.


Comfortable footwear

Whether your trip is for business or pleasure it is always wise to bring a pair of shoes that let you walk around a lot. Pick a pair that will go with most of your clothes and stick to it. Having walking shoes also lets you plan impromptu explorations of the place you have gone to and not worry too much about how much your feet are going to hurt the next day.


Phone charger

This does not even have to be on this list because nowadays this is the first thing people remember to pack even if they're going out to meet their friends in a coffee shop. If you own a portable phone charger, pack it too. Make sure you carry an adapter in case the one in your hotel room does not let your charger plug in.


A water bottle

You tend to get dehydrated if you are travelling and if you are flying, the cost of a drink or water at an airport is definitely higher than when you buy the same outside. Even if you aren't flying, keep a water bottle in your handbag because you never know when you might need it. You could even spill something on yourself and need the water to save the day!



Closely following the phone charger, this is something nobody walks out of their home without. Travelling without headphones, especially if you are traveling solo is the worst first world problem you can encounter these days.

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