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Updated by Joanna James on Oct 03, 2019
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5 Reasons Why We Use Bangkok As Our Base for Asia Travel - Information before Travelling

People say that it is a good idea to use Bangkok as the base for most travelling done in and around Asia. To know why this is the case, read on.


The quality of living in Bangkok

Regardless of whether your vacation is business-based or otherwise, you will notice that there are stays in Bangkok that accommodate all such needs. Be it a Bangkok business hotel the likes of Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel or any other luxury hotel for a beautiful holiday, this city has it all. The cost of living in this country is comparatively low too. Even if you spend a lot on shopping and other attractions while in Bangkok you will note that you will end up spending way less than if you did the same things in other Asian cities like Hong Kong or Singapore.


The connections from Bangkok to other parts of the world

Bangkok is popular for being a base city in Asia because you can travel to or fly to any major city or country in Asia from Bangkok. You will find many budget airlines that are operating from the city and therefore will be able to make your travel plans at a much lower cost. The flight schedules to and from Bangkok are also more frequent compared to the other parts of Asia so your vacation dates can be flexible too. You will also be able to plan an impromptu holiday when it comes to Bangkok due to the frequency of flights.


The attractions in Bangkok

Apart from being a base city, Bangkok also has a lot in to offer to its travellers. From palaces, temples and shrines to rooftop bars and crazy night life partying, this place has it all. Similar to a popular city like New York or London there is so much to do in Bangkok that every time you visit you will find something new. The cuisine in Bangkok is yet another reason for the travellers to love this place so much. You will find stalls and with dishes that are unique to the country along with international food no matter which part of the city you are in. Bangkok is definitely a place that will give you a fat belly without a thin wallet.


The business opportunities in Bangkok

If you are travelling to Bangkok for a business meeting or some other organisational event you must know that it is a great place for you to do so. Since there will be no hassle about accommodation, food and drinks, along with entertainment, you will be able to focus on work with your mind free. Many people travel to Bangkok to revamp themselves and focus better after.


You will not overstay in Bangkok

Leaving for a holiday and getting back home is something nobody wants to do but then your vacation destination is the Bangkok, you will be forced to leave as the travel visa limitation for Thailand is only 30 days. This might seem like a bad thing in the beginning but it is actually a great thing for the people who procrastinate a lot and put off work easily.