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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 16, 2024
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Reasons why Chiang Mai is the Best Place for Digital Nomads - Stay Updated

Being a digital nomad means you can work from any part of the world and even during a holiday. To know why Chiang Mai is a hotspot for this activity, read on.


The travel bloggers’ hub

This will not be news to you if you are a frequent visitor to Chiang Mai. Most bloggers love to settle down at one of the Chiang Mai residences the likes of Anantara Chiang Mai Serviced Suites for weeks on end and explore the city while they work on their writing and blogging. Since the accommodation cost is pretty cheap here, you can spend time without spending much money.


The Chiang Mai nomad community

This part of the country has an amazing amount of social network groups that are open to everyone. These groups plan dinners, social outings, seminars, meetings, and networking opportunities for the people in it. This makes it a great place to be at if you are a newly starting out blogging or badly need the connections. With more and more public and open social groups, the other exclusive private groups are losing the value. This is seen as a great thing as people from all walks of life are given an opportunity to become a great travel blogger.


The coffee shops

The coffee shops and many other kinds of eateries in Chiang Mai are friendly to writers and other kinds of people who type away on their laptops all day long. Since the city is getting crowded with these kinds of travellers, having these eateries are helpful indeed. The cost of food and travelling in Chiang Mai is extremely cheap compared to the other popular cities in Asia. This makes it a great place for people to start out. Most cafes also offer Wi-Fi along with the great coffee you order and don’t mind you sitting and pottering about for hours on the end.


Keeping yourself motivated

Freelancing and travel blogging has been marketed as one of the all-time leisure work activities in the world. You might picture somebody sitting on the beach with a glass of wine next to them while they type away on their laptops. This is not the case for somebody who does this on a daily basis. Working while you have no rigid schedules and working hours can be quite hard to follow through every day. You must have extreme self-control and for any progress be made at all. There are support groups in Chiang Mai that help you stay motivated and working on your writing and other things without losing focus.


The yummy coffee

Coffee in Chiang Mai is popular and much loved by people from all over the world. Highly influenced by India and other parts of South Asia, you will be able to find various styles of coffees being made here. From the Madras filter coffee to the Italian cappuccinos, whatever you need to boost your work speed, you will find it here.