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Updated by Joanna James on Oct 03, 2019
Headline for 7 Travel Hacks to Save Money During Your Bangkok Tour - Live the High Lie without Breaking the Bank!
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7 Travel Hacks to Save Money During Your Bangkok Tour - Live the High Lie without Breaking the Bank!

Living in Bangkok is such a great idea for one too many reasons, with particular emphasis on how relatively inexpensive it is. However, the recent years have seen a spike in living expenses in Thailand, and we are about to fill you in on a few hacks to save-face and yet live a good life in Bangkok!


Eating Out

If the plan is to eat out, make sure to check out online booking platforms to not only find the best eateries around you but also to be entitled to handsome discounts of up to 50% off. Make sure to try and look from non-peak hour reservations as it would mean huge savings for you. Whether you chose to have dinner at 4 pm or 11 pm you need not worry as different restaurants have different peak hours and hence not being able to find an actual offer would just be impossible. Opting for the less popular joints will surely allow you to eat to the point of bursting at an extremely reasonable cost.


Pamper yourself

You would be genuinely surprised by the number of online platforms that exist for the sole purpose of providing remarkable deals to customers sometimes even over 50% off. Forget the dingy image of a spa that you have always had in your mind and be amused by the level of luxurious comforts that Thai massage spots have to offer. Not only will there be your typical spa operated individually but also the in-house facilities featured in many a City Hotel in Bangkok.


Rewards Cards

Just like the Londoners are thrilled by the savings of the ‘Oyster’ travel card, getting a hold of a Rabbit rewards card could do you a solid favour when travelling and even sometimes shopping. It is so convenient in that it could be topped up at any supermarket, BTS Station, BRT Station or even a Big C and can simply be swiped at the counter of any business establishment displaying support for the card. The glory in the card extends beyond its convenience; the promotions that occasionally apply in using this card are sure to excite you better than Christmas morning!


Food Courts

Don’t be shy, invite yourself over to one on Bangkok’s many enormous shopping centres and raid the food courts for some mouth-watering dishes at some absurdly cheap prices. Not only can you shop till you drop in Bangkok, you may also eat for a village, just because! Of course, for a more formal sort of dining experience, you will be very well served at by its many luxurious city hotels the likes of Avani Atrium Bangkok!


Teeth some while you are at it!

Would you believe us if we said that Bangkok has its dental services on offer for so cheap that in some countries, it would cost you more than a return ticket and weeks accommodation in Bangkok to get your tooth fixed? The best part is that despite the ridiculously cheap pricing, their dental work is acclaimed to be of very high standards. Forget savings, it is basically a worthwhile investment you could literally make shine back home!



Imagine a localized version of an uber, only without all the politics and bad behaviour? Yes you can have it all when in Bangkok. Taxi services prominent in Bangkok such as ‘Grab it’ are renowned not only for their extremely cheap rates but also for the incredible offers they have for new pledges.


ATM fees

This has got to be the most scandalous thing that is going on in Bangkok! A hefty 300 Baht service charge on every single withdrawal really makes you seriously contemplate on how you spend your hard-earned money. It is one thing to spend on something valuable but this, to be honest, is quite horrendous. So always make sure you use your credit card to protect yourself from these unnecessary charges equivalent to blind-robbery in broad daylight!