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Headline for Facts about Bazaruto Archipelago National Park - Yet another Glorious Sundowner Waiting to be Savoured
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Facts about Bazaruto Archipelago National Park - Yet another Glorious Sundowner Waiting to be Savoured

Spread over 1430km2 of a seascape as well as 5 almost heaven-like islands off the coastline of Mozambique, the Bazaruto Archipelago incorporates both terrestrial and marine habitats that are an ecological fortune! Here is everything you need to know about this utopia!


The Bazaruto Marine Park is one of the largest in the Indian Ocean

Declared in the year 1971, the Bazaruto Marine Park now engulfs the whole of the Bazaruto Archipelago spanning over 1400 km2. The area is home to some of the rarest and endangered species such as the dugongs and even marine turtles as well as a plethora of fauna and flora, coral reefs and most certainly, marine birds. Among many other creatures that populate the area are some real ‘keepers’ the likes of humpback whales, dolphins and even manta rays. The Archipelago consists of 5 islands in total of which the biggest is the Bazaruto island with its fantastic selection of Mozambique resorts, one of which is the infamous Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort. The island has an abundance of freshwater lakes and fiery crocodiles that come with it. Not to mention the exotic rampage of butterflies and birds that flock in this land.


The extraordinary life-support system that the Park is

The park contains a unique assortment of habitats ranging from marine to terrestrial wilderness and sports an array of fascinating coral reefs, seagrass meadows, mangrove forests and coastal dunes. Understandably so, this land is a refuge to a plethora of terrestrial and marine species and is the perfect destination for the wildlife enthusiasts to trickle their senses with some serious wildlife learning. Travellers are fascinated time and time again with the modest refuge population of Dugongidae in the park, a breed which has been driven fast to extinction through the span of the 18th century.


The perfect holiday destination

Not only does the Bazaruto Archipelago have its remarkable assortment of wild and marine life in abundance, but this land is also blessed with unspoilt pretty white beaches, turquoise seas with the perfect temperament, complemented with the most iconic sunset views that the bountiful earth has to offer. To satiate the need for some thrill in your vacation, you can even opt for a variety of different watersports the likes of diving and snorkelling. A delicious feast of fresh seafood cooked craftily by the talented chefs of Bazaruto set out on a starry night in the tranquil beach to savour with your better half or even a sail-away adventure into the majestic waters for a castaway picnic are just a few of the many things that the Bazaruto could be if you want it to! The weather is just simply beyond this world; a warm, tropical climate with extremely moderate levels of rainfall by no means puts a damper on your perfect getaway. With the exception of a few nights in June and July, evenings are rather warm and are a tad warmer during summers but with much lower humidity than at the mainland.