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Updated by Joanna James on Sep 28, 2019
Headline for Best things you can buy in Souk Waqif Doha – Things that should be among your purchases
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Best things you can buy in Souk Waqif Doha – Things that should be among your purchases

With an eclectic mix of items, Souk Waqif continues to be the showpiece of Qatar’s culture and tradition. From handcrafts to souvenirs, here’s a list of things you can buy in Souk Waqif.


Arabian Coffee Pots

Ever wondered where you could buy those charming coffee pots that you’ve seen in luxury hotels in Doha? Well, if you make your way to Souk Waqif, there are stores full of these cute little coffee pots that would also serve as mementoes of your Mediterranean tour. These traditional coffee pots have been an essential part of Arabian households for centuries – when offered coffee in one of these pots, it usually means to mark the first arrival of a guest, and on some occasions, it marks the end of the guest visit.


Shawls and Pashminas

A characteristic feature of traditional Qatar outfit, shawls and pashminas cost you next to nothing in Souk Waqif. These colourful, handy garments are favourites among locals, and you can buy these in bulk, and make it an unusual gift to your family and friends.


Magic Lipstick

These lipsticks come in many colours – though only in the outer appearance –when it’s worn on the lips, it turns red. Whichever colour you choose to buy it makes no difference, and you can find these at almost every store in Souk Waqif.


Coffee Cones

Fan of coffee? Anyone? How would you like to enjoy the flavour of your favourite beverage in the form of biscuits? Coffee cones are a very recent addition to the Arabian dainties and are primarily meant to be consumed along with Arabian coffee. Outside of the cone is made of biscuits while inside is filled with chocolate. If you’d like, you could pour coffee into the cone and enjoy, and by the end of it, you could eat the cone that’s flavoured and softened by hot coffee.


Saffron Cotton Candy

How would you like to add some novelty to your pink and blue cotton candy craving? At Souk Waqif, you can find something unique in your niche of cotton candy, which is saffron flavoured cotton candy. Originated in Iran, these cotton candies are available at any store in the souk, and for the fans of vanilla flavour, there’s vanilla flavoured white cotton candy.



Even if you do not need spices, at the sight of sacks full of colourful spices, you’ll be tempted to buy a few samples. The array of spices found in Souk Waqif is comprised of cinnamon, chillies, cardamom and cumin. Aside from its use for cooking, you can also gift wrap these spices and gift them to your family and friends – once unwrapped, the scent of these spices will take your mind back to the time spent in Qatar, and your dining experience at Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara.



The classic Arabian fruit dates are prevalent all over Qatar, and can be easily found in Souk Waqif. The intrinsic feature of Ramadan festival, dates are usually eaten as a starter in the evening at the conclusion of the fasting period of the day. Stuffed with minerals, dates are known to raise energy levels and are the provider of many health benefits.