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You can read this more about software project as given below

What is Software Project Management? - Definition – Shiv1367

Software project management refers to the branch of project managers dedicated to the planning, scheduling, resource allocation, execution, tracking.

What is TCP(Transmission Control Protocol)-Definition – Shiv1367

internet is consist of one or more host. when we share information on the internet the network automatically sends the data to others hosts by TCP And UDP

N-map: the Network Mapper - Free Security Scanner – Shiv1367

n-map means the network or net map. It allows the all secured process of Net on the Internet.that's secured the whole net through n-map security tool..

What is IoT Internet of Things? - Definition – Shiv1367

IOT is the internet of things. That referred to the wireless and wired network used to smart things such a sensor, camera, etc.

What is a Computer Network? Definition – Shiv1367

The Network is a set of Interconnected Devices. By that way, we share information like text, video, audio through the network.

What is AI (artificial intelligence)? - Definition – Shiv1367

AI is an Artificial Intelligence that's making possible all the human thought to developing one beautiful machine.So It makes more interesting

What is machine learning (ML)? - Definition – Shiv1367

machine learning is a way of AI (Artificial Intelligence). It's a technique to send human information to the machine by programming

What Is WordPress? Explained for Beginners – Shiv1367

Wordpress is helpful to you to develop a website for business or making online money. Because of there has so many plugins available.

What is Hacking And How To Protect Yourself – Shiv1367

Hacking is an unsecured process oR access. By this, the hacker may have taken advantages to access those unsecured data by using own strategy.

Domain Name Registration: Register your domain name – Shiv1367

The domain is represented the web data online. we can say It is the IP address of a particular website.But It is in character format like