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Updated by Nick Kellet on Nov 13, 2015
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SEO Posts for Listly

Shocking Black & White Truths About Google's Penguins & Pandas | A blog about lists, content curation, and cr...

The SEO world is buzzing on the tactics and strategies on Penguin / Panda. It's Black and White. It's not random. Google is poking fun at Black Hat SEO. As a Content Marketing Tool | Social Media Today co-founder Nick Kellet maintains that list making is universal.  After all, Moses came down from the mountain with a list of fundamental laws, Don Giovanni kept a list of his amorous conquests, and a list of last-minute shopping items are often thrust into my hand on Saturday mornings.

Put On Your Web Marketing To Do List | The Intergage blog

Web Marketing Specialist Roan Fair gives an overview on and why it should be a part of your online marketing strategy.

New Google Search: Socially Smarter via FB, Twitter, G+ , LI etc | via @nickkellet

Google's search enginge team will continue to evolve and refine their algorithms. They always will. That's the Search Business /SEO Guru Dance. Every move has a counter move. It's a game that never ends.

10 Reasons Why Your List Posts should be using Listly - A Listly List

Listly List - 10 Reasons Why Your List Posts should be using Listly - Awesome Crowdsourced Content = Awesome Crowdsourced SEO, List Curation - Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, Are you Unlistening? Are you Ignoring Feedback?, Lists, Metrics & Gamification - Feedback Makes Better Lists, List & Collections : Open Platforms/Markets vs Proprietary Feature, Creating / Curating Collections: Interactive & Evolving Trumps Linear & Fixed, Community - Lists form Communities, you'll never List Alone, again, 10 Reason You’ll Love Lists and Lists Posts for Your Blog and Custo..., Introduction: The Nine (Not Eight) Wonders of Lists, Rethinking Content Creation in the Age of Collaborative Consumption, The Reading & Writing Continuum, and Beliefs – Engagement Shift: The Battle for the Inside of the Post

List posts: Why people love and hate Lists. Curation Tips for List ...

This is a work in progress. I've curated a lot of posts and research in Lists Posts. I want to add to it, but figured it's better to share than not My active r