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A simple "App Based"; ready-to-go record transportation solution that connects the patient, clinician & EMR.

Sync.MD Pro | Personal Health Records & Control

SyncMD is a patient centric solution that seamlessly connects doctors and their patients. Providing patients a portable personal health record solution that is universally compatible with any electronic health record (EHR) system.

IT Barriers to Overcome in Healthcare

A few weeks ago, an article published by MobiHealth News online, discussed the barriers health care IT innovators are facing from reimbursement issues, funding to healthcare leaders second guessing technology-led innovators.

Improve Your Quality of Life With Healthy Habits

Health is not just about maintaining physical appearance. Rather, it is about training your mind and body to become adept at committing to a routine, be it as simple as waking up early or as strenuous as exercising. A lot of apps have been developed to improve a person’s health with health trackers. 

Functions That All EHR Apps Should Have by Sync MD

Health apps have become a growing niche in the app market, comprising around 6% of all available apps in major app stores. On the Google Play Store alone, there are more than 40,000. And these are just the purely medicine-related apps, not the ones that are also categorized in Health & Fitness.

How The Smartphone became the Cornerstone of Daily Life

Smartphones have helped make our life convenient. Click here to see how the smartphone has become our go-to gadget for work, play and emergency response.

How Apps Can Improve Healthcare

Technology has certainly improved the way we live our lives. And there's no better example of this improvement than the apps on our smartphones.

Response to Article “Adopting AI in Healthcare”

The IT industry has yet to begin to comprehend let alone partner with clinicians. Health insurers had the same problem and seem to have learned from that. Those that do so and learn to do it early will reap rewards. Those who continue to build tech that burdens docs will find themselves out in the cold. Healthcare is about doctors and patients.

Your Smartphone Can Help You With Your Insomnia

Do you have difficulties sleeping at night? Do you lie awake in your bed staring at the ceiling, counting sheep? Do you find it hard to take a short nap during the day, even if you are very exhausted? You might be diagnosed with insomnia.

Sync.MD Pro | Personal Health Records & Control

A simple "App Based"; ready-to-go record transportation solution that connects the patient, clinician & EMR.

The Good the Bad and the Brand-new: How Technology Changed Patient Treatment | Sync.MD Pro

Medical technology has come a long way, from the dissection-based anatomy lessons in the Middle Ages to the advanced, 3D-enabled surgery simulators of today. Innovations like prosthetic limbs, VR treatment and EHR platforms have made significant alterations to the medical landscape. Patient care too, has changed, and the changing electronic medium of medicine has facilitated both positive and negative effects on patient treatment.

The paper record system by many hospitals today is not quite as efficient as it seems. How can electronic systems make them more effective at healthcare?

Leaders Who Are Also Physicians | Sync.MD Pro

I couldn’t agree more with Dr. Khullar, author of the New York Times article, “Good Leaders Make Good Doctors”

Common Patient Complaints and How to Solve Them

The medical industry has a singular goal: to cater and provide quality care for as many people as much as possible. However, there is a downside to that goal, often causing patients to be thrown in a situation of unease. Through the years, the industry came up with various solutions to ease the problems that raised patient complaints. EHRs or patient record management software was established, and apps were created to assist special patients. However, it still didn’t solve the majority of the complaints.

Technology in Healthcare: A History

With 2020 bringing new possibilities for the future of healthcare technology, it’s good to look back on the things that researchers, scientists and medical practitioners have accomplished across the span of human history. Ever since tribes of ancient humanoids discovered that washing animal wounds can prevent infection, healthcare has been an integral part in human society.

An Age of Portability

The historic monuments of the Classical Era—The Pyramids of Giza, the Acropolis of Athens, the Angkor Wat of Cambodia—are known for their vast size and magnitude, the persistent remnants of antiquity towering over people in the modern-day. While huge structures like the Burj Khalifa are still being conceived, the more relevant historical contributions of this era in human development are not gigantic testaments or buildings.

How to Slowly Ease Burdens as a Physician – Healthcare Technology Updates

Doctors are not just dealing with patients all day long. People usually expect doctors to be busy meeting people all day long, when in fact, they are dealt with various other things that people outside the industry of medical care cannot comprehend.

The Secret That Most of Your Patients Don’t Tell You

Patients sometimes overlook the effects of their actions in their overall health. They always seem to depend on the best doctor, the most expensive care or the best technology to treat them when they get sick.

Replacing the Line With a Tap and Becoming Health-conscious

The best way to maintain the relationships between the doctor and patients is to create a convenient bridge.

Mistakes in the Machine: Critiques of the Electronic Health Record | Sync.MD Pro

Electronic health records are useful tools in the field of medicine, but they are not without their own issues. Click here to learn more.

What Can You Do After Being Diagnosed With Cancer? - Sync MD - Medium

There are two phrases in the world that can change a person’s life completely: 1.) “I do” and 2.) “You have cancer”. Each phrase elicits a different and quite opposite reaction, but while the acceptance of love and and the possibility of death are two different things, they don’t have to be regarded differently.

Educational Luxury Travel Adventure by Doctors for Doctors

Compatibility isn’t just important in a loving relationship. Even for electronic health records (EHR), medical apps are in need of good compatibility.

What's New for Medical Technology? Predictions for Healthcare Innovation in 2020 | Sync.MD Pro

2020 is upon us, a new decade of countless possibilities. From social progress to environmental concerns, the 2010’s were a time of change, and we predict that more change will come in the following years. With the advancements in medical technology in the 2010’s, the future of healthcare innovation in 2020 and beyond is looking quite bright.

Improving EHRs | Sync.MD Pro

Electronic health record software has helped hospitals streamline their data and bill physician work properly. However, EHRs have their own host of issues, issues that can be addressed and solved by new technology. Here's how.