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Top Retail Outsourcing Companies in India | YRC

Reading Time: 4 Minutes 50 Seconds What is outsourcing in retail? Starting from business ideas to check-out technologies, the global retail industry has

A Global Chemical Industry Leader opens first-ever "Direct-to-consumer" retail store in India | YRC

Aditya Birla Grasim industry is the crown jewel of the Aditya Birla Group (ABG), which is a huge industrial conglomerate with a total turnover of US $ 48.3

Writing a Standard Operating Procedure for Marketing -- YourRetailCoach | PRLog

Writing a Standard Operating Procedure for Marketing. Humans are creatures of habit and good habits require carefully designed systems. SOPs are those carefully designed systems that will inculcate good habits into your people and help in streamlining your processes. - PR12786914

SOP for Quick Service Restaurants -- YourRetailCoach | PRLog

SOP for Quick Service Restaurants. QSR is another name for what we commonly know as fast-food restaurants and it stands for Quick Service Restaurants. - PR12786920

What do you get in our Digital Marketing SOP KIT -- YourRetailCoach | PRLog

What do you get in our Digital Marketing SOP KIT. #1. Content Writers Work Sheet Multiple content writers working on varied topics make synchronizing the tasks difficult. This worksheet will help in achieving this synchronization. #2. - PR12787191

SOP - A Systematic Approach to the Retail Business -- YourRetailCoach | PRLog

SOP - A Systematic Approach to the Retail Business. SOPs (standard operating procedures) have become an indispensable tool in the management of a Retail enterprise in order to execute various business functions smoothly. - PR12788623

Take Your Business to the Next Level with SOPs -- YourRetailCoach | PRLog

Take Your Business to the Next Level with SOPs. Competition in the e-commerce system is rife. So is the potential for growth. Statista estimates e-commerce retail sales will grow from USD 1.3 trillion to USD 4.9 trillion from 2014 to 2021. - PR12788626

Organize your Business the Standard Operating Procedure Way -- YourRetailCoach | PRLog

Organize your Business the Standard Operating Procedure Way. The efficiency of any business depends upon the way it organizes itself. A standard operating procedure(SOP) is the best way to organize your business. - PR12788950

Challenges Faced by Restaurants and QSR Industry by Your RetailCoach

About Restaurant / QSR IndustryServicing the millennial customer is a big challenge for the restaurant and the QSR industry in this digital age. Employing SOPs and expanding into digital channels can ...

Types of Expansion modes - YourRetailCoach -- YourRetailCoach | PRLog

Types of Expansion modes - YourRetailCoach. In order to be successful in the franchise business model, you need to devise a comprehensive expansion strategy. - PR12791861

Looking to franchise your business? First, become franchise ready -- YourRetailCoach | PRLog

Looking to franchise your business? First, become franchise ready. Franchising is one of the most powerful ways to expand your small or medium business. But while taking the decision of becoming a franchisor, you should ensure that you protect your brand. - PR12791866

This Biggest Clothing Brand of India is Banking on Customization and Transforming the Market of Custom-tailored Clothing

Raymond group started its operations in 1925. It is one of the pioneers in apparel manufacturing sector. Raymond has around 1100 stores and 20000 POS in India and across the globe. It has…

How can I start an E-commerce business in India? - Rupal - Medium

Building a strong e-commerce brand is majorly about enhancing customer experience. Building a loyal audience that connects with you on a personal level for your online business is essential. Here…

Best country for Ecommerce Outsourcing and why? | e-Market Trends

If you’re an entrepreneur, you must be akin to wearing ten different hats at work. Whether it’s managing the marketing campaign, recruiting a team or even accounting, you must have done it all, at least at the beginning.

How Digital Marketing can help to Grow Supermarket Business? - WhaTech

The use of technology in almost every aspect of human life has changed the way we live our life. The same is the case with shopping.

How Digital Marketing can Increase the Revenues of Online Grocery Business

If we think about businesses that experienced a tremendous increase in demand during the Covid-19 crisis, the first thing which comes to our mind is the online grocery business.

Franchising May Help Businesses Overcome the COVID Slowdown | YRC

Franchising helps small businesses reach out to new and bigger markets and improve their visibility and profitability.

How Grocery Stores can Increase their Revenues by Offering Home Delivery Services

One big change the on-going lockdown has brought about is that more people are shopping for groceries online.

Tips, Techniques, and Practices to Increase Retail Sales | YRC

As follow up to the article on how to increase retail sales, in this article we will discuss six more ways to excel in retail sales. The ways and means described below are time-tested and have yielded results when planned and implemented right.

How to Start Online Grocery Business?

Reading Time: About 8 minutes Gone are the days when going out to buy groceries was the one of an importing outing a working-class family used to have. With the evolution of technology and its use in almost every single aspect of life, we are able to avoid long queues, save a lot of time and effort

Must-do things for e-Startups

The year 2020 has already secured a prominent place in the history of mankind. Maybe b-schools or experts from the eCommerce business consulting industry around the world will preach the case studies of big and small businesses that survived and grew exponentially after 2020.

Ways to Start and Grow E‐grocery Business - WhaTech

Online grocery stores are one of the fastest-growing businesses throughout the globe. The main reason behind this is the increasing preference for online purchases by the customers.

How Retail can Adopt Digital Transformation | YRC

Digital transformation is when businesses choose to adopt 'digital' ways of existing and operating as distinguished from anything else.

Use of Retail Automation Solutions in Post Lockdown World | YRC

Use of retail automation solutions in post lockdown world, Automated in-store shopping, future of drone delivery, use of AI, Unmanned Robot Deliveries.

What you Should Look for Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency? | YRC

Using digital marketing for business brings an important question with itself - should it be done in-house or should businesses outsource digital marketing.