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Life Insurance Policy Questions

Here's a list of common questions and answers about life insurance policies


Life Insurance Policy Questions

Life Insurance Policy Questions - Frequently asked questions and answers about life insurance policies.

Term Life Insurance FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions Review our Term Life Insurance FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions about life insurance. How many life insurance policies can you have? Find out if you can own more than one life insurance policy, and how it works. What types of term life insurance policies are available?

Can You Buy Life Insurance on Anyone

No, you can't just go and buy life insurance on any person you want. Life insurance companies require that there be an "Insurable Interest" between the person to be insured and the person buying the life insurance policy.

How Many Life Insurance Policies Can You Have?

Find out how many life insurance policies you can own and why.

Can You Buy Burial Insurance on Someone Else

Yes, you can buy a burial policy on another person if you have an insurable interest in the person you want to insure. If so, you may be able to apply for burial life insurance online today.

Save Money Life Insurance Policy

Life Insurance Policy Do you want to learn how you can save money on your life insurance policy? If so, we have several tips for you that can help. These tips are easy to understand, and anyone can use them to save some money when buying their life insurance policy.

Life Insurance Policy Exclusions

An exclusion provision in a life insurance policy indicates what is not covered, or denied coverage. Exclusions for a life insurance policy state what causes of death will not be covered by your life insurance, meaning there will be no death benefit paid out to your beneficiary if you die as a result of a cause of death which is excluded in your policy.

Who can you insure for life insurance?

If you're considering buying life insurance you may be wondering - Who can you insure for life insurance? Can you obtain a life insurance policy on some one other than your spouse or child? Yes, you may be able to buy life insurance on a person who is not your spouse or child.

What is Insurable Interest | Life Insurance Beneficiary Insurable Interest

What is Insurable Interest? Insurable Interest is the expectation of a monetary loss that can be covered by insurance. What is an Insurable Interest as it relates to a Life Insurance Policy? When you buy a life insurance policy on someone else there must be an insurable interest between you and the person being insured on the life insurance policy.

Have you been turned down for life insurance? If so, you may feel like it is impossible to find life insurance coverage. That's why it's so important to purchase life insurance when you are young and healthy. But, even though you may have been turned down for life insurance, you may still be able to qualify for a life insurance policy.

Get Life Insurance Quotes from "A+" Rated Insurers Instantly. Shop and Compare Term Life Quotes with No Obligation. Get Your Quotes Now.

What Life Insurance Term Should I Get? How to Decide on the Right Duration of Term Life Insurance Coverage.

How Life Insurance Helps - Learn How a Life Insurance Policy Can Help Protect Your Loved Ones.

When Term Life Insurance Expires? Learn About Your Options When a Term Life Insurance Policy Ends.

Should I Buy Whole Life Insurance or Term?

Should I Buy Whole Life Insurance or Term? Learn about the Advantages of Term Life Insurance vs Whole Life.

Can I Buy a $20,000 Life Insurance Policy?

Can I Buy a $20,000 Life Insurance Policy? Compare Options for $20,000 of Affordable Life Insurance Coverage.

What to Look for When Buying Life Insurance? Tips on Purchasing a Life Insurance Policy.

When is a Good Time to Buy Life Insurance? Tips on Buying Life Insurance Plans and the Right Time to Get Insured.

Life Insurance Policy without Medical Questions

Life Insurance Policy without Medical Questions. How to Get Insured for Life Insurance without Answering any Questions About Your Health.

What is Life Insurance Grace Period? Learn about Grace Periods for Life Insurance Policies and How they Work.

How Life Insurance Works After Death

How Life Insurance Works After Death. Find Out What to Do to Prepare for Your Beneficiaries Receiving the Proceeds from Your Life Insurance Policy.