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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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Things You Need to Do in Your Hotel Room - As soon as you step in!

You might want to just kick off your shoes and jump into the bed once you’ve reached the hotel room after travelling long hours, but here are a few things you must do once you enter the space.


Check for bed bugs

The moment you walk into the hotel room, take a look at your mattress, the bedframe, the wall behind it, and the headboard. Keep an eye out for the small brown stains as these are the tell-tale signs of these bugs. Make sure you check under the mattress and the sheets too. This might not be a huge worry if you are staying at the high end or 3 star hotels in London the likes of Berjaya Eden Park London Hotel. On the other hand, if you chose the budget hotels near Kensington Palace, then checking the mattress is a better idea.


Sanitize the Room

Just because the room looks clean at a glance does not necessarily mean it is. If you are extra careful about bacteria and germs, you can sleep better if you wipe down the places that are commonly used in a room before you settle in. These places would be doorknobs, night switches, and the remotes. You don't have to overthink the cleaning; all you need is a piece of cloth or tissue and some alcohol or hand sanitizer.


Check the hiding spots

You do trust the place you booked your accommodation at, but you are still a stranger in a foreign country, so it is better to not let your guard down as soon as you walk into your hotel room. Check the best hiding spots in the room, like the closet, under the bed, and the shower. You are not looking just for hidden cameras; you could also be looking for things that you do not want in your room or even items like dead rats that could stink up the whole place if left unnoticed.


Check the temperature controls

The temperature might be pleasant once you walk in, especially if you are walking into a cold room after a warm journey outside. It's best to check if the temperature controls in the room work before you unpack. If it gets too cold and the controls don't really make a difference to keep you warm in the night you will have some trouble sleeping tight.


Do not use the comforter

This might seem like odd advice but when you think about it how often do they really wash the comforter? Sheets and pillowcases are pretty easy to wash but when it comes to the heavier bed items, not so much. Some hotels do not wash the comforters unless it gets really stained and needs to be washed before it can be placed in front of a guest. This might not apply to all hotels and you wouldn't have to worry about this if you are staying at a luxury hotel or a reputed one but it is always better to know this beforehand if you are someone who is very extra about cleanliness.