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Updated by Joanna James on Sep 26, 2019
Headline for Surprising Things Everyone Needs To Do As Soon As They Enter Their Hotel Room - The checklist
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Surprising Things Everyone Needs To Do As Soon As They Enter Their Hotel Room - The checklist

To make your stay in any hotel Room comfortable there are a few things you must do as soon as you enter. These things are listed below.


Air the Room out

Hotel rooms are usually cleaned just the morning before you check in on Maybe a couple of days before that but once they are cleaned, they are usually kept shut until the guest arrives. Therefore, you might be greeted with a strong smell of the solutions that were used to clean the room and the bathroom before you came. The 1st thing you must do as soon as you check-in is open windows or the sliding doors to the balcony and let some air into the room so that the smell disappears and does not make you nauseous. If you are at a Seychelles hotel suite then you will probably have a room overlooking the beach which means airing out your room would also give you a nice cool breeze especially if you are put up at Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino.


Bacteria Lookout

When you enter a hotel suite in Mahe, you do not have to worry about germs on things if it is a high-end hotel but to be on the safe side and if you are someone who gets icky very fast about objects that have been used by others before you, take a piece of tissue, put some hand sanitizer on it and wipe down the most commonly used items in the room that you can think of. These items are good could the TV remote, the air conditioner remote, the switches, and the countertops. Also, make sure to pull up the sheet and check the mattress for any bed bugs before you jump into it and get cosy.


Create the ambience

Home away from home is something every hotel aspires to do while you stay there, but they really don't know what your home smells or feels like. So, create the ambience with the other senses that are not connected to looking at something; you could always spray a bit of your favourite perfume or toner around your bed and other areas to make it feel like you are back in your room at home.


Learn how to use to safe

You do get a key to your hotel room and obviously trusted the place, or you wouldn't have booked accommodation, there but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Thus, if your hotel room has provided a safe inside the cupboard, learn how to use it and store your valuables inside of it when you go out exploring during the day.


Remove the comforter

This might come as a surprise to you but if you really think about it this is quite an obvious thought. The sheets on your bed will be changed often but washing a comforter is not something that most hotels do on a regular basis. Unless you know for sure that your hotel has this practice, it is always better to remove the comforter and used the bed just as it is.