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Types of hair used for extension making purpose - PSY Hair Story

Types of hair used for extension making purpose - PSY Hair Story

Hair extension and hair beauty products are often considered as highly alluring products in the lifestyle market. Admired by women across the world these products are found in a wide variety of texture, colour, hair types and natural colour that are obtained from the start.

It is important to know the types of hair used for extension making purpose as they would be the stimuli for pricing of the product. There are basically two types of hair used for hair extension making.

· Natural Human Hair
· Synthetic Hair

Natural Human Hair are those hair products which are directly obtained from the hair cut of women. Women donate their hair either for religious purpose or to reduce the weight of the hair on the head. There are many kind of natural hair extensions found in the lifestyle and hair fashion market. Several of the most common and appreciated Natural Hair are Indian Hair, Brazilian Hair, Peruvian Hair, Chinese Hair, Philippines Hair and Malaysian Hair. These hair are considered to be the most used and appreciated by celebrities the most because of the quality, texture, grade that can be improved as well as having a better shining and glossy appeal.

The other kind of hair used for extension making purpose is Synthetic or Artificially made hair extensions. These hair extensions are made up of plastic materials especially Nylon. And they are quite a lot of different than that of a Natural Hair Extensions. In terms of quality of the hair, grade of the product and Synthetic Hair Extensions generally have a dull look as it does not give any shine or glossy appeal to the viewer than what Extensions made from Natural Hair provides a glossy and shining appeal.

PSY Hair Story has always been center focused in providing customers the quality hair extensions they needed. Manufacturing high grade human hair extensions is what we work to provide our customers who are always on the look of the hair extensions that would give them appeal of a classy chick look admired by friends and loved ones.

Our wide range of Natural Hair Extensions such as Indian Hair Extensions are made from the fines quality of hair donated by Indian Women. We make sure that these hair are braided properly not damaging the quality of the hair.

Form our Brazilian Hair Extensions we make sure that the thickness of the hair is well maintained. These hair has been regarded best for the thickness that they offer to the user. Along with the thickness Brazilian hair are often considered to be the first choice of most celebrities because of their texture and the light weight of the hair. Even though it provides more voluminous locks on your head they are generally light in weight.

Hair plays one of the most important part in the beauty of the women and PSY Hair Story acknowledges the beauty of the women can only be improved if she is having the correct hair style on their head. We constantly focus our work in providing you quality high grade hair extension. The right set of hair extensions that are best suited for your needs giving you a longer as well as voluminous locks on your head.

If you are interested in knowing more about us and our wide range of hair extension products feel free to reach us at PSY Hair Story or by sending us an E-Mail at and we would revert back to you with our product portfolio best fit for you.


Where to avail good quality hair extensions in online ? - PSY Hair Story

Where to avail good quality hair extensions in online ? - PSY Hair Story

Hair Extensions are a solution for women to avail longer and voluminous hair locks quickly on their head. This demand has been increasing in the past few years as consumers are now having the purchasing power in their hand and that the number of competitor in the market of this product too has been growing. Availing Hair Extension is now easy as you can get in high profile saloon, spas or lifestyle/beauty shops near your locality As with the number of competitors increasing in the market it is also important for you to also know which hair extension brand is best fit for you.

PSY Hair Story has been catering to deliver the needs of customers in the lifestyle market who are in search of hair extensions that would provide longer as well as voluminous hair locks on their head. We manufacture hair extensions made from Natural Human Hair such as Indian Human Hair, Brazilian Human Hair, Chinese Human Hair, Philippines Human Hair and Malaysian Human Hair. These hair are widely acknowledged to be the best Human Hair in terms of the quality but also because of the texture, gradient, colours, and the durability of it.

Why PSY Hair Story?

Hair is important to every women, it withholds her status in the among her society and makes her look beautiful. Thus, we seek to implore more into what more women want for their hair. As the desire for more better looking hair extensions are needed for various occasion such as for an event, matrimonial purpose, ceremonies, reception, official meetings and so on. We provide women the right set of hair extensions that would be best suited for that occasion.

Our products are made from 100% Natural Human Hair. Quality of a hair extensions is ensured is not compromised but also make sure that together with the quality as well as the gradient of the hair for a better and premium feeling, we make sure that the right hair colour is implied on to the hair that would give you the look and beauty you ever wanted.

Our Products.

From our collection you can avail:-

  1. Clip-In Hair Extensions – Also known as Temporary hair extensions these products can only be used for a particular period of time of the day. From PSY Hair Story Clip-In Hair Extensions, you can customise the hair style easily as it is a matter of minutes for your hair to be installed properly onto your head. Our Clip-In Hair Extensions are dyed with the hues that would blend perfectly with your hair that would add length, volume and bring about a change in your look as well as style.

  2. Ponytail Hair Extensions – Ponytail hair extensions add the chick style more onto your head as opposed to other hair extensions. PSY Hair Story provides customers Ponytail Hair Extensions with lengths of 18 Inches and 20 Inches made completely of Natural Human Hair. We add the hues to the hair that would give a natural glossy look that would fade away. Shine that would make your status be appraised by the society.

  3. U-Tip/ I-Tip Hair Extensions – These hair extensions are also known to be permanent hair extensions as they can be used thoroughly for a period of 6-8 months. These are the most versatile and stylish form of hair extensions providing you a glamorous appeal. PSY Hair Story U-Tip Hair Extensions have a nail like end that when heated and wrapped around your hair remains attached for a longer duration of time.

Hair is one of the most important thing for a woman as it makes them look more beautiful as well as it gives them a matured appearance. PSY Hair Story acknowledges their need for a hair that would help them gain more length as well as volume onto their head. We provide hair made out of Natural Human Hair dyed with natural colour so that it would not fade away and would retain its glossy appearance to you. This would give you a more alluring as well as star quality look. Improving your personal status in the society.

You can visit PSY Hair Story to know more about our wide range of hair extension products or send us an E-Mail at or at and we would revert back to you the product portfolio best suited for your needs.


Things you need to know about Tape-In Hair Extensions. - PSY Hair Story

Things you need to know about Tape-In Hair Extensions. - PSY Hair Story

After watching Hollywood movies you might come across in your mind that celebrities often get more than what normal woman don’t possess which makes them look more beautiful and glamorous than usual. You might also know the answer that these women yes do apply hair extensions on their head. But which hair extensions do they mostly use.

In the world of beauty and glamour, most of the hair extensions used are made up of Natural Human Hair. These hair are donated from the hair cut of woman either for religious purposes or for a new style they are looking for. As well as Natural Human Hair often provides a much better thickness and volume on the head than that of hair extensions made from other materials.

So which hair extensions is used the most by these celebrities as well as which of these hair extensions would be best suited for you? There are a variants of different hair extensions such as Clip-In Hair Extensions, Tape-In Hair Extensions, Weave Hair Extensions, U-Tip/I-Tip Hair Extensions and many more.

Tape-In Hair Extensions have been used most of the times by high profile celebrities. This is mainly because of the thickness and more volume it gives as well as the durability is much better than that of Clip-In Hair Extensions. Attaining more hair on the head often makes a woman look more matured which Tape-In hair Extensions do help provide this benefit.

• Tape-In Hair Extensions are made of a tape in which a special adhesive is applied onto it. These tapes can be double sided or single sided where the adhesive would be applied and then the wefts would be made stick to it. Which would then be made attach onto the natural hair.

• For Tape-In Hair Extensions, the wefts used for making are made up of Natural Human Hair basically from Indian and Brazilian Hair due to their grade, texture thus the longevity of the product is also for a longer period of time.

• Tape-In Hair Extensions are easy to maintain. As against the Clip-In hair Extensions which one has to remove the hair extension once the purpose is done. Moreover Tape-In Hair Extensions are lightweight as opposed to Clip-In Hair Extensions.

Why PSY Hair Story?

• With multiple competitors present in the online and offline market, PSY Hair Story provides customers hair extensions made exclusively from Human Hair. Thus offering you hair extensions of high and proper grade hair products.

• While processing the hair, we make sure that the quality of the hair is not compromised. While cleaning the hair, the grade of the hair and the texture of it is well maintained so that our customers do attain the natural and a high prolific status when worn on top of it.

• Colours play one of the most important thing that makes hair extensions to look more attractive. PSY Hair Story dyes hair extensions with natural colours that would give the hair the glossy and shine appearance that is what attained by high profile celebrities.

Hair is one of the most important part of fashion and lifestyle. Thus having a much improved hair would uphold the status on women in the society. That is why we ensure that the hair extensions made by PSY Hair Story are of high quality and durability that would last for a longer period of time.

You can know more about us at PSY Hair Story or send us an e-mail at or at And we would revert back to you with our product portfolios that would be best suited for you and your occasional needs.


Attaining Model worthy hair extensions - PSY Hair Story

Attaining Model worthy hair extensions - PSY Hair Story

What makes woman to attain Model worthy Hair Extensions. We all know of the fact that when hair styles that models apply on their head makes them look bold and gorgeous, it also makes the viewers say “Yes, I do want a hair style just like theirs”. Why? Because we all feel that we will be able to attain certain social status amongst our friends, colleagues and peer ones.
Hair Extensions worn by model for a photo shoot, for film shooting are often meticulous. Giving them the stylish, classy and sassy chic look on them. So what type Hair Extensions do they use the most? Lets have a sneak look.

• Clip-In Hair Extensions – When models have to go for a movie shoot and if the scene requires her to have a longer hair locks for certain scenes of the day then they apply Clip-In Hair Extensions on their head. Such hair extensions are easy to apply and easy remove as the Clips are attached with the hair strands have to be clipped onto the roots of the natural hair. It takes a mere time of ten minutes to be installed properly on their head.

• Tape-In Hair Extensions – Such hair extensions are worn by woman mostly when they need more hair thickness on their head. These hair extensions can be used for longer hours than that of Clip-In Hair Extensions as they are light weight and usually provide more hair volume on the head. Clip-In are usually at times heavy when it comes in terms for a long hours use.

• Fusion Hair Extensions – These are hair extensions not only used by models but also most celeb stars and other high profile people. These hair extensions are made mostly by Natural Human Hair and that it can be used for a much longer period of time. Thus also referred to as Permanent Hair Extensions. However, for the application of such hair extensions one needs to have a professional hair stylist who knows how to apply it on their head.

Why PSY Hair Story?

• We acknowledge the beauty of every woman and firmly stand by that the beauty of a woman is best attained only when the hair is well decorated that gives a fine look.
• We manufacture hair extensions mainly from Natural Human Hair as the quality and texture that one receives from such hair is much better than that of Synthetic Hair Extensions.
• When we manufacture hair extensions, we ensure that the quality of the hair is not damaged. From our processing we further enhance the strength of the hair strand. Chemically treating it to be clean and free from dirt as well as we make sure that it is given a much better shine appearance than before. Thus making sure that the build quality of Natural Human Hair Extensions surpasses all the hair extensions made by leading manufactures in the hair extensions market.

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meaning. There are many competitive brands selling top quality hair extensions
to customers in the market. They claim as to why their product is best or fit
for their requirement. But all it comes down to both quality as well as
durability of the product.

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Can I dye my human hair extensions? – PSY Hair Story

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PSY Hair Story — What are some long lasting hair extensions? - PSY...

In the hair style market, there are many hair extensions where
shopkeepers claim that these hair extensions are long lasting. However that is
not true at all. The durability of the hair extensions depends not only on the
quality of the Hair Extensions but also how you take care of it. Maintaining
the hair extensions is one of the most important thing that matters the most.