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Top 8 Amazing Things to do in Xi’an – A wonderful surprise

Xi’an holds a tremendously important stance in China’s rich history and culture. If you are expecting your visit to Xi’an being abundant with simply museums and historical sites, buckle-up because you are about to have your mind blown with this article on planning a fun-filled visit to Xi’an!


Meet the Terracotta Army and build your own!

One of the most famous attractions in China is the ‘Terracotta Warriors’ in Xi’an. They are a remarkable sight to witness in their shape, size, forms and even the surreal expressions- the perfect craftwork! What is beyond intriguing is to imagine them being around since 221 B.C. For a fun twist to your visit to the Qin Shi Huang Museum, maybe visit one of the many workshops around the museum and get your hands dirty with some local clay to craft your own terracotta warriors! Located in close proximity to an array of Xi’an accommodation options the likes of Citadines Xingqing Palace Xi’an, this attraction dare not be missed.


Face the dangerous Mount Huashan

The adrenaline, nausea due to elevation, sweat and possibly some intense cardio workout is inevitable with the Mount Huashan hike, but you will love the spectacular views from the top! Known as one of the most dangerous hikes in China, Huashan has 5 peaks with the highest South Peak being 2155 meters above sea level. As you can probably see, it doesn’t exactly sound like a walk in the park, but it surely is well-worth an expedition!


Take a ride at the Xi’an Wall

The Xi’an town is surrounded by a massive wall which in itself is a noteworthy construction that has been well preserved considering the time factor. What beats a walk to the top of this spectacular structure is definitely a bicycle ride at the top of the wall learning in the process the fascinating story of Ming and Tang dynasties.


Learn some Chinese Caligraphy

A bold choice of an adventure is a visit to the Tang Bo Art Museum to get a taste of Chinese painting culture and perhaps learn some calligraphy as well. The best thing about the museum tours is that not only will you be able to experience their time-old culture and gather loads of information, but you can also have heaps of fun trying your hand at their intricate arts at the same time!


Visit the Shaanxi History Museum

Xi’an has been an important destination of the ancient ‘Silk Route’- the commercial, cultural and social marvel of history connecting Europe to the Orient- it is not shocking to see the Shaanxi History Museum complete with a range of historical artefacts from the era along with a fascinating collection of other limitless monuments such as murals from emperor’s tombs, paintings, artefacts and the like.


Enjoy Xi’an’s luxury food culture

It is not only astounding to enjoy the cuisine of whichever country you are travelling through. But what tops the experience is a chance to have an extreme makeover mimicking the local traditions and culture. You would be pleased to find an amicable abundance of eateries who are willing to put on a show for you and you would be more than thrilled.


Explore the Yuanjia Village

Despite the level of historical prominence that Xi’an city holds, the city is today, evolved and modernized to an impressive extent. However, should you be looking for a more time-appropriate experience of the Tang dynasty village life, Yuanjia is where you need to be. Complete with its signature tiny houses, cobbled streetways, alleys and the aromas food being cooked over wood fires definitely gives a sense of immediate time-reversal to the good old days.


The Muslim Street

Now, this is a place to visit on an empty stomach for all the amazing concoctions of mouthwatering delicacies that are waiting to be devoured. This street is literally a physical demarcation of the ‘Silk Route’ where you spot a clear Arab influence in the heart of China. The delectable food bud from a brilliant mix of Arabic and Chinese food cultures and make for an exceptional experience that China has to offer.