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Mental Health

Hi, I am William I have created this list for the sharing the right kind of help and information on mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, work-stress etc. People dealing with stress due to, relationship problems, work, marital issues can get self-help with these articles and information. Please share if you like my posts. Thanks



Marriage Counselling | Online Counselling by BetterLYF

Marriage Counselling | Online Counselling by BetterLYF

Marriage counselling can help if you and your partner facing problems like feeling unhappy, exhausted or being in an abusive marriage. A symphonic relationship can improve your life and make for real happiness. Some times these problems, challenges can be solved by own his own but sometimes you need to seek relationship & marriage counselling form the experienced counsellors. BetterLYF online marriage counselling is best for you.

BetterLYF online counselling, online therapy got an innovative approach that can help you understand more about how and why you and your partner fall in these types of problems. BetterLYF counselor help partners, families or individuals to navigate through the complex area of human relationships. It’s not an easy or quick process, but many couples who have put in the work have rediscovered themselves and each other. Know more about BetterLYF online counselling and therapy services Call +919266626435 or Visit the website to know more.

Lust- It's Meaning | Difference Between Love and Lust | How To Deal?

What does lust mean? Intense physical attraction, lust meaning Read love lust and confusion. Strong and involuntary feelings.Know lust meaning in details

Depression Movies That Can Beat The Anxiety and Depression- BetterLYF

To beat the anxiety and depression watching depression movies can help, and it works well. List of depression movie that you can watch to feel better.

Experiencing Grief And Understanding The Five Stages of Grief

Grief meaning, It is a multidimensional emotion a natural response to loss. Understand briefly stages of grief model. emotional experiences like denial

Online Counselling and Therapy By BetterLYF

BetterLYF Offers Online & Phone Counselling for Relationships, Breakups, Marriage, Work Stress, Confidence, Parenting from Leading Psychologists anonymously.

BetterLYF online counselling offers a new option to a person who needs counselling for their problems. Discuss your issues and concerns with a qualified BetterLYF online counselor right now. Click on the link to know more.


Online tharepy by BetterLYF

Online tharepy by BetterLYF

Visual representation of "Therapy helps and how!"

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Each Thought Counts | BetterLYF Emotional Wellness Coach

Each Thought Counts | BetterLYF Emotional Wellness Coach

Each Thought Counts

Transformation Tuesday 🌼

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How Marriage Counseling Work? – Health and Wealth

Marriage is a beautiful beautiful event in human life. Marriage brings two people closer and lets the world know that they are officially one now. Marriage makes two individuals work as a team to live their life happily. Sometimes there come obstacles, things in a marriage that bring some disputes in a relationship. Sometimes a… To read more click on the link


Relationship Counselling | Counselling For Relationship By BetterLYF

Relationship Counselling | Counselling For Relationship By BetterLYF

Relationships are the most important and vital parts of our life. Building A healthy relationship is an art to be learnt and a seed to be nourished. Online Counselling and Therapy for Relationship is quite necessary when you are not able to be in harmony with your present, past or upcoming relationships. Get the counselling from the professional counsellors like BetterLYF online counselling and therapy services provider. BetterLYF counsellors have the minimum Masters in Psychology Degree, necessary training and experience to guide a couple and help them overcome their relationship problems. If you will get the help form quite efficient and expert in the field of counselling and therapy. Know more about relationship counselling services visit the website.


BetterLYF wellness coach

BetterLYF wellness coach

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I am Attracted to my Brother and It Does not feel Wrong - BetterLYF

People as young as 10-12 years old tend to begin exploring their sexuality and learn more about their feelings and bodily responses to touch. learn more about attracted to my brother. Click on the link to read more.

Love Failure Quotes | Break Up Quotes For Broken Heart - BetterLYF

love failure quotes, Break up is hard and its painful no one can deny this truth. love failure quotes with images help you dealing the break up pain. Read

Inspirational Quotes To Keep You Going - From Professional Life Coach

Life is full of ups & downs. When we hit the bottom rock we feel stressed and demotivated. Here are 10 inspirational quotes to keep you going :)

Inspirational Quotes for Depression | Depression Quotes

Depression causes feelings of sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities once enjoyed. With the right kind of help, one can cope with these feelings. Here are some best depression quotes that can help you process this sad feeling.


How Do We Know When To Give Up On A Relationship?

How Do We Know When To Give Up On A Relationship?

Every relationship at some point of the time goes through disputes, fights and finally break up. No matter how much time you spent together. Dealing with relationship problems not so easy. Relationships often fail if you didn’t identify the following problems in early of the time. Here are some signs indicated that your relationship will be failed. Check out.

1. The discussion has become impossible.
You and your partner spend to much time together and barely talk to each other because the issues become so big that discussion can't help you both.

2. Quick to find a fault and to pounce on it.
You and your partner now actively looking mistakes that you made and start don't have time to think about whose fault it was.

3. His or her familiar ways of acting now irritate you.

The things you enjoyed that your partner has now annoying you and make you feel uncomfortable.

4. Verbal abuse has become habitual.
Sweet talking replaced by the abuses and bad words and you can't do anything about this.

5. Always Play The Victim
Your partner did something and when you address his mistake he or she pulls out the victim card.

6. You spend most of your time with someone who’s single.
You lost interest in spending time with your partner and you start the hangout with your single friends. You’re no longer acting like yourself.

7. There’s no eye or physical contact between you.
You or your partner are now not comfortable making eye contact or any kind of physical contact.

If you are facing these issues then you need to think about your relationship. Betterlyf relationship counselling online gives you instant and quick fixes for your problems. Betterlyf online relationship counselor will help you to save your relationship. Visit

Find Out The Difference Between A Therapist And A Psychologist

A therapist and a psychologist, both, work relentlessly to promote mental health and well-being in today’s fast-paced world. Yet what makes them different?

Things You Can Do To Overcome Anxiety -

Anxiety is a worry, nervousness or unease about future events and difficulties. We all have been got hit with anxiety at some point or the other in our life and it is a natural response to an anticipated stressor. Here are some things you can do to overcome anxiety. 

Is It Possible To Be Kind Every Day? Celebrating World Kindness Day

How exactly do we be kind to others? Is it possible to be kind every day? Get the answer of some of the common questions on this world kindness Day.

Depression | What it is? What To Do to Deal With Depression? by Better Lyf

Depression a type of mental illness that are affecting millions of people lives. According to the latest statistics depression 17 million adults in the United States live with depression. Depression a...

Keep Moving With These Best Love Failure Quotes Images BY BetterLYF

Love failure quotes - It feels as though you will forever be incomplete without them. Love failure quotes images cope with your break up feeling.

Love Quotes in Telugu with images - BetterLYF

Love Quotes in Telugu, Love Quotes in Telugu with images - Love, A pleasurable feeling that everyone wants to experience in his/her life. Read love quotes


I’m an Extrovert. And I’m Misunderstood. | BetterLYF Online Counselling and Therapy

I’m an Extrovert. And I’m Misunderstood. | BetterLYF Online Counselling and Therapy

I’m an Extrovert. And I’m Misunderstood. Read the answers that you are looking for like What does ‘Extroversion’ mean? Whom do we ideally call an Extrovert? Check the link:-


Insights from inside Out | BetterLYF Online Counselling

Insights from inside Out | BetterLYF Online Counselling

In the movie #InsideOut, emotions are depicted as unique characters, as personified beings, living inside Riley. As a viewer, we can see the visuals of the inner struggles of our emotions, as we get affected in our daily lives and within our relationships- #mentalhealth #emotionalhealth #wellness

Online Relationship Counselling | Online Counselling by BetterLYF

Are you struggling with personal relations and seeking professional counseling for relationships? BetterLYF offer online counseling. Chat now! Visit relationship counselling to get help.