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Updated by Joanna James on Sep 25, 2019
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10 Must-Bring Camping Essentials - Top 10 Camping Gear for a Holiday in Nature

There's nothing that can influence the success of a camping trip quite like the quality of the camping gear one takes along. Here are ten must-have essentials every camper must have on hand.


Weather Proof Clothes

Regardless of the duration of the camping trip, it is essential to pack clothes that fit the weather patterns expected for the time of travel. Be prepared for any climatic emergency by taking clothes that are perfect for both rainy and sunny conditions and don't forget to take a jacket or windbreaker.


Peanut Butter

Known for its extended shelf life, peanut butter is not only a delicious and nutritious snack but also a versatile source of essential fats and protein. All one needs is a slice of bread to make it a complete meal during a stint in the wild so pack a big jar of peanut butter and carry a plastic knife or spoon to scoop it up.


Fire Power

A box of matches should also be securely packed away from any cold or wet items as it is essential to starting a fire. Fire is not only useful for cooking and boiling a packet of instant noodles but also to keep the cold away during chilly nights in the wild. Pack the box in a Ziploc bag for safekeeping so it does not get soggy or unusable due to bad weather or mishaps.


First Aid Kit

Scratches, itches and scrapes are all part of hiking in the wild and enjoying an excursion out in nature. Pack band-aids, antiseptic creams and allergy medications in a dry pouch for camping trips and take along any daily prescription medications that one must also take to stay healthy and active during the getaway.



A rope is such a versatile tool on camping trips that one cannot do without it regardless of the nature of the campsite. Rope can not only be used to craft a shelter but also to create a clothesline or tow campers in difficult situations so make sure you practice all the knots and take some rope along for the journey.


Swiss Army Knife

When it comes to knives, the Swiss Army Knife is a multi-purpose invention of pure genius. Compact and easy to carry, the knives encompassed in the set include a saw, scissors and a corkscrew.


A Handy Spice Rack

There's no need to compromise on meal options during a camping excursion when one carries a portable spice rack. Season everything from boiled eggs to freshly caught fish with the spices available on your spice rack and savour the flavour of a real meal.



Imperative for those who wish to keep the wetness and cold out of the tent during a camping tour, tarps are a must-have for every single camper. Use the foldable and durable kind which also doesn't take up too much space when selecting tarps.


Navigation Tools

A working compass and a map are also crucial even if one has access to the internet and is adept at using online navigational tools and apps.


Torches and Headlights

Nighttime activities can be a hassle for those who forget to pack a torch or headlight unless one is camping at a campsite managed by Cinnamon Nature Trails or similar venues run by Sri Lanka adventure tours as most camping grounds are not so well lit.

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