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Updated by Joanna James on Sep 25, 2019
Headline for Sigiriya Rock Fortress: 7 Tips For Visiting – The dos and the definitely must-dos!
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Sigiriya Rock Fortress: 7 Tips For Visiting – The dos and the definitely must-dos!

Translating to say, ‘Lion Rock’, this is one of Sri Lanka’s most treasured ‘jewels’, if not the most! Its regal history and unbelievably intricate design given its primitive origin still today baffle the minds of all who witness its glory. Here are our tips for a visit to this rock fortress!


Timing is everything

Our best advice to you is, do not underestimate its popularity among the crowd in Sri Lanka. The site is open since 7 am for visitation and we suggest you be there soon after because every minute after that, the crowds start arriving and could make climbing this beautiful rock-fortress with a single-file staircase your worst nightmare. Thankfully, the availability of luxury accommodation options such as Habarana Village by Cinnamon within as close as a 30-minute drive makes your early start a pain-free one. You also get to enjoy a peaceful and serene staying experience at your Sigiriya hotel


Pay the Price

When you say life’s best things are free, maybe make an exception for visiting Sigiriya? Like most tourist attractions across the world, a visit to Sigiriya comes at a very reasonable cost to you. It helps to have an open mind on this concept as we also need to understand that upkeep and development of such national treasures is a real thing. Besides, the spectacular story behind the fortress built into the walls and plateau up ahead, its magnificent colorful frescoes hand-painted during the reign of King Kasyapa with natural dyes and nothing but and also the enormous guard ‘lion paws’ at the plateau’s main gateway are treasures that you simply cannot put a price tag on!


Have Your Guidebook Handy

As you enter the Sigirya complex, you are bound to be caught up with numerous ‘guides’ offering you their service promising you an enjoyable journey. However, the truth is that having a guide is not all too necessary if you can get your hands on a good guidebook to get you through the trip. All pathways and signs would be clearly indicated with a comprehensive explanation of everything that’s important. If the guidebook is just as good as a guide (or even better, perhaps), why spend relentlessly right?


Take your sweet sweet time!

If you are an early bird determined to get a good look at the sunrise perhaps, make sure to take your sweet time getting plenty of pictures and documenting this ridiculous sight as well as you could, because, let me tell you, it is simply magic! The splendid hues of the rising sun and its exorbitant sun-rays kissing awake the life around this place is simply a miracle sight that you are never going to want to forget.


Respect is Key!

You will see constant reminders of photography not being permitted within the premises, particularly of the frescoes higher up along the hike through the rock. To be the mindful travellers that the world needs, it is important to be thoughtful and respectful of the requirements of authorities as it is all for good reason. Besides, we don’t want to have our cameras confiscated now, do we?


The gardens are worth your attention!

The landing at the entrance to Sigiriya premises is covered by an extensive network of gardens, lily-bred trenches, ponds, canals, alleys and fountains. The fountains are believed to have incorporated in them mechanics which are extremely intricate; so much so that some of it leaves the modern-day smart minds baffled at all costs!

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