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Computer Software Solution

Examples of Application Software
Microsoft suite of products (Office, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.)
Internet browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.
mobile pieces of software such as Pandora (for music appreciation), Skype (for real-time online communication), and Slack (for team collaboration) - Internet Security For Your PC or Mac

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How to Delete the Recycle Bin from Windows 10 Desktop? -

Some people do not find
the Recycle Bin icon useful on their desktop. If you want to make your desktop
less cluttered, then you can remove the Recycle Bin. In this blog, we will
discuss the process of deleting the Recycle Bin from the Windows 10 desktop.

How to Turn Off Google Chrome Notifications? - ConMcAfee

Desktop notifications are
one of the most amazing features of internet browsers. They tell you about the
previews of mail, weather, news, etc. You can check important stuff right from
the desktop. However, some users find it distracting and annoying. Here’s how
you can disable Google Chrome notifications.

How to Set Up & Use Sonos Speakers on iPhone or iPad? – paulsmith

Sonos speakers are amazing when it comes to sound quality, built, and bass. You can also connect them with iOS devices. The process to do so is not too difficult. Follow the guidelines mentioned below and learn how to set up and use your Sonos speakers with an iPhone or iPad. Sonos App Download for…

How to Export Google Chrome Extensions? – paulsmith

Extensions in Google Chrome Web Store do not disappear, but they will not be available in the store in case the developer decides to remove them, or else a certain feature may get removed after updates. In case you want to export Google Chrome extensions, then read on. Check Out the Google Chrome Profile First…

How To Lower CPU Usage By Srvany.exe? – paulsmith

Is your system working slow? The solution to this issue is going to the Task Manager and seeing what is taking up the maximum resources. Over here, you will get to know the reason behind your computer’s slow speed. If the Sevany.exe is consuming half of the resources, then this blog is perfect for you.…

How To Manage Apple Keychain Passwords?

If you use any
Mac or iOS device, then you would have surely used the Keychain Passwords
feature. It is a little similar to Google Chrome’s automatic log-in option. The
difference is that it has a cross-platform application that synchronizes the
passwords as well as sign-in information between the iOS and macOS gadgets.

McAfee Activate - enter product key

McAfee antivirus software protects your personal data from viruses and malware. It prevents inappropriate content from entering your computer, and this antivirus also monitors the incoming and outgoing networks. The McAfee antivirus is reliable and secures your social networking sites and online transaction information. For downloading, installing, and activating the McAfee antivirus, go to its online site that is

How to Make your HomePod, iPad, or Apple TV a HomeKit Hub

Want to control your HomeKit enabled accessories from any device
you wish? You can get your HomePod, iPad, or Apple TV, your HomeKit hub, and
use it to view and control your smart home appliances. In order to make your
device a HomeKit Hub, you’ve to set it up with the Home app. The Home app is
the only place where you can view, control, and manage your HomeKit enabled
accessories. Moreover, it also lets you add and give permission to others to
control your HomeKit Home. If you want to enjoy the controlling of HomeKit
automation features, then you can set up your HomePod, iPad, or AppleTV as a
HomeKit Hub. Once you do this, you’ll also be able to control your smart home
appliances, even when you’re not in the house.

How to Set up & Use the home app on Apple Devices: A Complete Guide

The Home app on your Apple
device helps in doing several tasks on your fingertips.. From turning on lights
to adjusting the thermostat, you can finish up innumerable tasks with the help
of the Home app on your Apple device. Besides this, several Apple users do not
know how to set up and use it. If it’s the scenario with you too, then you can
go through the detailed methods I have mentioned in this article to set up and
use the Home app on your Apple device.

How to Fix Update Error 0xc8000247 on Windows – paulsmith

There are an innumerable errors that occur in Windows software, and many of them can be fixed if one knows the right methods of fixing them. There often occurs an error with code 0xc8000247 on Windows software that prevents users from installing any new update with the Windows update component. There are reports by users…

How to Fix Spotify Installation Error Code 53 on Windows – paulsmith

Spotify is quite a popular music platform with over 50 million tracks of every genre. Spotify provides records and music of every type, and users always find this music platform quite amazing. Spotify is trending today and needs no introduction to anyone. On Spotify, users can search for music and tracks through artists, albums, and…

How to Fix Rise of Nations Problems in Windows 10

Do you like strategy building
video games? If your answer is yes, then I am sure you must be aware of the
‘Rise of Nations.’ This game can be played by MS Windows as well as OS X users.
Many of the people are presently complaining that ‘Rise of Nations’ stops
working all of a sudden. Are you one of them? Do not worry. Go through this
blog carefully for fixing this issue as early as possible.

How to Move Pictures from a Computer to an iPhone?

A majority of us know how to
transfer pictures from an iOS device to Mac device. Well, but not everyone
knows how to move data from a computer to iPhone. If you wish to transfer
images from your PC to your iOS device, do not worry. You shall get to know
different ways of transferring photos from the Mac device to an iOS device.

How to Markup Photos in Messages on iOS Device?

You get some useful tools
in the Messages app to edit, markup and quickly capture screenshots. It brings
several handy functions to help you personalize photos from within messages
app. Here are the instructions to Markup Photos in Messages on iOS Devices.

How to Add Friends on Steam?

The majority of the people know that Steam is a portal present over the net where you can not only purchase games but can also share screenshots, art piece, play games as well as also share games. The above-mentioned features are present to everyone whoever logs-in as well as purchase games on the platform. However,…

How to Add a Printer to Mac?

Want to set up your new or old printer with a Mac computer? Well, that’s not very difficult either. In this article, we are going to teach you how to add your printer in your Mac’s network. How to Connect a Printer to Your Mac?  Mac uses a unique technology known as AirPrint for creating…

How to Enable or Disable Tamper Protection on Windows 10

Tamper Protection is a real-time
security program created to protect the Symantec applications that work on
clients and servers. It prevents the Windows 10 security programs to be
affected by viruses, Trojans and other threats. 

How to Fix “Err_Connection_Refused” Error in Chrome Browser? - Norton Setup

In day to day life, we browse uncountable
things on search engines and browse numerous sites as well. But an error code
can ruin the internet for us. While surfing the web, several common errors
noticed by internet users are error code 500, 401, and 400. – enter product key – - To download, install, and activate the Norton setup, visit and get started with Norton antivirus software. - Enter Norton Product Key - Download or Install Norton - Effectively quickly download, install, and activate Norton setup on your PC by visiting and get all-round protection.

How to Install Windows 10 on Mac through VMware’s Fusion 11 – paulsmith

We all love the Mac as well as Microsoft Windows 10, but the sole issue occurs is their availability on different devices. You can easily access Windows 10 on Mac without having a partition issue on the Mac hard drive. Virtual Machines are the best source for partitioning the hard drive to install the Windows…

How to Install USB 3.0 Drivers on Windows 10 - Norton Setup

We all are currently breathing
in the technical world, surrounded by numerous wired and wireless devices. The
wireless word is almost synonymous with USB. And the first thing that pops up
in our mind after hearing USB is the New USB 3.0. It is universal and fast as
it can transfer the data at the Speed of 625mb/s. This is almost nine times
faster than its predecessors.

How to fix Common Madden Twenty Problems

Madden NFL 20 is one of the popular sports titles as FIFA 20 ever since it released. This popular game series belongs to American style football and it seems to be becoming stronger day by day. However. unlike FIFA 20, it has several issues and if you are facing one of them then do not…

Is Antivirus Really Necessary for Your Computer?

McAfee antivirus works as a shield of device. It protect against virus, malware, online threats etc. You can easily download, install and activate McAfee products through When you will go with this link, you can follow the process of downloading, installing and activating McAfee with activation code. In the event that You Wants To…