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Redevelopment Builders in Mumbai

Pranav Constructions Private Limited is a Mumbai-based redevelopment company with a decade-long reputation for building high-quality homes on schedule, with complete honesty and transparency.

Redevelop Builders in Mumbai

Pranav Constructions is a Mumbai based redevelopment builders in Mumbai. PCPL mainly focus on redevelopment projects in Mumbai.


Upcoming Residential Projects in Mumbai by PCPL

Planning to buy a house in the near future? PCPL will present exclusive 1,2, and 3 BHK Residential flats in Mumbai. Buy budget friendly flats in Mumbai with best amenities. Checkout PCPL Upcoming Residential Projects in Mumbai.


How to Buy Flats in Borivali East?

Buying a flat is not a decision to make lightly. If you are planning to buy a flat in Mumbai, it becomes all the more important to get it correct. After all, it is going to be a major financial decision. There are numerous factors that you must consider when you are buying a 1 BHK Flat in Borivali East.


Hire a Reputed Redevelopment Company to Construct Your Dream House

Mumbai’s real estate market is growing by leaps and bounds. Many investors are investing in Mumbai properties to get a high return on investments. Many developers are joining this game to make some quick money. Often, intending to make some money, they compromise with the Redevelopment Projects in Mumbai. Often, one gets to hear news of high-rise buildings collapsing down due to poor construction. Hence, working with distinguished redevelopment builders is important.


How to Reduce The Maintenance Cost of your House?

In fact, most owners don’t pay much attention to the maintenance charge during booking their property. But as soon as the possession date approaches, it starts to haunt the buyers. After all, the cost of maintenance eats up a considerable part of the owner’s income. In case, you are looking for ways to cut down the overall maintenance cost, you will need to have a proper plan in place.


Home Loan Tenure: Short Term or Long Term? Which is the Best Option?

Financial institutions and banks provide two types of home loans, i.e., short-term and long-term home loans. Eventually, it’s your decision whether you want to opt for short-term or long-term home loans. A borrower needs to be careful when selecting a home loan. To help you out, here is a comparative analysis of a short-term and long-term loan.

Know More in detail about short term and long term home loan...

How to Choose Good Residential Property Developer?

While you get cozy and comfortable with the ongoing lifestyle, the real estate developers are already eyeing for the future. The new *redevelopment projects in Mumbai *are better than some of the brand new properties. The good thing about a Redevelopment Mumbai project is that you directly step into a new lifestyle from the old one.

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What is RERA and It’s Importance – PCPL

RERA stands for Real Estate Regulations Act. The Parliament of India passed this act. This act protects the interest of home buyers. With RERA, buyers will get the complete right to learn every detail of the project. They can get hold of associated documents related to the project. Moreover, *RERA *would address issues like delays, construction quality, price, and other charges. This act provides a base for addressing the grievances of the buyers. It also listens to the developers.


Tips for First Time home buyers in Mumbai

It is one place to experience the professional as well as the cultural side of India. Thus, the demand for permanent and temporary accommodation is always at its peak. While the entire of Mumbai is already flooded with sky-scrappers and high rises, the growing demands suggest that it needs more. This shiny state of India is a place for some serious business. Thus, most of the people from the state as well as other states move here to seek a better life and career opportunity.

Here are five tips to help a first time Home Buyer In Mumbai. Buying a residence is one of the biggest investment decisions. Follow these to make your work easy.

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What to Expect from the Upcoming Residential Projects in Mumbai?

Every other construction is better with the latest facilities and technologies around the world. All these are implemented to make living standards better. There are so many Ongoing Residential Projects in Mumbai. Equipped with the latest amenities, you could spend a wonderful life in these apartments. From swimming pools to sky high floors, life is going to get amazing once the Upcoming Residential Projects in Mumbai are completed.


Essential Qualities of Successful Redevelopment Builder

Some redevelopers also consider demolishing the previous construction partially. However, it is not always possible for all the sites. Thus, it depends on project planning. What would be your choice if asked to choose between a fresh property and a redeveloped property? On that note, it is essential to consider that most redeveloped projects have some of the best locations. Due to limited availability of space in posh locations, it is difficult, to begin with, fresh constructions.


Why Need to Redevelop the Old Houses in Mumbai?

Many new residential projects are coming up in the heart of Mumbai. However, suburban areas like Malad or Goregaon or Borivali are not to stay behind. The improved infrastructure and connectivity are making the suburbs a great place for new Residential Projects in Mumbai.


How to Make the Best Use of Your Home Space?

Do look for the furniture which has built-in storage spaces, like storage beds or ottoman stools, and many more. This multi functional furniture is ideal for storing blankets, towels, bed cover with bed sheets, curtains, etc. Nowadays, the overhead cabinets are installed in the rooms for storing things they are frequently used. You can use the free space available below the staircase to store items. If possible sell the unwanted stuff and organize the others.


Things to Look While Choosing a Construction Company in Mumbai

A little search on the net and you will come across many construction companies in the market. But choosing the right company from the lot is essential and also a challenging task. Hence, one needs to be very careful. In case, you are looking for a construction company, then you must make sure that the building redeveloper must be able to complete the building redevelopment project on time and also meet all safety standards required for the construction.

Follow the rest of the blog and you will know how to pick a good construction company or redevelopment builder for your home.


How to Check the Construction Quality of a House? – PCPL

If you are planning to invest your hard-earned money with one of the residential projects, you should be a bit careful. While checking out the construction quality might not be an easy job; still, it’s recommended that one should pay a surprise visit to the construction site to check the quality.

Follow this blog and we will guide you with the ways that would help you in checking the quality of the house.



Things to Look While Choosing a Construction Company in Mumbai

A little search on the net and you will come across many construction companies in the market. But choosing the right company from the lot is essential and also a challenging task. Hence, one needs to be very careful. In case, you are looking for a construction company, then you must make sure that the building redeveloper must be able to complete the building redevelopment project on time and also meet all safety standards required for the construction.

Follow the rest of the blog and you will know how to pick a good construction company or redevelopment builder for your home.


Clues that could mean to go for Redevelopment

With time, everything in this world gets damaged. This rule is not an exception for the Old Age Buildings. No matter how much you spend on the maintenance of the building, after a certain time, the old buildings will start showing signs of damage. These signs are the indication that it is the right time for you to consider a renovation.

In the following section of this article, we have explained the signs that help you to understand that it is time for the Redevelopment of old buildings. Check it out.


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Financial Steps before You Get Home Loan

Buying a home without having any financial planning is almost like shooting in the dark. There is no doubt that buying a house is one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. You have to choose the best home loan and make sure that you fulfill all the necessary documentation details without getting overwhelmed.

Proper financial planning can save you in this matter. The following smart tips can help you to plan your finances better before availing of the home loan.


Best Furniture Setup Tips for New House – PCPL

Planning the furniture arrangement is hard when you are trying to furnish your house for the first time. It becomes even more difficult if you are moving to a new place with all the existing furniture along with you.

It may take some time to get the feel of the place, before starting the Living room setup. You might need to rearrange some of the older pieces, get rid of the furniture that does not fit, and purchase some new one that fits perfectly. As we already know that this task is going to be difficult, here are some clever tips that can help you to start the journey.


Why Redevelopment House is better than New House? – PCPL

With every passing day, the price of real estate is getting higher. It is becoming increasingly difficult for anyone to find a Cheap House in Mumbai. In this scenario, the builders have started to check at the existing buildings of the city which can be redeveloped easily.

In fact, after demolishing an existing structure, the builders get to construct a new building with more floors. The existing owners also get money, a new flat, and an additional area in their apartment complex


Essential Amenities Checklist Must Provide by Builders in Mumbai

There are hundreds of people out there who have had disappointing Amenities in New Apartment deals while purchasing one. It does not take much time to turn what should be your dream home into a place that comes with some unsatisfactory aspects.

The funny thing is that you can avoid this entire situation if you just ensure that the apartment has all the amenities that you want. Luxurious expectations aside, here are some amenities that you should not compromise with while buying a new apartment.


Top Reliable and Safe Area to Buy House Mumbai

The sky-socketing price of the Real Estate in Mumbai has kept the home-owning sentiment of people in Mumbai a little subdued. The disparity in the demand and supply is yet another factor that causes this downfall in the home buying spree of the Mumbaikars.

While the interest of the home buyers increased in the properties that priced within 40 lakhs, the supply of such units remained very limited. Still, there are some areas in Mumbai that are witnessing good home purchasing trends due to the safety of the locality and other issues.

[

Hydraulic Parking – The Best Solution of Parking Problems in the Apartment

Managing the car park has become one of the major issues for most of the apartments. With the economic growth of the country, most of the families these days own at least one car. The residents of the apartments in mega cities often own more than one vehicle. It has created a park-space crunch for the owners and the residents of the apartment.

In this scenario, it seems that only the Hydraulic Parking System can solve this issue once and for all. If you do not know how the hydraulic parking system can solve the problem, check the following benefits of this system first.

Minimize Space of Parking

One of the benefits of adopting the Automated Parking System is that it saves a lot of parking space. That not only solves the parking issues of the Apartments in Mumbai but also reduces the requirements of the space-consuming and expensive ascents and ramps. It reduces the development cost and ensures more space for the residents on each level. The multi layer system can also reduce the environmental footprint in the long run.

Automatic System

As it is an automatic system, you do not need to worry about parking the car anymore. The Hydraulic Car Parking System will take care of it. The system will automatically park the car into the designated rack. The system helps apartment managers to enhance the parking space according to their requirements.

Easy to Park

Most of the automatic car parking systems come with well-lit and spacious transfer areas. The car owners only have to bring their cars to the transfer areas for parking. Once they bring the car to the area, the smart hydraulic parking system would take care of the rest of the headache.

The smart car parking system will find your designated spot and put the car into its station. What’s more, you can retrieve the car easily with the help of smart mobile applications connected to the system. The user-friendly system will always make sure that you enjoy a smooth and hassle-free parking experience.

Modern Solution

The Automatic Parking System reduces the area requirement for car parking drastically. Not only that, it eliminates all the unnecessary parking problems that crop up in the traditional parking system. The usage of modern technologies ensures that this system performs impeccably and smoothly every time. It is an advanced solution that will help you to adopt a modern lifestyle.

Solve Parking Issue

Parking vehicles in the space allotted for other people is one of the common parking problems that the apartment dwellers face. However, with this Smart Hydraulic System, such problems would be a thing of the past. As the system is responsible for the car parking, the residents would not have to face any issues whatsoever.

In the era of modern technology, there is no point in sticking to the traditional practices anymore. If the developers and the managers of the apartment choose to adopt automation, they can solve the traditional issues and build well-equipped garages that are capable of handling cars of any number.

The PCPL providing more effective solutions to modern problems and give an easy way to live. For more inquiries contact PCPL Redeveloper in Mumbai.

Redevelopment – A Way to Live with beloved Neighborhood

The problem with mega cities like Mumbai is that there is no space in the main city for property development. This limited availability of the open land has forced the people associated with the Real Estate Mumbai business to consider redevelopment projects.

Right now, dilapidated buildings are a harsh reality for old cities like Mumbai. There are thousands of old buildings and housing complexes in Mumbai that are on the verge of collapsing. In this situation, redevelopment can be a blessing for both the Re-developers in Mumbai and for people who are currently living in those buildings. If you are not sure how redevelopment projects can help you, check the following section of this article.

Established Neighborhood:

One of the advantages of redeveloping your old building is that you do not have to leave the established neighborhood where you currently live. The redevelopers will only demolish the old building and create a new residential premise while following all the regulations imposed by the municipal authorities.

As the developers strike a contract with the residents, each of them gets new apartments in the new building. It allows the residents to continue to live in the area which they would not be able to afford otherwise.

Attachment with Environment:

What does a person miss the most after he/she has to relocate? The builders associated with the Real Estate Mumbai business say that people tend to miss the environment in which they used to live.

The redevelopment projects negate this point. That means the residents are no longer required to move to an unfamiliar environment if they choose redevelopment. As the developers offer new apartments to them, they can live in their familiar environment.

Re-Shift in Own House:

Most of the time, re-developers in Mumbai approach the residents of the buildings and apartments, who do not have enough funds to maintain the property anymore. As the re-developers rebuild the house and offer apartments to the old residents, they enable them to re-shift in their own house.

Friends & Family Functions:

While redeveloping a property, most of the re-developers include some of the modern amenities that the old apartment did not possess. That includes community halls.

As the old residents get to enjoy all the modern amenities provided by the re-developers, they can now arrange their family functions in the community halls. Also, as all of the residents get their apartments, they get to stay in touch with their long-time friends.

Festival celebration:

In modern community-style, the developers make sure that each of the residents can celebrate different festivals properly. Being a resident of the newly redeveloped building, the old residents will have the same control in arranging various festivals and celebrations. What’s more, the new amenities will help them to celebrate better.

All in all, the people handling the *Real Estate Mumbai *business will help you to move to a better home in the same neighborhood. If you think carefully, you will understand that there is absolutely no negative aspect of redevelopment if you strike the deal correctly.

Redevelopment – Makeover the House with Modernization

There is something special in taking old things and rebuilding them. The sense of satisfaction that rebuilding something gives you is hard to come by. The unique factor about redevelopment is that it not only maintains the character of the original site but also makes sure that the history of the site stays intact.

No doubt choosing the Redevelopment Projects in Mumbai can create many issues. But, it is undeniable that the redevelopment projects come with its unique advantages. Have a look in the below section to understand the advantages that the redevelopment projects present.

Modern Features:

Many people hesitate while deciding about redeveloping their old apartment building. However, the fact is that Re-developers in Mumbai add only benefits for the people to enjoy. The advanced features are one such benefit that the residents of redeveloped projects can enjoy.

While redeveloping the project, the modern developers always include different modern amenities, like lifts, cable TVs, telephones, swimming pools, clubhouses, etc. that were not there before. Features, like underground parking and community halls, also help the residents to solve the issues related to parking and hosting events.

More Space:

The right Redevelopment Projects in Mumbai can change the look and feel of the old apartment buildings. As most of the old buildings were built without proper planning or designs, the residents almost always suffer from space crunch. The re-developers, however, do not work without plans designed by the engineers. That is what helps the residents to get an apartment that is more spacious and better planned than that of the one they used to live in before.

Less Redevelopment Cost

More often than not, development cost becomes one of the major factors that the residents are compelled to consider. Choosing the Re-developers in Mumbai can have a positive effect on the pockets. As the existing site already has some of the necessary services, it reduces the redevelopment costs substantially.

Increase Property Age:

While structural repair of the property can solve smaller issues of the building, it cannot remedy the bigger ones. However, redevelopment can solve most of the major construction-related problems of the properties. So, if your building is suffering from major seepage issues or has the problems of a weak foundation, you have to opt for redevelopment. The re-developers not only take care of these issues but also make sure that the *Newly Developed Property *lasts for a long time.

Better Sun Light:

If you study the old buildings of Mumbai, you will see that most of them do not permit enough sunlight inside the homes. The old concept of building construction is responsible for this issue. In recent years, the building construction has gone through a radical change. As modern developers employ these new techniques while rebuilding the housing complexes, they make sure that each of the apartments gets enough sunlight throughout the day.

While it is difficult to assess the benefits of each of the redeveloped sites, it can be said that the residents would be on the winning side all the time. That is one of the reasons why choosing Redevelopment Projects in Mumbai could be the best decision that the residents can take for their apartment buildings.