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Updated by Joanna James on Sep 25, 2019
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Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Postgraduate Course - Making the wise decision for your future

Deciding to continue your postgraduate studies is a big step and a very important one. Here are some tips on what to look into when choosing the postgraduate course.


What are your interests?

It is vital to find a stream that you are interested in. At times we focus on the end goal more than the process and decide to pursue subjects we are not passionate about. It is important to think about the future of the subject you are choosing as your career will depend on this.


Decide what you prefer the best

You may have a number of different paths you are interested in. As an engineer, you may be interested in several fields in engineering so, do your research on the multiple fields and then select one field to do a thorough background check on.


Is there a specific course for it?

When looking for postgraduate courses in Sri Lanka it is wise to talk to some of the universities to find out the details. The path you are willing to study in might not be available in certain parts of the world or they might not have a suitable future as you would wish for.


Will you qualify as a professional?

Some fields have acclaimed certificates and academic qualifications that you are required to sit for in order to be able to qualify for a certain profession. For example, lawyers are not accepted as lawyers through a degree or masters but through the law examinations conducted by each country which is generally accepted internationally.


What is the status of previous postgraduates?

Find out details about the previous graduates. Are they employed at the moment, are they earning the salary that you would like to be earning after the masters. It is important to know where they are placed in order to be able to envision your future.


How is the department rated?

Check the status of the department and how it stands compared to the other universities that offer the same course. Some institutes are not acceptable education centres so it is vital to attend a reputed institution or university.


How popular is this course?

The popularity of your course does not determine your future. There are some courses in science which are unheard of but have a great future ahead.


Time duration and when to apply

When you visit a university such as CINEC you are able to find out details about the duration of the course and when the course begins.


Home or away?

Find out if you have the opportunity to study at home, perhaps in the same country in a different city or if you would have to leave the country as this particular course is not offered in your home country.


Fees and other expenses.

Even though this is the final step it should be given a lot of consideration, considering the fact that this will shape up your future as it is an important step in your life. If the course seems unapproachable when it comes to the fee, look into opportunities for scholarships and other university grants that might be an advantage to you.

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