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04 Travel Tips to Whistler – For a trip in the cool climes of Canada

Surrounded by mountainous terrain, dotted with lakes and with a wealth of greenery, the area of Whistler in British Columbia, Canada has gained prominence as a skiing destination.


Save Enough, then Save More

For those who are enthusiastic about manoeuvring themselves down slopes, Whistler is a haven indeed; a somewhat expensive haven though and one should really plan for it financially. There are budget packages as well, but in general, Whistler tends to be on the pricey side. The most significant costs would have to be incurred for a Whistler hotel, road transport and skiing equipment. However, no one returns home complaining about the amount they spent as it is well worth every penny. Prior to getting your leave approved, check your bank balance and work according to a plan to save up.


Plan to Stay Warm

Did you just say that you have planned to visit Whistler during the summer? That sounds great if you enjoy hiking and biking. Yet, the general advice would be for you to carry a jacket, a shawl and a pullover. It is recorded that there is snow at the top of the mountains even in June and it remains quite chilly though there is more sun than usual. Winters are brutal, and one must make sure that the chosen accommodation has the facilities to keep the entire group warm and comfortable throughout the stay. Pan Pacific Whistler Mountainside is an option to keep in mind during whichever season you visit.


Do More than Skiing

The hoardings will scream about skiing, the locals will not be able to stop talking about the slopes and you will see tourists gearing up each morning to take a ride to the top of a mountain. Nevertheless, there are several other experiences in Whistler that one must indulge in. Number one on the to-do list would be ‘zip-lining’; the activity of being a snowbird attached to a line zipping above the trees while watching the snow-capped trees, mounds and buildings. Bobsleighing and show-shoeing are two other possibilities with the former being an activity that can be done with a group in a tiny racing car type sleigh and the latter being a variation of skiing where one uses a modified pair of shoes. For off the mountain luxury, try one of the many dining options or unwind at a spa.


Do Another Tiny Trip

Since both Vancouver and Seattle are not far away, it would be a good use of your spare time to plan an outing of a day or two to one of these major cities while you are on holiday. Neither of the cities is the absolute typical North American city and has their own charm and uniqueness to offer. If large towns are not your thing, consider visiting a park, lake or other mountain range for a change of atmosphere. Keeping Whistler as your base has several advantages due to its proximity to large towns, infrastructure and number of peaks for snow activities.

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