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5 Common Timber Entrance Door Issues And How To Rectify Them

Whilst your timber entrance door will look stunning when first installed, you might notice it has developed a few issues as time passes. As timber is an organic material, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s susceptible to wear and tear. In addition to this, timber expands and contracts as a result of the changing weather – if your home has “settled”, the door might be experiencing a few issues.

What Sorts Of Leadlight Supplies Are Required For Creating Stained Glass Panels?

If you're interested in creating your own stained glass panels, you might be wondering what sorts of Melbourne leadlight supplies are requir

Aluminium Versus Timber Doors – Which Is Better?

Did you know that aluminium doors outsell timber ones by almost 3 to 1? Does this mean that the metal represents a superior product or does it simply mean that they are cheaper? Whilst it is true that timber doors melbourne Australia are generally more expensive than aluminium ones, it is important to consider whether that the former offers good value for money.




Despite common misconceptions, leadlight windows aren’t exclusive to churches, cathedrals and mansions – these days, they are also be used to add some colour to the home. In fact, this is one of the best ways to express your creativity and allow your windows to stand out, giving them a personality of their own. To ensure that the project is a success, however, it is important that you have the right leadlight supplies on hand.

Entrance Doors for Your Home – Choices and Options | Home Decor Tips

Your home’s façade is the first thing that greets you as you return home from a busy day, and the first thing that welcomes your guests as they make their way

Impressive Entrance Doors to Protect Your Home | shopswell

Your front door isn't just the entrance to your home, it says something about you and your family that everyone from visitors to passersby can read. If you have a funky coloured entrance doors with glass, you like to make a statement. If your door has ...

Create Attractive Light Effects With Entrance Sliding Doors

Replacing your doors is not a decision that should be made lightly. It can actually take days to reach a decision, particularly if you’re looking for telltale signs that a total replacement is preferable to repairs. Increasing the curb appeal of your home may not be foremost in your mind, but it is definitely something to consider. Entrance sliding doors can be a fantastic addition to any home, particularly for spaces that open onto outdoor entertaining areas.

But how is this possible?

· Colour
Don’t be afraid to splash a bit of colour onto your door so that it stands out. After all, your guests are sure to be attracted to the sight of a beautiful entrance doors with glass that beckons them inside (or outside). Keep in mind that the monotonous colours popular in years past don’t seem to cut it anymore – instead, create a pleasing picture by choosing colours that perfectly match with your colour palette.

· Hardware
Do not fall into the trap of forgetting about the hardware when it comes to choosing your door. Although you could go with the tried and tested accessories that we’ve been using for decades, you could also go with some that look as good as they are functional. Why not choose some quaint knobs over traditional handles, for example? These will elicit a few laughs and add some charm to your home.

· Lighting
Darkness is a no-no when it comes to entrance sliding doors – otherwise, how is anyone going to appreciate their beauty when night falls? Choose some effective light fixtures and have them installed in prominent areas around the opening. This will not only chase away the shadows, it will help to enhance the mood of the space. Make sure that you have employed a professional electrical contractor for this.

· Greenery
Why not accentuate your indoors as well as your outdoors by placing some gorgeous potted plants around your outdoor alfresco area? This can have a huge impact on your décor, and you’ll find that you don’t actually have to spend a fortune on making the space attractive. Plus, there are plenty of health benefits associated with adding more greenery to the home, so you’ll win from all angles.

· Accessories
Finally, you could try installing some accentuating features on and around the doors to truly bring them to life. From decorative accents and panels to frosted and coloured glass, the possibilities are endless. Choose the right accessories and you are sure to convert your current comfortable home into an uber classy one. Speak with your supplier to see what sorts of accessories are available for your entrance.

We hope that the information provided above has shown you why entrance sliding doors are the ideal choice for anyone looking to improve the curb appeal of their home. One of the main benefits of using these doors is that they create a sense of connectedness between your indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as helping the spaces to feel much larger than they perhaps are. Plus, you’ll always be able to enjoy your stunning landscaping and interior design.

Armadale Doors & Leadlight was founded by Philip Parker, a skilled stained glass and leadlighting artisan with over 40 years experience. The AD&L team specialise in the design and manufacture of stunning leadlights, doors and hardware to meet any and all needs. Choose from over 10,000 designs in our glass library, or create something unique.

French doors are elegant, timeless and useful. They add a touch of romance to your home that will suit any décor. When used externally, they can open up a room, letting in natural light and drawing the eye a beautiful landscaped garden or water feature. When used internally, they help link rooms for an open look, whilst providing a visual bridge between two areas. Read on to find out exactly how installing French open doors can benefit your home.

Choosing the Best Timber Entrance Doors for a Stylish Home

Making a grand entrance is one of the most satisfying things you can do when you arrive at any event. Why shouldn’t you have that feeling every time you come home? With timber entrance doors, you’ll be the life of the party whether you’re coming home from work or gym, or anything in between. Improve your façade with the most stylish doors on the market, and walking through your doors will become the best part of your day.

A Guide To Choosing Leadlight Supplies By Colour

One of the most common leadlight supplies is the actual coloured glass that is used to create the beautiful images. Whilst some people choose to work with heritage glass, which they have collected from damaged leadlight panels, others prefer to work with new pieces to ensure that they get the colour they want. In this article, we’ve outlined the main colour groups available.

Armadale Doors & Leadlight was founded by Philip Parker, a skilled stained glass and leadlighting artisan with over 40 years experience. The AD&L team specialise in the design and manufacture of stunning timber doors. Choose from over 10,000 designs in our glass library, or create something unique.

Useful Tips For Fitting Stylish French Doors

If you have decided to install stylish French doors in your home, you might be wondering whether there are any tricks to installing them. Before you go placing your order, however, it is important to note that no two homes are ever 100% alike – so sizing can be a problem. If the doors are too small or too large for the space, you’re going to have trouble fixing them.

These days, doors can be manufactured from a variety of different materials, all of which will provide you with a slightly different – yet equally attractive – look. Although timber is probably the most popular material, some misconceptions have arisen...