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Updated by Joanna James on Sep 24, 2019
Headline for 10 Travel Tips to Make Your Beach Vacation to Bentota Exceptionally Memorable - The Ultimate Beach Vacay Cheat Sheet!
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10 Travel Tips to Make Your Beach Vacation to Bentota Exceptionally Memorable - The Ultimate Beach Vacay Cheat Sheet!

Trips to exotic beach locations like the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Mexico or even Asian delights like Krabi, Bali or Sri Lanka can be jubilant! Let us do you a favour and help you plan a perfect beach vacation!


Sunburns are a real thing!

Flying down to a (tropical) paradise beach destination like Sri Lanka without packing ample sunscreen to bathe yourself in is such a bad idea that it should be illegal! It is strongly advisable that you bring along a high SPF sunscreen to protect your skin from the extreme heat!


Kudos to you light packers!

Considering the fact that you would most likely be spending the majority of your time up at the beach getting your dose of Vitamin Sea, you might as well just bring along just a couple of comfy shorts, some easy-go tank tops a bunch of maxis and of course lots of stylish swimsuits to flaunt those summer curves in!


Always, always have a sarong!

What is always wise to pack on a beach holiday is a ‘sarong’, a light-weighted scarf-like piece of clothing that can be stylishly wrapped around your body to add a touch of ‘chilling on the beach’ vibe to your million and one ‘gram pictures. In case it slipped your mind somehow, be not alarmed as many a Bentota Hotel has their own gift shop or perhaps if your hotel is conveniently located as close to the beach as the Avani Bentota Resort & Spa, you might be able to bargain with a beachside vendor for an exquisite sarong!


Extra extra underwear: Check!

Considering the fact that they barely occupy any space in your luggage, why not carry as much as you can because you can never know the sort of emergency situations you will ever have to be faced with right?


Pre-planning pays off especially in a beach Vacay

In keeping with our earlier tip to pack light, it makes a whole lot of sense to actually pre-plan and coordinate your outfits to make sure you don’t end up shipping your entire wardrobe away! It helps to passively research about the destination to make sure you have made provisions for all possible occasions and already visualize the best glam looks you are about to rock this summer!


A large waterproof handbag is a given!

Let us spare you some head-scratching and make a list of things that need to be in your beach bag at all times; lots of sunscreen, the fanciest pair of sunnies you own, some face mist, a spare bag for the wet clothes, a bottle of water, some moisturizer, the polaroid (if you are fancy like that) or any camera should do, and copies of all important travel documents.


Flip-flops are a god-sent!

Its best to be wearing flip flops or even crocs on the beach for two main reasons; firstly, it saves you the trouble of having to vacuum the sand out of your trainers, and secondly, it doesn’t exactly hurt you (or your wallet) to lose them!


Survival Lesson 1: Learn to identify rip currents

A lot rides on how well you can identify the water currents when at the beach. Always watch out for gaps between waves, discolouration of water near the shore or a sandbar in the water. If you start noticing any such signs, maybe its time you get back out of the water.


Travel Insurance is key!

To avoid any unpleasant situations drilling a dent in your finances in the middle of your perfect getaway it is highly recommended that you opt for travel insurance. It is definitely better safe than sorry!


Snap your heart away!

It is important to live in the moment and witness beauty in your own eye, but it is equally important to preserve these memories as one day when you sit by your crackling fireplace on a cold fall evening, it's these images that warm your heart given a life well lived! So click away and never make it stop!