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Total independence may seem like a pipe dream to most of our loved ones who have specific health conditions and other limitations, considering that they would unavoidably need a little assistance every now and then, regardless of their age.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder in Seniors

Majority of older adults won’t experience GAD symptoms until later in life. Older people with GAD may worry day in and day out about a ton of things. They can get anxious about their own health, their family members, their jobs (if they are still employed), and their money. Even when there is no tangible reason for them to be worried, they will still worry.

Geriatric Care for Starters: What You Should Know

Geriatrics is a branch of healthcare that concentrates on our varied needs as we age. The same way pediatricians specialize in the health needs of children, geriatricians and fellow geriatrics health professionals specialize in the health needs of older adults.

Differences in Home Care and Home Health Care

Home health care and home care are commonly sought after services delivered at the comfort of the patient’s house. The terms have different meanings but are often used interchangeably. To differentiate between the two, home care offers non-clinical care while home health care provides clinical care.

The Quality Activities of Daily Living

When you need Long term care in Saint Paul, Minnesota, we at Bright Path Homes provide quality care services to support your loved ones in their day-to-day living.
Activities of daily living are basic tasks individuals perform to take care of themselves. Sometimes, when our loved ones are unable to perform these activities, assistance is recommended. Assisted living in St. Louis Park, Minnesota ensures your seniors, especially under our care, get the attention they deserve.

Safe Environment for Alzheimer’s Patients

Seeing our loved ones in pain hurts us. We want them to enjoy their life after working so hard for us. When conditions such as Alzheimer’s pose significant safety concerns, you might want to look for Assisted living in St. Louis Park, Minnesota for your loved ones. Bright Path Homes offers the independence they deserve for their well-being.

What Is Long Term Care and Who Needs It?

Long-term care includes a wide range of services and support activities an individual might need. These are mostly on basic personal tasks that might be too difficult or too risky for an individual to do themselves.

Risk Factors for Seniors Anxiety and Depression

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, depression comes in many forms across all ages. As a common mental health disorder, it affects a person’s feelings, thoughts, mood, or behavior that ultimately affects their daily living activities. Bright Path Homes understands the family’s concern for their senior loved one. With our assisted living in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, we cover the many needs of your senior especially those with anxiety and depression.

Constipation Management for Older Adults

When you are looking for quality long term care in Saint Paul, Minnesota, you are looking for committed and professional care that Bright Path Homes can provide. As part of this overall care service, we look at all aspects of your senior loved one’s condition to better improve their quality of life.

A Visual Guide for Diabetic Patients

Bright Path Homes recognizes the impact of food on one’s welfare. More specifically to diabetic patients, the right diet is given utmost attention. We provide this service along with our various programs under Home health care in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

More Than Health Care: Our Supportive Services

Home health care in Minneapolis, Minnesota is more than providing quality home health care. At Bright Path Homes, we complete the care package through the provision of additional services that are aimed to uplift your lives higher.

What Are the Parts of a Behavioral Support Plan?

Home health care in Minneapolis, Minnesota is more than the physical symptoms and care management. Certain intangible areas in a person’s well-being significantly impact their lives. At Bright Path Homes, we support patients in developing positive behaviors for their benefit.

Fun Hobbies for Senior Loved Ones

Bright Path Homes values a patient’s quality of life by providing care solutions and promoting general well-being. Your loved ones will truly enjoy Assisted living in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, when the fun and engaging activities are provided.